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    Article Marketing Benefits

    Article Marketing Is HOT, HOT, HOT!

    Why are online business owners rushing in to participate in Article Marketing?

    Because, Article Marketing when done well produces exceptional results!

    Article Marketing creates the perfect promotional engine for online businesses. Webmasters that use Article Marketing to promote their business achieve the following results.
  • Publication in Ezines and Newsletters gives Article Marketers:

  • Exposure of the Article Author's Name and Website to thousands or hundreds of thousands of readers, in one shot.
  • Click-Through Traffic to their website.
  • New Sales from Click-Through Traffic.
  • Many Ezines and Newsletters Archive Their Ezines on their Website.

  • Publication on Websites (including those that do not have an ezine) gives Article Marketers:

  • One-way, Inbound Links to The Article Author's Websites.
  • Traffic from the Websites Where an Article is Posted.
  • Link Popularity Value from the Search Engines.
  • Better Search Rankings for their Own Websites in the Search Engines.
  • Good Placement on Hundreds of New Keywords Through the Article Placement on external sites, that direct the reader of the webpage, to the URL in the Article's Resource Box.
  • New Sales from Click-Through Traffic.

  • The promotional value of Article Marketing is the ability of your articles to generate new traffic to your website and new sales at your website.

    Advertisements Are Not Articles, Although Promotional Articles Are Part of Your Advertising Budget

    Many people new to Article Marketing look at their articles and believe that the article should be constructed as an advertisement for their business.

    That is Right AND That is Wrong!

    The reason that Article Marketing works so well, when it is used well, is because Articles provide Real Value to their readers.

    The ezine and newsletter publishers and the webmasters who might use an article, do so because the article is providing Real Value to their readers and visitors.

    Advertisements Are Not Considered To Be Of Real Value To Anyone Except For The Advertiser!

  • Publishers know their audience well enough to know that the reason people read their ezines and newsletters, is because they are in the mood to learn something fresh, interesting and useful.

  • Webmasters know their audience well enough to know that the reason people visit their website and come back to their website, is because they are in the mood to learn something fresh, interesting and useful.

  • Think about it in this way. Would you want to devote an entire page of your website to advertising someone else's website, if you were not being paid to do so? So, why would anyone want to do the same for you? They wouldn't, would they?

    Effective articles are those articles that offer value to their readers, by only providing interesting and useful content within the body of the article.

    The Author's "Resource Box" or "About The Author Information"

    Effective articles generally leave all promotional materials in the "Resource Box" or "About The Author Information", at the end of the article.

    Some people can get effective results with their articles when they provide promotional materials within the body of the article. But, people who can pull this off are often the exception to the rule, rather than the rule. The few people that I have seen who can get by with doing this are those who have been around for a very long time, and their reputations for providing great educational materials is well-known by the publishers and webmasters who use their articles.

    The vast majority of publishers and webmasters, who use the articles that are made available, have posted guidelines that expressly forbid the inclusion of promotional materials within the body of the article!

    As a general rule of thumb, if you include self-promotional materials in the body of the article, you can expect that your article will automatically be excluded from at least 50% of your potential reach.

    Tips for Creating the Author's "Resource Box" or "About The Author Information"

    The "Resource Box" or "About The Author Information", at the end of your article, should be written a lot like a Classified Ad with a Strong Call-to-Action.
  • Your Resource Box should be written in third-person, "So-and-So owns Such-and-Such website...."

  • Tell your readers what you want them to do. "Sign up for our Free Ezine...." "Shop Our Website...." "Buy Our Services...."

  • Shorter is ALWAYS Better. Some publishers and webmasters make the decision to publish based on the length of the Resource Box.

  • Maximum Resource Box Length Should Be 585 Characters. For even better results, you should aim for 500 characters including HTML. Shorter is ALWAYS Better.

  • HREF Tags Are Acceptable, But Not Recommended. Some publishers and webmasters will not use an article with a prescribed HREF tag. They like to develop their own HREF tags for your URL. 98% will automatically hyperlink any URL included in your Resource Box. (The 2% who don't hyperlink your URL with the use of your articles are in violation of the Terms of Use, and will usually correct the issue upon notification.)

  • Maximum of two URL's in the Resource Box. Highest Recommendation is for one URL in the Resource Box. Many webmasters and publishers will not use an article that carries more than one URL in the Resource Box.

  • Promote your URL, not the Affiliate URL. Spend the $10 to buy a domain and the $5 per month to host that domain! Many publishers and webmasters refuse to print articles that have Affiliate URL's in the Resource Box.

    Buy your domain name, and then set up a Redirect URL on your domain that redirects your website visitors to your Affiliate Website.

    (There are of course additional advantages in following this advice... Affiliate programs disappear everyday. You do not want to spend the money promoting a program that may not be there a year from now, or that you no longer desire to promote one year from now. Get your own domain and then promote YOUR domain, which just happens to redirect visitors to the Affiliate Program you want to promote.)

  • You don't have to follow any of these guidelines with the implementation of your Resource Box with your article. So long as you understand that the Internet is mostly a Democratic society, where individual publishers and webmasters can make the decision as to what materials they use and the ones that they don't use.

    These guidelines are intended to help you to get the most mileage from your Article Marketing activities.

    When You Lack The Time Or Skill To Write Your Own Articles...

    We have been engaged in Article Marketing since 1999. We have written hundreds of articles for our clients and for ourselves.

    We created this website in 2001 for the purpose of ghost writing articles for our clients.

    For a time, our Article Distribution Services had grown so large that I did not have the time to keep up with my Writing activities, since I was still engaged in working a day-time job that required a commitment from me of 60 hours per week.

    In April of 2005, I left my day job and began working my website full-time. In September of 2005, I hired a couple of writers, and then we began to offer Article Ghost Writing Services once again.

    If you need someone who is skilled and experienced in writing promotional articles, then do consider our services. At this time, we are only taking jobs writing on the topics of Business, Online Business, Network Marketing, the Internet and any sub-topic that can be classified under these primary topics.

    Our Promotional Article Ghost Writing Services

    We currently offer two Promotional Article Ghost Writing packages. The first is based on single article purchases, and the second is based on purchasing a ten-article block.

    With both packages, Article Submissions through thePhantomWriters Article Distribution Services are included without additional charge (a $35 value).

  • Articles we write for you will be between 700 and 1000 words in length.

  • We Guarantee that you will be satisfied with the article that we write for you, or we will replace it.

  • We Guarantee that we will not resell your articles to anyone else.

  • We Guarantee that our writer's will not resell your articles to anyone else.

  • We Guarantee that we will provide you our standard Article Distribution Service for no additional charge.

  • We Guarantee that we will provide you our standard Article Distribution Report for no additional charge.

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