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Many people want a short overview of the services we offer and the prices of those services. So we have put together this page, to make it easy for people to find answers quickly:
  • Promotion Article Ghost Writing - Article Ghost writing and distributing articles is $65 for single articles, with 700 plus words in each article. For ten articles, the cost is $585. Once again, that will cover article writing and distribution. Articles will be a minimum of 700 words and will be distributed through our normal channels.

    On our standard article service, we ask that you review the articles and request any edits you might feel appropriate and we will send those back to our writers for the edits.

    If you need Article Ghost Writing, without article distribution, you can see our sister-service, here: Through our sister-service, we offer articles between 500-600 words ($30-35 each, depending on volume) or 900-1000 words ($40-45 each, depending on volume).

  • Promotion Article Ghost Writing, written by Bill Platt - If you need me (Bill Platt) to write your articles, the cost is $395 per article, written by Bill Platt. My personal time is always stretched and at a premium, so that is why I price my writing time at this much higher rate.

  • Article Distribution - If you have other people do the writing or you do the writing yourself, we also offer article distribution services. The single price is $35 each per article distributed. Three or more is $27.50 each. And ten or more is $20 each.

  • Monthly Blogging Service - For the blogging service, the setup cost is $300, and the monthly cost is $400, with a minimum participation requirement of six months. The WordPress blog will be set up on either your current domain, or a secondary domain that is targeted for your primary keywords. Blog posts will be made 5 days of every week, for the full month. Each post will be 75-200 words and will feature deep links into your current domain.

  • Press Releases - For press releases, we recommend Diana at

  • Social Bookmarks - We offer social bookmarks for $3 each. Just send us a list of URL's you want us to bookmark, and we will deliver the full list of social bookmarks within 30 days. It is a fact that we encourage spreading out those bookmarks over a period of time. We see it as a negative for SEO, to set them all up at once, that is why we will complete the job in 30 days.

  • Hand Submission to Link Directories - For deep links and home page links for your website, we now provide a service, which permits us to Hand-Submit your information to up to 1250 link directories.

Thank you for your interest.

If you need any more specific information, just let me know.

Bill Platt

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