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Article Submission Policies

All articles submitted to our directory have been done so as a paid article distribution.

New Visitor Information
  • We DO NOT publish articles in our directory for free. Our article distribution service is a PAID service.
  • We DO NOT exchange articles.
  • Article Distribution Policies
  • All articles will be distributed within 72 hours, although the clock stops from 2pm on Friday through 6pm Sunday. Experience has taught us that more publishers do their work during the regular work week, so we work hard to put distributed articles in the publishers mailboxes when they are actively seeking content to use for their publications. By seeking to appear in the publishers email box when they are working, we increase the likelihood that articles we distribute will be published. We will not distribute articles on Friday after 2pm, Saturday, or before 6pm on Sunday. (This policy is currently under review. We are polling various publishers to see if we need to change this policy.)

  • All distributed articles are posted in our Article Directory. Our traffic is pretty substantial, so having a copy of your article here will only serve to assist you in your goal of getting additional exposure, traffic and publication.

  • We will provide an copy-and-paste ready autoresponder copy of your article, so that anyone viewing your article in our archives will be able to immediately order a copy of your article for simple and immediate publication. If you prefer that we provide your autoresponder, then let us know. We can use yours just as easily.

  • We always shoot for the maximum distribution for every article, based on the content of the article being distributed. Our network of publishers and webmasters is broken down into groups based on the types of content they are willing to receive. We always review the article we are submitting and choose the groups to send the article to based on the content of the article we are working with at the moment.

  • We only distribute articles to those who have subscribed to groups whose sole purpose is to announce new articles as they become available. All subscribers have subscribed to the various groups using the double opt-in method.

  • We use our submission email address so that you don't find yourself bombarded with email from the various submission groups. If you were to duplicate our system on your own, most submission groups do require you to be a subscriber and to receive every article posted to the group.

  • We do not cross-post article submissions. Most submission groups prohibit posting to more than one group at a time. This is what is referred to as cross-posting. We send one email to each group eliminating the cross-posted submissions.

  • We personally control more than 65 different article submission groups. Some of the groups we control are public groups, while others are restricted to only articles we submit.

  • We actively work to promote and advertise our archives and to extend our reach beyond current levels.

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