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    If You Have Been Banned From Our Groups,
    This Is What You Will Need to Do
    To Reinstate Article Posting Privileges

    Let's face it. I have set rules on all of my groups. And, some people have broken those rules. Rule breakers are usually banned for life, because few ever change their ways.

    If you have the determination to follow my rules, then I will lift the ban, but I will need to hear from you before that can happen.

    If you blow your second chance, third chances will not be forthcoming.

    Before you request for us to lift the ban on your email address on our groups, be sure to review our groups posting rules to make sure that you can adhere to them.

    Once you have assured yourself that you can follow our rules, you will need to go to our Contact Page, and use the option for "Comments or Questions About Article Distribution Email Groups" when you contact us.

    If you know what groups you have been banned from, that will enable us to resolve your issue much more quickly.

    Each group is managed independently from the others. Unless you really messed up, you will likely only be banned from a few groups. You will have only been banned from the individual groups where you have broken our rules.

    Bill Platt - Owner
    thePhantomWriters Article Distribution Services

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    Last Update: 2005-12-11