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Bill Platt - Owner of
Bill Platt - Owner

Bill Platt has owned and operated since September of 2001.

He started doing article marketing to promote his own websites in 1999, then two years later, he created The Phantom Writers to help others do what he had been doing for himself.

In 2001, he started offering ghost writing services to others.

As a courtesy to his ghost writing customers, he also offered limited article syndication to his customers.

In 2002, a number of his customers were requesting that he offer article syndication as a stand-alone service. When he agreed to do so, it forever changed the structure of his business and the volume of sales that he was able to produce each year.

He continued to improve and expand the reach of his article syndication service from 2002 until he stopped offering it as a service.

In March of 2005, encouraged by more than 18 months of income that consistently exceeded his "job income", he left the job market, and he has never had to regret that decision.

In early 2006, Bill added SEO Services to his portfolio of services offered.

He offered SEO Services from 2006 to 2009... He stopped offering SEO Services when "personalized search results" undermined his ability to have his customers see the same search results he was able to see on his browser.

In 2006, Bill added paid staff to his business. At it's height, Bill's businesses employed 7 persons in-house locally -- one of whom took care of The Phantom Writers, and 6 others who did tasks related to the SEO Services that were being sold to customers. During this time frame, Bill also worked with several dozen freelance ghost writers, who worked virtually from their home computers.

At various points between 2001 and 2012, Bill bounced between offering ghost writing services and killing ghost writing...

His ghost writing services were a high-labor, low profit margin offering, but when he tried to eliminate it as a service, he noticed appreciable drops in his overall sales.

In 2010, Bill connected with one of his competitors to take over the ghost writing facet of his business. You can still request ghost writing services on this website, but Chris' staff will be taking care of folks...

During 2009, Bill's dad got sick with cancer and passed away later that year... While his father was sick, Bill took a lot of time off to help his dad with every day things...

After his dad passed away, Bill began to restructure his business to move away from services and more towards product development, authoring Kindle books and affiliate marketing.

Bill has written articles under 22 pen names, and he has Kindle books available under several more pen names.

He stopped promoting this website in 2010, then he stopped offering his article syndication services to the public in early-2012, simply because he did not want to do it anymore...

These days, The Phantom Writers article syndication service is used strictly as Bill's personal promotional tool. He removed all purchase pages for his services from the website in March of 2012.

Bill continues to work from home and support his family with what he earns online.

He still maintains several websites and mailing lists, in several niches, from which he earns his living.

Life History

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Bill grew up in Ponca City, Oklahoma and currently lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma with his three boys.

In his twenties, Bill lived also in Texas, Florida and Georgia.

But he returned home in 1992, and he has spent the last 20 years living the small-town life in Northcentral Oklahoma.

He likes big city living, but he prefers to raise his children in the much safer small town communities that he was accustomed to as a child.

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