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    Terms of Use for Webmasters

    If you choose to publish article, in a website, that might become available in any of my article distribution groups, you need to abide by these guidelines.

    Do Not use an Autoresponder Email Address for your group subscription.

    All stated Article Terms of Use / Terms of Reprint are fully enforcable under The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    Many writers provide their own Terms of Use for their articles. Any Terms of Use outlined by the writer will be in full force with the articles that you will use.

    For writers who do not specifically attach a Terms of Use to their articles, we do ask that you follow these "Best Practice" Guidelines for Use. We ask this not because you must do it. We ask that you do so because it is the right thing to do.

  • If you publish this article in a website/forum/blog, You should Set All URL's or Mailto Addresses in the body of the article AND in the Author's Resource Box as Hyperlinks (clickable links).

    Here at thePhantomWriters, we provide a free tool to help you to convert all URL's and Mailto Addresses in an article from plain Text to Hyperlinks.

  • Links should remain in the form that the writer publishes them. If you wish to change any links included in the article, you should gain express permission from the author of the article to do so.

  • Links should be clean and direct to the website listed in the publication copy of the article. You should not substitute a redirect URL for the URL that the writer included within the article or author's resource box. If you wish to change any links included in the article, you should gain express permission from the author of the article to do so.

  • You should not Change or Delete any Words or Links in the Article or Resource Box. Paragraph breaks should be retained with articles. You can usually change where the paragraph breaks fall, but you should never eliminate all paragraph breaks as some have chosen to do, in times past.

  • You Are Allowed to format the layout of the article for proper display of the article in your website, so long as you can maintain the author's interests and intent within the article.

  • We ask that you notify the author of publication of his or her work, and to also notify as to the URL where the article has been used.

  • These are the "Best Practice" Guidelines that you should follow with any and every article you ever use for your publications.

    If you would like to gain an exception to any rules dictated by the writer in their Terms of Use / Terms of Reprint, you are free to contact the writer to ask for an exception to their stated Terms. Do keep in mind that if you choose not to follow the Terms as outlined by the writer, and you choose on your own to make exceptions to those Terms, then you can be prosecuted under the terms of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    Thank you for your adherance to all Terms of Use / Terms of Reprint outlined by the writer who is making his or her work available to you.

    Thank you also for your adherance to our "Best Practice" Guidelines for the use of an article.

    Bill Platt - Owner
    thePhantomWriters Article Distribution Services

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