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    Use Of Our Article Submission Groups by
    Competing Article Distribution Services

    If you choose to submit your client's articles to any of my article distribution groups, you will need to abide by these rules and guidelines.

    Some History First...

    We have been building our Article Distribution Email Groups since 2000.

    In those years, we have spent our own time, energy and money to advertise and grow our Article Distribution Groups.

    These days we spend about 15 hours a week moderating all of our lists. We have invested time every week since 2000, to keep these groups on target and effective.

    In time and money, our investment into these groups is absolutely staggering!

    From the outset, we have always allowed individual writers to submit their own articles to our groups, provided that they follow some very basic rules.

    We have also allowed Virtual Assistants to distribute their client's articles, and we have allowed a few of our competitors to take advantage of our resources.

    For five years, we have not complained when our competitor's chose to use our resources to help their clients.

    As 2005 progressed, we started rethinking our position, due to a great many factors.

    In December of 2005, we decided to put the brake on our competitor's use of our resources.

    What Has Brought Us To This Point

    I can sum it up in two words: Our Time.

    Here is the deal.

    All of our groups are Moderated. Every post made by every individual must be approved by a human moderator.

    We are not directly compensated for providing our Article Distribution groups to the public.

    We provide the human moderators to approve all of the articles posted to our groups. That is one of OUR operating expenses.

    Our moderators are seeing their schedules eaten away by a larger and larger commitment requirement to the Article Distribution Groups due to the unbelievable volume of article submissions. Our expenses are rising at astronomical rates, but our income while growing is not growing at the same rates that our expenses are growing.

    It has begun to seriously erode our bottom line.

    How It Happened...

    Other companies are jumping into this market and selling their services for next to nothing. They can afford to do that because the cost of moderating article posts does not come out of their pockets. It comes out of mine.

    Many companies are giving their customers Unlimited Posting Privileges. And then, these companies are sending their client's materials to OUR GROUPS.

    These competitors generally are not providing their own Article Distribution Resources to the community.

    Instead, they are sending all of their submissions to us and the other moderators who provide Article Distribution Groups to the public. They are eating away at our schedules and providing us with no compensation for our time or trouble.

    These competitor's are building their services on my back and the backs of other moderators, with no concern as to the added expenses that we incure in making these resources available.

    These competitors stand proud and talk about how you can save money using their services over ours, and then they utilize the resources that we have invested unbelievable amounts of time, energy and money to create, develop and manage.

    If they provided the kinds of resources and resource management that we provide to the publishing community, there prices might be equal to or even higher than my own.

    Where the Problem Lies...

    It is not because of the individuals engaged in writing good quality articles that has brought us to this point.

    What has actually taken place is a number of low-cost and no-cost services and software companies have jumped on the Article Marketing bandwagon.

    With the introduction of these really low-cost providers into the marketplace, the spammer mentality has jumped into high gear.

    People solely concerned with creating links to their website, have little or no care about the quality of materials they are providing to the internet publishing community.

    With the introduction of the low-cost and no-cost article distributors and the article distribution software packages, the volume of article submissions has mushroomed, and the quality of articles has fallen dramatically!

    I am not only receiving complaints from my accountant, I am also receiving complaints from the publishers and webmasters who have subscribed to our groups for the purpose of finding reprint articles worth using.

    Protecting OUR Subscriber Base...

    We have received numerous complaints from our member publishers and webmasters concerning the loss of quality in the articles that are flowing into their email box.

    Granted, not all of the people using these low-cost service providers are sending junk articles to our groups. But, the larger majority of these writers are sending tons of cr@p.

    One member publisher told us that he had to dig through ten articles to find one worth considering for reprint!

    Many publishers have chosen to leave the groups rather than withstand the barrage of junk.

    Protecting OUR Investments...

    Right from my wife's mouth:
    Let your competitors build their own distribution services on their dime, not ours! By closing our groups to many of our competitors, we will be protecting our investments of time, energy and money.

    By restricting submissions from other services, we will accomplish the following:
  • We will keep OUR subscriber base happy by slowing the volume of posts.

  • We will keep OUR subscriber base happy in that they will again see a better quality of articles.

  • We will keep our accountant happy, by reducing our moderating expenses.

  • We will allow our competitor's to distinguish their services from ours based on the distribution networks that they can develop on their own dime.

  • Click Here to Discover ALL of the Article Distribution Email Groups that we own and manage.

    Which Competitors Will We Block?

    Most of them.

  • We will no longer accept submissions from anyone using software like ArticleAnnouncer, EzineAnnounce, ArticlePost Robot and Article Submitter Pro. Posts from software of the same type, will also be blocked.

  • We will no longer accept submissions from,, and other really low-cost or no-cost article submission services.

  • I agree with my wife... Let my competitors build their own distribution services on their dime, not mine!
    P.S. If I am currently using any of your article distribution groups and you would like to return the favor to me, please use my contact form to send me a list of the groups that you own and manage. I will be happy to remove your groups from my databases as well.

    Click Here to Discover ALL of the Article Distribution Email Groups that we own and manage.

    Who Will We Allow to Post Articles to Our Groups?

    Individual Writers.

    We will also continue to accept submissions from Virtual Assistants provided they keep with all of our rules that pertain to individual writers, provided they do not use one of the blocked software packages or service providers, and provided they adhere to the additional items listed below.

    Exceptions to these rules may be made at our discretion.

    Generally, exceptions will only be made for companies that:
  • ... provide article distributions in really low-volume quantities.

  • ... adhere to a higher standard of quality content.

  • ... contact us to work out permissions in advance of trying to submit to our groups.

  • ... We Reserve the Right to deny any individual or company access to our article distribution resources, at our own discretion and without explanation.

  • Let our competitors build their own distribution services on their dime, not ours!
    Click Here to Discover ALL of the Article Distribution Email Groups that we own and manage.

    Bill Platt - Owner
    thePhantomWriters Article Distribution Services

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    Last Update: 2005-12-11