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Freelance Ghost Writing Services

Page Last Updated: 07-17-2013

You are here, because you need to find Freelance Writers to complete work for you.

Listen, I have been exactly where you are at now... I have been providing ghost writing services online for more than a decade.

I know the frustrations and hassles of finding and employing good quality writers to help grow a business.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of independent writers and several outsourcing companies that provided the ghost writing services that I sold.

Think about it, I am only one guy with some real writing talent, and I only have so many hours in my week.

I have found that the struggle of working with freelance writers is almost enough to make one go prematurely gray!! And I have the gray hairs to prove it!!
  1. First you have to find someone willing to take the job you are offering at the price you are offering.

  2. Secondly, you have to figure out who has the talent to produce content on demand.

  3. Next, you need to decide who can write quality content in your specific niche.

  4. Then, you need to put them to the test to see if they can actually meet a deadline.

  5. You want to give people the benefit of a doubt, so you let them miss one deadline, and you give them a second deadline. 98% will miss the second deadline too.

  6. Now you have someone who can produce content on demand, write in your niche, and make a deadline, but you are not quite to the finish line yet.

  7. When you get the content back from the writer, you have to CopyScape what was sent to you, to make sure that your writer is not trying to sell you someone else's written works.

  8. Then you have to review what was written to see if they produced the kind of content that will put your business in a positive light in the minds of your future customers.

  9. You may need to send the content back to the writer for editing purposes, or better yet, employ your own editor in the process.

  10. Again, you need to oversee both the writer and the editor, to be absolutely certain that everyone is pulling their own weight.

  11. And when you are finally done with all of the previous steps, you must deploy your content to the places that make the most sense to your bottom line: your blog, your website, article syndication outlets, etc.

Ouch!! My head hurts every time I remind myself about the headaches that ghost writing services create for me...

"Wait a second!! Aren't you trying to convince me to use your ghost writing services?"

Well, as a matter of fact, yes I am.

Few People Actually Realize What Is Required to Bring Good Quality Writing Services to Life...

If you can find people willing to create good quality content, within your budget, then you will have conquered 90% of the obstacles in your path.

Now, if you are willing to pay a bit more for your content creation, and you might just find that many freelance writers are capable of producing excellent content for you, without you needing to hire an editor to become part of your processes.

And, if you can find writers who present top-notch work for you the first time and every time, you might just discover as I have that those freelance writers will be worth every penny you pay them to do the work for you.

Instead of us selling freelance writing services to you, then hiring freelance ghost writers to fill those orders on your behalf, we have changed our structure and systems to allow you to buy freelance ghost writing directly from freelance writers who are eager to fill your job orders right away!

We have invited all of the freelance ghost writers we have used and many other professional freelance writers who are looking for work to set up their freelance writing offers at our new website called, Freelance Writers Review.

When you hire freelance writers directly at our new website, you will benefit from doing so in a number of ways:
  • Your job orders will be completed more quickly, since you have cut out the middle man in the writing process.

  • The cost of these writing services will be greatly reduced -- once again, because you have cut the middle man from the actual transaction.

  • You will be able to get content created that more closely represents your needs, because you will be communicating directly with the person creating content on your behalf.

  • You will be able to locate better writers to work for you, because you will be able to see what a particular freelance writer is capable of doing, before you hire them to complete the work.

  • You will be able to find freelance writers, who can fill all of your writing needs now. You won't need to dig through hundreds of websites, just to find one freelance writer to help you get your writing needs filled.

  • You will be able to find freelance ghost writers, who are more reliable, because you will be able to see reviews that other employers have left for a particular freelance writer.

  • Your financial investment will be protected, because Freelance Writers Review will hold the money, on behalf of the freelance writer, until after you have agreed that the writer completed the job to your satisfaction. If you have any problems with a writer or the work that they have created on your behalf, Freelance Writers Review will work on your behalf to make sure you get the work that you wanted done or your money back.

  • Once you find a writer that you are happy working with, you will always be able to find that person again easily. Just check your "previous purchases" list, and you will be able to find the writers you want to work with again more quickly.

When you are ready to find freelance article ghost writers to complete work on your behalf, be sure to visit our new freelance writers marketplace at: Freelance Writers Review.

Bill Platt
3010 E Raintree Drive
Stillwater, Oklahoma USA 74074

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