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Universal Remote Control
Codes Locator

Suppose you need to find the code for your Universal Remote Control, for the purpose of making it work for your television and other components. Then what can you do? It is not like you can ask your local retailer to break a box open so that you can get a copy of the codes you need for your Universal Remote Control.

Editors' Note:
This information is being provided only as a courtesy to the Internet community. If you are looking for specific codes for which we cannot point you to the appropriate resource, a phone call to our office will not help you in your quest. We are not involved directly or indirectly in the consumer electronics market.

Here are some sites that offer Universal Remote Control Codes:

Multiple Brands Website 1 -

Multiple Brands Website 2 -

Radio Shack 4-in-1 codes -

Radio Shack All-for-One Codes -

Additional All-for-One Codes -

RCA SystemLink -

Digital Cable Boxes -

If you need universal programming codes for an Apex television or DVD player, I have been advised that the code for Apex is 0156.

If you are looking for TV Owner Manuals click here.

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