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    Terms of Use for Writers Who Want To
    Submit Articles to Our Article Groups

    If you choose to submit your own articles to any of our article distribution groups, you will need to abide by these rules.

    Let us be very straight forward about our rules.

    When we began our article distribution groups, if someone were to break a rule, we would send a warning to the rule breaker, before removing them from our lists.

    What we learned from the School Of Hard Knocks:
  • People who break our rules will generally continue to break our rules.

  • If someone breaks our rules once, they will most likely break them twice, three times, four times and twenty times. Most warnings fall on deaf ears!

  • Even when we print our rules at every conceivable location, most new submitters will not read those rules. They are more concerned in getting their message out, than in reading the messages we send them about how to ensure that their message gets out.

  • Some guru's offer bad advice! As a result, the numbers of rule breakers are growing by leaps and bounds.

  • Yahoo! limits the number of subscriptions an individual moderator can ban in a single day to 50. If one person subscribes to 5 groups, and breaks the rules on each of those 5 groups, then when the moderator bans that person, that counts as 5 of the 50 daily limit. Nearly every single day that we moderate our groups, we exhaust our daily limit of 50 participants banned! When this happens, we must save remaining group moderations until another day.

  • Even when we were simply unsubbing offenders from the groups when they broke the rules, it served no purpose more than to have to deal with their rule breaking again. We would remove them. They would resub to the group. And, without reading to discover why they might have been removed, they proceed to break all of the same rules again.

  • Here is the cold, hard reality:

    Any article distribution group that allows anyone to publish their material to the group without moderation will lose its effectiveness and membership base, because the spammers will have a heyday exploiting the unmoderated resource.

    If you need proof that an article distribution list that is not moderated will lead to tons of spam, check out the Marketing ArticleBlaster archives.

    We refuse to allow our Article Distribution Resources to meet this end.

    As a result, ALL of our Article Distribution Groups are Moderated.

    Unless we manually set an individual to Unmoderated Status (which is extremely rare), all posts by that individual will require manual approval from one of our moderators.

    We literally have thousands of article posts every week that MUST be moderated by one of our staff.

    The many, many hours that we spend moderating the article posts to our groups, are hours we spend for which we derive no direct income. We extend great courtesy to the writing community by donating this time to their success.

    Since our time spent moderating the groups is without direct compensation, we have taken the stance that we will take the actions necessary to minimize our required commitment to these tasks.

    How To Get Banned:

    ALL of our article distribution groups are a "One-Strike and You Are Out" venue.

    We expect you to take the time to learn the rules, before you begin submitting material to our groups. And, when you break those rules, right or wrong, we make the assumption that you don't care about playing by the rules.

    On your first offense, you will be banned from the group for life!

    When we ban someone from one of our groups, we do so without comment, and we delete all posts still pending from that individual.

    If you have been banned from one of our groups, and you would like to see your ability to post reinstated, then you will need to read up on how to get your posting privileges reinstated.

    These Are the Submission Rules That Matter:

  • If you are submitting to a group that is designed as a "topic targeted resource", then you must only send the types of articles that the group advertises that it accepts. For example: Don't send home business content to a list advertised as receiving only automotive content.

  • 2 Posts Per Day, Per Writer!

    We have always suggested to our own clients that they should limit themselves to 2-3 articles per writer, per topic, per week, as the RECOMMENDED ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM FREQUENCY OF ARTICLE DISTRIBUTIONS.

  • You must AGREE to Receive Articles in order to Submit Articles to the groups. Your subscription must be either "Individual Email" or "Digest Email". People utilizing all other email settings will be removed from the groups.

  • Do Not send links to your articles. Send the actual article only.

  • Do Not use an Autoresponder Email Address for your group subscriptions.

  • Do Not send your newsletter to the groups.

  • Do Not send advertisements to the groups.

  • Do Not send article directory announcements to the groups.

  • Do Not send press releases to the groups.

  • Do Not send articles that read like sales pitches.

  • Be certain to include the Title of the Article in Subject Field of the Message With Your Article.

  • Be certain to include the Title of the Article in the Body of the Message With The Article.

  • Do Not send in any article that you do not have the right to distribute.

  • If you intend to use a competing article distribution service or you intend to use software to send your articles, then you should read this material also.

  • If you play nice with us, we will play nice with you.

    We are happy to provide our free resources to individual writers, so long as they keep in mind that we are making these resources available at our own discretion.

    Bill Platt - Owner
    thePhantomWriters Article Distribution Services

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    Last Update: 2005-12-11