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    We Are The Oldest, Continuously Operating Article Distribution Service On The Internet

    We have survived many competitors since 2001, because honestly, our service has little in common with our "competitors" in the article marketing industry.

    Most of our surviving "competitors" measure success by how many "article directories" they can send your article.

    We do not.

    Let me explain the reasons why...

    The Untold Story Of Article Directories

    The original purpose of an article directory is to be a central repository, where newsletter publishers and webmasters can go to find content that can be reprinted in a newsletter or on a website.

    Here is the part of the story that you will not hear anywhere else...

    Webmasters who are looking for content to post on a website, generally have a very small window of opportunity to find the content they will desire to use. While some article directories are well-designed and easy-to-navigate, most article directories are just difficult to navigate at best. If a publisher has to spend too much time inside the article directory to find the content he or she wishes to reprint, then the publisher will seek out different article directories until they find the ones that allows them to consistently find the best material, with the least amount of time invested.

    Your goal as an article marketer is to have your articles in the directories that people actually use on a regular basis.

    According to our interactive list of article directories, there are more than 1200 article directories currently in operation.

    So the big question is, in which article directories do you need to put your articles? You will be surprised by the answer...

    At one time, we had built a Windows application that someone could put on their own computer to submit articles to article directories. We built the framework for the application, and as part of the system, the software monitored which article directories were actually approving the articles we submitted to them.

    At that time, we had over 800 article directories in the software's database. We used the software in-house for 18 months. We found that only 120 article directories were approving any articles at all, and we found that only fifty article directories were approving articles within thirty days of the submission of an article to their directory.

    The sad truth is that submission to more article directories does not always equal more reprints and more links. If you are submitting articles by hand, submission to more article directories simply means... more wasted time.

    But, here is the thing that most people fail to consider...

    The reason we want to get articles onto websites is so that we can get that click-through traffic from websites, but more importantly, to improve our search rankings in Google and the other search engines.

    I tend to think that the Google engineers are pretty shrewd and intelligent. I believe that they can see through any inexpensive, mass market systems to help a website rank in Google.

    Consider this...

    Most article distribution systems that base their service on reaching the maximum number of articles directories will send that article to the same hundred (or however many) article directories every time. Of the article directories an article was sent to, only fifty or so directories will approve the articles sent to them. So, when Google's algorithms looks at where your articles have been published, they will see your articles on the exact same websites, time after time after time.

    The whole trick of the search engine ranking game is to avoid triggering any red flags within Google's search algorithms. Don't you think that Google might consider it suspicious if all of your articles appeared on the same fifty websites, time after time?

    New And Improved Is Not Always Better

    Over the last couple years, people have began to notice that the cookie cutter article distribution systems are generating fewer and fewer good rankings for their customers. Rather than to identify the problem as a matter of cookie cutter systems (sending all articles to the same websites every time), they distorted the definition of a Google filter to explain the problem. Google does have a Duplicate Content Filter, but it has been misidentified as a Duplicate Content Penalty, which is said to be the culprit behind the failure of a lot of article distribution systems. (More on this in a minute.)

    Those people who originally offered up the Duplicate Content Penalty as the reason why article marketing had not been providing the results people expected, are also the same people who came up with the Article Spinner software.

    With Article Spinner software, you can insert any text into a website form, and the software will "rewrite" the article for mass distribution. The theory is that if you put fifty versions of one article into fifty websites, then you will be able to trick Google and the other search engines into paying closer attention to your articles, and therefore the links to your website from your articles.

    Yes, it is a bit harder for Google to identify "spun" articles, but it leaves off the table the other elements that make article marketing such a powerful force in internet marketing. When you permit software to rewrite your articles, then you are leaving a trail of poorly written articles to promote your business. So, if a human lands on your article page and sees that you are promoting your website with poorly constructed content, you will lose the human that may potentially have purchased your products and services. Your are just throwing away potential customers by letting a computer "rewrite" your articles.

    Google does have a Duplicate Content Filter. But it is not what you have been told that it is...

    The Duplicate Content Filter is designed to only affect what turns up on a single list of search results within Google. The Duplicate Content Filter is designed so that for any specific search term, the same article should not appear more too many times in Google's search results. That does not mean that Google will in every case list only one copy of an article... We know of one very specific search that we look at all the time to see if Google has changed the Duplicate Content Filter. In this very specific case, we type in a three word search query, without the quotes, and our article still shows up in the top three spots in Google's search results and in five of the top ten spots in the Google search results.

    We bet you are thinking that we are telling you this, just so that we can sell you on our way of doing article marketing. Perhaps we are, but we are not the only people in the world telling the story of the Duplicate Content Penalty Myth. Other influential online marketers who believe that the Duplicate Content Penalty is a Myth include:
    • Jill Whalen of She discusses the Duplicate Content Penalty Myth at the Search Engine Land website.

    • Neil Shearing, Ph.D., of produced a 13-minute video, available on his blog, which proves beyond a doubt that the Duplicate Content Penalty is a Myth.

    • Aaron Wall of agrees that the Duplicate Content Penalty is a myth. You can read his comments here.

    How Our Service Differs From Our Competitors

    When you are ready to buy, you can purchase article distributions here.

    Our goal from the beginning has been to have a system that allows us to bypass the Article Directory system altogether.

    Instead of sending your articles to an article directory in the hopes that other publishers will visit that article directory and exert the effort to find your article among the thousands of available articles, we have stayed with our original approach, which is to try to send your articles directly to the people most likely to publish your specific articles.

    Our article distribution service has a loyal following of publishers who seek out the articles we distribute. Why? Because, we make it easy for them to find and publish the articles they want to reprint.

    We are able to reach four kinds of online publishers:
    1. Niche Websites
    2. Blogs
    3. Newspaper Websites
    4. Newsletter Publishers
    While the first two - niche websites and blogs - provide value in the eyes of the search engines, the second two - newspaper websites and newsletter publishers - will provide more real traffic to your website.

    A lot of article marketers pooh publication in newsletters... They see the goal of search engine rankings to be the ONLY thing that matters...

    Personally, we are happy to be published in a newsletter, because we are able to reach an audience of thousands or hundreds of thousands of potential customers in a single day. Publication in a newsletter can easily translate into hundreds or thousands of new visitors to a website in a single day. While other people may be willing to turn away potential customers, we are not willing to do so. We are happy to welcome anyone who wants to visit our website and buy our services.

    Because we let online publishers decide what they want to publish, rather than to force-feed them content, Google smiles on the websites that use our article distribution service. We know that is a bold statement to make, but every website we own has good rankings in Google. In fact, you can view our year-by-year statistics for this website and see that Google sent this website more than 200,000 visitors in 2008. Our statistics also show that we received another nearly 90,000 visitors from other search engines as well.

    95% of our promotion budget is dedicated to article marketing alone. We use reprint articles to promote all of our websites, and to good success.

    Instead of force-feeding your articles to the same fifty websites time and time again, we send your articles to the online publishers that we believe would be most interested in using your article. As a result, your second article is likely to be published on a completely different set of websites than your first article. Your third article will likely be published on websites that did not publish your first or second article, etc.

    Our article distribution system has been designed to ensure that your articles will reach a diversified set of websites and other online publications.

    Purchase Article Distributions

    We have had clients contact us to tell us that their articles were published on websites as diverse as: the Wall Street Journal Online,, WebMD, the National Business Association, the Video Professor website, Wired, and many other top-tier websites. We have also been told that articles have landed on college websites, in sections designed by the college administration, rather than its students. Articles have also landed in print magazines and hardback books.

    How many of our so-called "competitors" can land your articles in such a diverse and interesting set of websites and print publications?

    Successful Article Marketing Generally Begins With Good Article Content

    Using such a wide paintbrush is dangerous. It is true that we have written articles that we thought to be nothing more than filler material for someone's website, and that content suddenly and surprisingly ended up being published on high traffic websites. The linked article is one that we did not think was very good, but we tend to get a steady stream of traffic from it. While this article was a success in the commercial realm, it must be noted that a poor quality article that gets good placement tends to be the exception, rather than the rule.

    If you have problems viewing our videos,
    Download Flash for Free OR Watch them on YouTube

    This is our first Video Article,
    based on the article:

    "Successful Article Marketers
    Help Readers Solve Problems"
    Learn more about Video Marketing here.

    The point that we wish to make is that an article can only be successful if a newsletter publisher or a webmaster believes that the article is worth sharing with his or her readers. Your first and most important sell will be the person who makes the decision as to whether or not to publish your article.

    We can help get your article into the hands of publishers and webmasters who are looking for content to publish, but we cannot guarantee that publishers and webmasters will use your articles. Only you can control that part of the equation, and you will be primed to see article marketing success when you put your best foot forward during the writing process.

    The best articles tend to be those that teach an important lesson to readers. Any "article" that is overtly obvious in its sales message tends to get rejected by most online publishers. On the other hand, if an article is a bit more subtle in its sales message, burying the "buy command" inside of an instructional article, then the article tends to be published far more often.

    The trick for success in article marketing comes down to one simple concept: Help readers solve problems, and your article will find a wide audience.

    We instruct that overt sales messages should be kept in the Author's Resource Box (about the author information) that follows the article. It is not the purpose of your Resource Box to actually sell your products or services, but rather to get the reader to your website where the real selling can take place.

    As usual, we can teach you a lot about successful article marketing techniques. If you have two minutes to spare, you may enjoy watching the video about Successful Article Marketing shown above.

    If you have a bit more time, you might also consider reading our blog or the articles written by Bill Platt and Trey Pennewell.

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