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    The Phantom Writers Article
    Distribution Service in a Nutshell

    The Phantom Writers article distribution service is very different from the other companies who provide this kind of service, so much different that we don't actually consider them to be in competition with us. The following companies are frequently listed as our competitors: SubmitYourArticle, ArticleMarketer, and Isnare.

    Until December of 2007, we had a consistent record for a three-day turn-around between the receipt of an article and the scheduling of an article. Between Dec of 07 and Feb of 08, we were running about three weeks on turn-around for article setup and scheduling. (We did a special one-time offer for our existing clients in Dec of 2007 and the volume just blew us away.) Since March of 08, we have been running 8-10 days from receipt of an article to article scheduling.

    When we receive your article, it will be sent directly to our distribution team. When they get your article scheduled, they will send you an email telling you the scheduled date. Once the scheduled date arrives, you will receive two more emails from our system: a copy of the Actual Distribution and a copy of our Distribution Report.

    Here are some of the items that make our system different and unique compared to all of our competitors:
    • We don't make you struggle with how to get your article into our system. We have you email us the article, and we will do the full article setup for you.

    • We will scan your article to determine the best topic and categories in order to help us determine the best places to send your article. We also hand select the distribution channels we use, according to the content of your article, in order to ensure that our publishers only get the kinds of articles they want to reprint.

    • We build a Plain Text and HTML version of your article.

    • We build a Plain Text and HTML version of your resource box. (We can set anchor text in your links, if requested.)

    • We assign three categories, three levels deep on each one, for each of your articles. (This helps us to give better targeting to the people who receive articles from us.)

    • We can schedule your article to distribute at a specific time, even years into the future. (We can distribute anytime beyond when the distribution person gets to your article.)

    • We do not require you to subscribe to the newsgroups (Yahoo and Google Groups) in order for us to be able to distribute your articles. We handle all of that through our own email address, so that you don't have to deal with the huge volume of articles being distributed by others.

    • We tend to do most article distributions on Tue, Wed and Thu, as those days have been seen to produce the best results. (If requested, we can do Mon, Fri, Sat or Sun distributions.) All articles will be scheduled for distribution between 9am CST and 3pm CST, which ensures that the article will arrive in mailboxes when most people are in their offices working.

    • We provide a home for your article in our Article Directory into the indefinite future. (We have thousands of people browsing our article directory daily to find articles they might want to reprint.)

      Article Tracking Tool at
    • On the page of our website, where your article is posted (as seen in the image to the right), there is a tool in the left sidebar of the article pages with the title, "Copyright Enforcement & Reprint Check Tool", which has your article title preloaded into a url for each of seven search engines, to enable you to have another way to figure out who may have published your article.

    • In the same box, we maintain article statistics, showing page views for the article, and global page views for the author. The box also provides a direct link to enable publishers to locate other articles by this author, quickly and easily.

    • If you have published your article elsewhere before coming to us, we will provide a direct link to where your article was originally posted.

    • We provide a three-click copy-and-paste tool to enable publishers to easily take the Text or HTML copies of your article for quick publication of your article.

    Beyond these benefits, we need to tell you about our distribution process as well:
    • We actually have a three-tier distribution system.

    • Tier One - Newsgroup distribution. We have built our own network of 100+ article distribution groups through Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. We actually have access to more than 200 article distribution grouops, but we personally manage just over 100 of those newsgroups. We also have some really large publishers who are on our direct mailing list.

      An article distributed to the groups will likely go to more than 45,000 people. It must be noted that all of these people on these lists have a "choice" to use your article or not, so it will not be published on thousands of websites. The people on these lists are ezine publishers and webmasters, and they reside all over the world. The average article, if good, will be published on a few dozen websites and in a few ezines.

    • Tier Two - Newspaper and Print Magazine Websites - We have exclusive access for sending articles to a company who provides online content to major newspaper websites and print magazine websites.

      We send the articles into their network, and they have two editors review the articles. If both editors approve your article, it will be sent to the websites whose editorial guidelines most closely match the content of your article.

      To date, our observations have been two-fold. 80% of all articles we send to them are approved for inclusion in their network. And although it does not generate a whole lot of links (they Iframe the content), this network does deliver a lot of visitors to ours and our clients' websites.

    • Tier Three - Blogger Network - Our blogger list is growing every week. Some bloggers are on free blog sites like Blogger / Blogspot and WordPress, but the majority are running WordPress Blogs on their own domains. Each blogger defines their editorial guidelines to us, and we match our content with their needs.

      The average article will be placed on 20-30 blogs, over the course of 45 days from the distribution date of the article. We rotate the order and randomize the distribution time over 45 days to help our bloggers maintain a more natural appearing article placement, to strengthen their status in Google's search results. No two blogs will receive all of the exact same articles, and even if they receive mostly the same articles, they will receive them in a different order, by design.

      (By helping our bloggers appear more natural to Google, we are helping your articles gain wider recognition by Google.)

    If you need help having articles written, we can do that for you too.

    Whether we are ghost writing articles for you, you are using another ghost writer, or you are writing your own articles, we don't care. We are here to help you distribute articles to the wider internet marketplace.

    But, if you have someone do the writing for you, we have made a free tool that allows you to check to see if the article has been printed elsewhere before: Copyright Checking Tool at:

    We are a bit more pricey than most of our competitors, but we bring a human touch to the process of distributing articles, and we have offer a much more robust database and distribution system.

    We have very little cross-over in distribution reach with our competitors. Most distribution networks have a mostly unique network of people they can reach. As a result, I have always recommended that people might consider using more than one distribution service to put their articles into the wild (and some of my customers do). I occasionally use my competitors to distribute articles too, not because I need to, but because I can reach people with them that I cannot always reach on my own. Diversity is good.

    Whereas my competitors put their main focus on article directories, we do not. We are frequently asked how many article directories we send articles to, and the answer is "besides our own, one: "

    My primary focus is on reaching ezine publishers because when you are published in an ezine, you can draw huge volumes of traffic in a single day or week. I have received as many as 10,000 visitors in a single day as the result of being published in a large ezine. Other times, I have generated in excess of $10,000 in sales in a single day or week as the result of publication in an ezine. Ezine publication of an article, can deliver huge rewards to the person whose article has been featured in the ezine.

    Beyond ezine publication, we also seek to reach a higher grade website with the articles we distribute. We have seen articles printed in WebMD, Wall Street Journal Online,, Forbes Online, The Video Professor website, the National Business Association website, and many many more wonderful and respectable websites and publications.

    If you write great articles, you owe it to yourself to give us a shot at helping your articles reach a higher value marketplace. Let us know if we can be of assistance to you.

    Use this link to Purchase our Article Distribution Services.

    Bill Platt - owner of The Phantom Writers
    Stillwater, Oklahoma

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