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  • If you have your publication archived on your website, you must also honor the Terms of Reprint as they are applied to Publication in Websites:


  • You must leave the article and resource box unedited. You are not allowed to change our recommendations, nor are you allowed to change the context of the article.

  • You may not promote your website using UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Email advertising of your website MUST be done using opt-in email only.

  • We require that you notify the author of the article as to the URL where you have published the article. We have the author's email address posted with every article in our site.

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  • If you find any of the rules to be unsavory or unacceptable, please do not publish any article that you might find on our website. While we are happy to make the content available to you for your own use, we must insist on having our rules and our *Terms of Reprint* honored in full and without exception.

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