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All Articles Written By: Skyler Ace

1.   Why People Gamble by Skyler Ace
    Gambling is an instinct inherent in all of us. We all gamble. Even if you have never placed a bet in your life, you are still a gambler. Don't believe it? Let's see...
    Distributed: 2009-07-29 10:36:00 | Word Count: 721 | Page Views: 21341 | Votes: 23 | Rating: 2.57
2.   Understanding Gambling Addiction by Skyler Ace
    There's nothing wrong with gambling, if you use it the right way - as means of having fun, as a hobby or a way of de stressing. The danger comes when the roles get reversed and gambling starts using you.
    Distributed: 2009-07-22 11:24:00 | Word Count: 715 | Page Views: 6887 | Votes: 21 | Rating: 2.29
3.   How To Stop Gambling by Skyler Ace
    There's nothing wrong with gambling - if it's done the right way. As a sport, as a hobby, as a stress buster, there are many ways in which gambling can be good for you. But, and this is a big but, there are even more ways in which gambling can, not only be bad for you, it can ruin your life. It is all a matter of how your treat gambling and the role it plays in your life.
    Distributed: 2009-07-15 11:36:00 | Word Count: 726 | Page Views: 5611 | Votes: 18 | Rating: 3.00
4.   Gambling Myths by Skyler Ace
    Few areas of human activity are so immersed in superstition and myth as gambling. Many gamblers do believe in "good" and "bad" luck, playing a part in their gambling success or failure and often carry "good luck charms" or have rituals they perform before going to play. Unless the belief in "luck" becomes obsessive, it is usually harmless.
    Distributed: 2009-07-14 12:00:00 | Word Count: 728 | Page Views: 4882 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.00
5.   Understanding Compulsive Gambling by Skyler Ace
    People gamble for many reasons. Some do it for the pure thrill and fun of it, and others just because they're feeling lucky, and many do it out of habit. Whatever the reason may be, gambling becomes a problem when it is done in excess. In fact, people often don't realize that it's become an addiction, until they are in so deep and affects normal life. This checklist will help you determine if you are a compulsive gambler, who is in need of help.
    Distributed: 2009-07-08 09:48:00 | Word Count: 700 | Page Views: 5572 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.75
6.   A Brief History of Online Gambling by Skyler Ace
    Gambling is said to be as old as organized society itself. There is evidence that the ancient societies of India, China, Greece and Rome all had some form of gambling culture. Some articles thought to be gambling implements dating back to about 2300 BCE have been found in China. A pair of dice dating from 1500 BCE has been found in Egypt.
    Distributed: 2009-07-07 13:24:00 | Word Count: 710 | Page Views: 5497 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 1.77
7.   Growing Popularity of Online Gambling by Skyler Ace
    It seems almost like yesterday that the internet swept in and changed the world as we knew it. For instance - the internet revolutionized the world's messaging system. The postal mail, previously the lone method of choice, not only got replaced by the blisteringly fast email, it consequently got renamed the snail mail. And with the advent of the internet came the evolution of a new form of adventurous gaming. That of online gambling!
    Distributed: 2009-06-09 11:00:00 | Word Count: 711 | Page Views: 2798 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 2.00
8.   Simple Rules of Gambling by Skyler Ace
    It's not uncommon for people to develop an interest in gambling. Gambling is an exciting art performed by millions all over the world. It takes a lot of practice and time to become really good at it, but obeying the following simple set of rules will ensure that you make a decent start of it whilst minimizing your losses.
    Distributed: 2009-06-04 11:24:00 | Word Count: 716 | Page Views: 3356 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
9.   Can I Make Money With Online Gambling? by Skyler Ace
    With the recent surge in popularity of online gambling people are beginning to question its existence. A resurging question is its economic viability. Is it possible to make some money of Online gaming? How lucrative is it and how high are the risks involved?
    Distributed: 2009-06-03 11:00:00 | Word Count: 625 | Page Views: 2725 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
10.   The Gamble Question by Skyler Ace
    Why do people gamble? It certainly is an interesting question, one that we don't often think about when we do actually gamble. Gambling as an art has been around since the early days of the human race.
    Distributed: 2009-06-02 11:48:00 | Word Count: 695 | Page Views: 3046 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
11.   Casino Free Slots - Is There A Thing Like Free Casino Slots? by Skyler Ace
    Most recently, a term as 'Casino free slots' has caught most casino lover's fantasy. However, there are some people who want to know whether such a thing really exists? If yes, how free are they really?
    Distributed: 2009-04-28 10:00:00 | Word Count: 686 | Page Views: 2744 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
12.   Fantasy Baseball - Fool Proof Strategies To Win by Skyler Ace
    Fantasy Baseball is a popular game. The players involved in this game work towards managing imagining team of baseball. This is totally based on the baseball players' real life performance. The players in Fantasy Baseball compete against one another using those players' statistics in order score points.
    Distributed: 2009-04-23 10:00:00 | Word Count: 693 | Page Views: 5015 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 1.20
13.   Online Gambling Addiction - The Facts And Solutions by Skyler Ace
    There are several problems that can arise from gambling such as a gambling addiction; low self esteem, loss of money and a lot more. This article will help you identify a person suffering from a gambling problem, so that you can help them get the professional help they need to overcome such a problem.
    Distributed: 2009-04-21 10:00:00 | Word Count: 672 | Page Views: 6945 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 2.18
14.   Blackjack Strategy - Basic Steps To Enhance Your Skills by Skyler Ace
    Blackjack is a very simple game. It is highly popular among a lot of people across the globe. However, what makes this game a little problematic is the guesswork that's involved. This makes the game little complicated.
    Distributed: 2009-04-16 10:24:00 | Word Count: 726 | Page Views: 2623 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 0.50
15.   Blackjack - Tips On Online Blackjack by Skyler Ace
    Blackjack is known to be one of the most popular casino games played online all over the world. People are crazy about this game.
    Distributed: 2009-04-14 10:24:00 | Word Count: 714 | Page Views: 2644 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.67
16.   Online Betting - Be A Professional Online Sports Better by Skyler Ace
    When the Internet has included everything in to its' huge world for the convenience of visitors, how can it ignore sports and the betting rage among sports lovers.
    Distributed: 2009-04-09 11:12:00 | Word Count: 697 | Page Views: 2867 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.67
17.   Internet Casino Gambling - Enjoy The Benefits by Skyler Ace
    Internet casino gambling is a favorite activities among millions of people across the globe.
    Distributed: 2009-04-07 11:48:00 | Word Count: 676 | Page Views: 2823 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 2.25
18.   Strip Poker - Tips And Rules To Play by Skyler Ace
    This game is known to be one of the best erotic foreplay games for couples. This is a superb way to spice up your sex life and relationship as a whole.
    Distributed: 2009-04-03 11:00:00 | Word Count: 704 | Page Views: 2600 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 1.25
19.   Sports Betting - Tips, Tricks And Places To Visit by Skyler Ace
    Sports' betting is known to be a general activity wherein one tends to predict the results of various sports and make a wager based on the result of a specific sporting event. Just like other types of gambling, general acceptance and legality of Sports betting is a debatable topic and also varies from one country to another.
    Distributed: 2009-04-02 12:24:00 | Word Count: 691 | Page Views: 2590 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.67
20.   Gambling Online - Is Gambling Online Illegal? by Skyler Ace
    The legality of Gambling Online has always been a debatable topic. It is not an easy question to answer. The reason is because the whole situation of legality depends on where you are when you play. The matter of gambling online has always been a gray area as it is an unconventional phenomenon.
    Distributed: 2009-04-01 12:24:00 | Word Count: 743 | Page Views: 2788 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50

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