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All Articles Written By: Lora French

1.   Methadone: Drug Treatment or Just Another Addiction? by Lora French
    Drug addiction to Opiates (Oxycontin, Vicodin, Heroin, etc) is one of the hardest to overcome. The physical withdrawals resemble a severe case of the flu that can last for several days, and many addicts immediately revert to drugs or find themselves rushing to the methadone clinic to ease their symptoms. Drug treatment, however, which hands out another highly addictive opiate doesn't make sense.
    Distributed: 2007-10-04 12:08:00 | Word Count: 535 | Page Views: 5338 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.50
2.   Narconon Myths Revealed by Lora French
    Narconon, a highly successful drug rehabilitation program, is often the target of bad press. I am sure that this is true of other drug rehabilitation programs; however, I must come to Narconon's defense.
    Distributed: 2007-10-03 18:04:00 | Word Count: 1411 | Page Views: 3756 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.00
3.   Drug Free Rehab vs. Medication as a Drug Rehab by Lora French
    Although many people believe that addiction is simply a psychological disease or a spiritual affliction, one that could be handled simply by the force of sheer willpower, those who suffer from addiction know better. Many drug rehab programs focus on only the psychological aspects of addiction and believe that by handling the addict's mind the addiction can be cured.
    Distributed: 2007-10-01 16:48:00 | Word Count: 524 | Page Views: 4622 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.42
4.   Meth: The New Crank of the 80's and Drug Treatment Center 'Killer' of Today. by Lora French
    Drug treatment centers have seen methamphetamine addiction skyrocket as Crystal Meth, crank's evil stepchild, has taken hold of many people across the nation, including many in my hometown in Nevada.
    Distributed: 2007-09-25 14:48:00 | Word Count: 604 | Page Views: 4817 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.00
5.   A Unique Approach to Drug Addiction Saved My Life by Lora French
    A month before my dad passed away, he told a close family friend that I would be dead within a year. I was only 21, and drugs had destroyed my life and my relationships. I went through four drug rehab programs and none of them worked. I always went back to drugs and caused more damage. I simply did not care. After my dad died, I spiraled down to the point where I no longer wanted to live. My dad's premonition almost became reality.
    Distributed: 2007-09-24 16:24:00 | Word Count: 660 | Page Views: 3843 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 2.00

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