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    Article Distribution Services

    We are NOT taking new Article Distribution / Article Syndication orders currently, and at this time, we have no plans of resuming this service.

    If we decide at some point in the future to resume our Article Syndication services, we will make this purchase page active again.

    In The Meantime...
    May We Recommend...
    WL Marketing Services is a company that we use ourselves for:
    • Article Submissions;
    • Link Directory Submissions;
    • Deep Link Directory Submissions;
    • Social Bookmarks; and
    • Press Release Distributions.

    This company also provides a number of other services that might interest you, such as:
    • Article Writing;
    • Keyword Research;
    • Link Building Services;
    • SEO Services; and
    • Consulting Services.

    Every single time that Bill Platt -- owner of ThePhantomWriters -- launches a new website, he purchases several hundred Link Directory Submissions from WL Marketing.

    Nearly every month, he also purchases multiple Social Bookmarking packages from this company.

    Beginning in 2013, Bill Platt has made a new commitment to use Article Marketing again to promote his many websites. He continues to use The Phantom Writers as his personal marketing tool, and he purchases additional Article Submission Services from other companies, such as the one we are recommending on this page, including WL Marketing Services.

    SEO Packages

    Another SEO company I use for services is one called, "Submit In Me". I use them for:
    • Link Directory Submissions;
    • Deep Link Directory Submissions; and occasionally
    • Article Writing.

    And, one more SEO Services company I use to promote my websites...

    I use the following services from SubmitEdge:
    • Normal Article Submissions;
    • Link Directory Submissions; and
    • Social Bookmarks.

    And, occasionally:
    • Seo Friendly Slow Blog Commenting Packages
    • Seo Friendly "Slow" Article Submission Service Packages; and
    • "Slow" Link Directory Submission Packages.

    SubmitEdge is a little more expensive than many of their competitors, but they offer real good value for the money.

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