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All Articles Written By: John Khu

1.   How About Losing 20 Pounds in 10 Days Using Lemon Juice Maple Syrup Diet by John Khu
    For those who are not heard about lemon juice maple syrup diet, Lemon Juice Maple Syrup Diet is a wonderful and healthy detoxification diet that helps you to reduce about 20 pounds of your extra fat within a period of 10 days. There are many persons who have already benefited with this miraculous diet.
    Distributed: 2009-12-31 11:15:00 | Word Count: 522 | Page Views: 5443 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 2.00
2.   Domain Registration Expiry and Auto-Renewal Grace Period by John Khu
    Auto renewal grace period for an expired domain is a dedicated 30-day window space that happens when your registrar simply fails to renew your domain. Now, your domain will enter a phase where you will have an access to a 30-day grace period though which you can retrieve your domain name by contacting the registrar and paying an additional penal fee...
    Distributed: 2009-12-31 09:30:00 | Word Count: 469 | Page Views: 6811 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.00
3.   How Much You Need to Pay for Domain Redemption by John Khu
    At times, people may simply forget to renew their domain names on time. It is possible that the owner simply neglected the importance of renewing the domain name. Whatever the case, several thousands of domain names go expire and become orphans almost every day. Before your domain becomes expired, you should renew it before the expiry date.
    Distributed: 2009-12-30 14:00:00 | Word Count: 527 | Page Views: 6090 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 1.00
4.   Making Money Online With Expired Domain Names - Some Practical Ways by John Khu
    As an internet entrepreneur, you can make money in several ways. Expired domains are few of the tools that can help you create enough online income. Expired domains are those hidden virtual real estate treasures that can create a very strong income base for you. Making money with your domains expired is very simple. Here are some potential money-spinning methods by making use of expired domains.
    Distributed: 2009-12-30 12:15:00 | Word Count: 503 | Page Views: 3721 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 2.60
5.   Beyonce Diet - Maple Syrup Diet - Crash Diet Plan - Do Read to Know by John Khu
    Beyonce Diet aka "Maple Syrup Diet" is a crash diet and may not be necessarily perfect for everyone. It is body detox drink recipes and a plan that calls for rapid fasting. Beyonce herself does not recommend this crash diet to anyone unless it is inevitable and one has proper help.
    Distributed: 2009-12-30 12:00:00 | Word Count: 525 | Page Views: 6319 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 0.50
6.   Top Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Choosing Your Domain Name by John Khu
    Many first time web site builders commit the mistake of choosing the wrong type of names for their web sites. Here are some of the prominent mistakes that you should avoid while registering your domain name.
    Distributed: 2009-12-30 10:15:00 | Word Count: 486 | Page Views: 3779 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.40
7.   Causes for Yellow or Dark Brown Poop - Symptoms of Healthy Poop - Dr Oz's Tips to Diagnosis Yourself and Self Help by John Khu
    Now the question arises how to detox your body? Body toxins are accumulated due to improper food consumption; sedentary lifestyle also causes digestion problem and heavy metal toxins to accumulate in our body. Therefore, in order to avoid bowel problem, your body needs to heavy metal detox.
    Distributed: 2009-12-29 15:45:00 | Word Count: 545 | Page Views: 16430 | Votes: 18 | Rating: 1.94
8.   Understanding and Mastering Keyword Rich Domain Names and PPC Marketing by John Khu
    Keyword enriched domain names offer you several benefits and advantages. Just by looking at your domain name, someone can tell you about the main theme of your web site. In fact, keywords can help you create a brand name for your business. Furthermore, the keyword enriched domain names can help you advertise and promote your web portal by using the most modern method of search engine optimization (SEO).
    Distributed: 2009-12-29 15:15:00 | Word Count: 533 | Page Views: 3456 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 1.75
9.   How To Choose A URL By Conducting A Domain Name Ownership Search by John Khu
    A successful web site or blog is always made meaningful by its domain name. The web address that you choose must suit the theme and tenor of the web site or blog. Make sure that your domain name matches the subject of the web site or blog. Almost all well-known web portals have a domain name that is short, easy to remember and type into the address window of the browser. You should understand the system by which a domain works and performs.
    Distributed: 2009-10-23 10:00:00 | Word Count: 693 | Page Views: 4113 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 1.67
10.   How to Use a Good Domain Name Suggestion Tool by John Khu
    Domain name is an important part of your online business. Without a good and meaningful domain name, you can never expect to make your business a success. You can choose a good domain name by using a number of online domain-name suggestion tools. Here are some simple tips to choosing a domain name by using one of the domain-name suggestion utilities.
    Distributed: 2009-10-22 10:00:00 | Word Count: 514 | Page Views: 4807 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.33
11.   Buying a Top Level Domain Name - Some Ideas and Suggestions by John Khu
    Of late, it is getting increasingly harder to choose and buy a top-level domain name. It is also very difficult to find a top-level domain name that relates directly to the theme and subject of your web site. People who are looking forward to buy a top-level domain name work hard to find a suitable name often with tremendous difficulty.
    Distributed: 2009-10-21 13:36:00 | Word Count: 498 | Page Views: 3994 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 1.25
12.   Recipe of Lemon Detox Drink: A Perfect Detox Diet by John Khu
    Lemon Detox Drink is one of the perfect detox drink recipes which help in liver detoxification. It is a liver detox diet which destroys the toxins in your body and thus reduces weight. This recipe is very simple recipe and is crucial if you want your desired final result.
    Distributed: 2009-10-21 13:24:00 | Word Count: 536 | Page Views: 6808 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.00
13.   Domain Name Ideas for Your Business by John Khu
    To achieve success with your web site, you will need to choose the right type of domain name that is relevant to the theme of your web portal. Hence, choosing the correct name is very important. Almost all well-known web sites have names built around very sensitive and important keywords.
    Distributed: 2009-10-20 10:12:00 | Word Count: 535 | Page Views: 3243 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.33
14.   Body Detox Through Acupuncture and Massage by John Khu
    Aside from pills, herbs, exercise and diets, many have tried other methods for body detoxification. These are massage and acupuncture. These have been popularized in the East as effective methods of a full body detoxification. Detoxification is the process of eliminating unwanted and harmful toxic substances from the body, which are stored in the kidneys, liver, intestines, lymph, skin, lungs, and body fats.
    Distributed: 2009-10-20 09:24:00 | Word Count: 524 | Page Views: 3862 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.67
15.   Home Body Detox by John Khu
    Do you have problems about not having ample time for a full body detoxification? Are you facing financial constraints but you also have the need to cleanse your body?
    Distributed: 2009-10-16 11:00:00 | Word Count: 555 | Page Views: 3875 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 1.67
16.   The Difference Between SubDomains And Add-On Domain Names Basics by John Khu
    Let us assume that you have a very good domain name with you. Did you ever know that you could add and compliment another domain in addition to your existing domain name? These domain names are known by the names like sub domains or add-on domains. However, they are almost like slaves to the main domains and they at under the command of the main domain name.
    Distributed: 2009-10-16 09:12:00 | Word Count: 497 | Page Views: 5236 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.36
17.   Care For Some Body Detox Recipes? by John Khu
    Detoxification is the elimination of toxic substances that are found in your kidneys, liver, intestines, lymph, lungs, skin and body fat. If a person does not detoxify, degradation of health will occur, and worse, the accumulation of severe diseases. A person can acquire these dangerous toxins from industrial chemicals encountered in workplaces, beauty products, hair-coloring products and dental fillings.
    Distributed: 2009-10-15 09:48:00 | Word Count: 490 | Page Views: 3760 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 1.67
18.   Body Detox Methods by John Khu
    Having a cleaner and healthier body sure does give a person more opportunities for a longer and better life. Through a full body detox, a person is subjected to the elimination of the harmful toxic substances one can get from various foods, drinks, skin care products, and pollution.
    Distributed: 2009-09-09 15:12:00 | Word Count: 582 | Page Views: 3769 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 0.75
19.   Important Issues to Remember Before Buying an Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    Buying expired domains is a tricky topic! You will need to be very careful while buying an expired domain because many of these domains may have some problems associated with their registration. There have been instances when the previous owner decided to approach the legal authorities to reclaim their expired domains. While you need to be very careful in your dealings, you may also need to consider the following issues before buying domains that are expiring.
    Distributed: 2009-08-31 13:00:00 | Word Count: 612 | Page Views: 3671 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.00
20.   Body Detoxifying Juice, Anyone? by John Khu
    Parents always insist on eating vegetables and fruits in every child's diet for healthier life but children always stubbornly insist otherwise. But then everyone knows that parents are right about this because having a healthy diet means body detoxification.
    Distributed: 2009-08-31 12:00:00 | Word Count: 526 | Page Views: 4046 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.11
21.   Selling Your Expired Domains - Unexplained Secrets and Tips (Part II) by John Khu
    Selling your expired domains on auction sites is quite easy provided you learn and master the fundamental aspects of auction process. Quite a few number of auction sites allow you to sell your expired domains for a low set up and auction fee. Good domains can sell like hot cakes on these sites while the profit made by selling such domains could be very worthwhile as well.
    Distributed: 2009-08-31 10:00:00 | Word Count: 582 | Page Views: 3132 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.27
22.   Selling Your Expired Domains - Unexplained Secrets and Tips (Part I) by John Khu
    When it comes to expired domain names business, you have a number of options of making money and gain in the process. Several methods and techniques allow you to create a constant stream of ongoing income that can take care of all domain maintenance costs. As a domain name trader, you may wish to know and where to sell your domains. Here are some practical tips and techniques to help you sell your stock of expired domain names:
    Distributed: 2009-08-26 12:00:00 | Word Count: 485 | Page Views: 2802 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.27
23.   Want To Try Body Detox? by John Khu
    Ever since more and more people became aware of the harmful effects of improper diet and toxins to the body, body detoxification also became very popular. Although it is a fact that the body can detoxify by itself, it is also a fact that without the initiative of a person's mind to reinforce more action aside from the organs' functions, then the detoxification process will take a long time, or worse, not work at all.
    Distributed: 2009-08-25 13:00:00 | Word Count: 595 | Page Views: 5298 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 3.00
24.   Expired Domain Market - Realities and Perceptions (Part II) by John Khu
    Expired domain market can make you immensely rich when you strike it right. Many newbie traders think that this business is all about buying a domain at very cheap price and later selling it at very high prices. However, the actual reality is something else!
    Distributed: 2009-08-25 10:00:00 | Word Count: 568 | Page Views: 3060 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.55
25.   Identifying Expired Domain Buyers - Tips and Ideas (Part II) by John Khu
    Entrepreneurs and business owners look out for expired domains that can act as their gateways to the world of online business. Once again, people will have different interests, goals, objectives, needs and requirements for their expired domain names. Out of every ten expired domains sold in the market, nearly seven of them belong to this category.
    Distributed: 2009-08-19 10:00:00 | Word Count: 513 | Page Views: 2954 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 0.50
26.   A Selection of Diets for a Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    There are so many diets nowadays that people are getting into. A lot of these diets focus on weight loss, but are you aware that there are diets out there that are tailor-fit for a full body detox? Yes, body detoxification involves living a healthy lifestyle and following a nutritious eating plan. To help you out, here are some of the popular types of diet that can help you in freeing your body from toxins.
    Distributed: 2009-08-18 12:12:00 | Word Count: 546 | Page Views: 3525 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.33
27.   Expired Domain Market - Realities and Perceptions (Part I) by John Khu
    In expired domain market, domains drop dead everyday in the millions. When you become an expired domain trader, you will be recycling some of these domains back into the system by giving it a life. This business is quite unique because of its innumerable advantages as well as demerits. Here are some salient points about this wonderful business:
    Distributed: 2009-08-18 09:00:00 | Word Count: 514 | Page Views: 2937 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.92
28.   Post-buying Management of Expired Domains - Tips and Suggestions by John Khu
    All newbie domain buyers get confused as to what to do with the just purchased domains. Here are some general tips and suggestions for managing your expired domain names.
    Distributed: 2009-08-07 11:12:00 | Word Count: 567 | Page Views: 3099 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.55
29.   The Relationship of Stress and a Body Detox Program by John Khu
    There are times when you feel tired for no reason at all. All the energy from your body seems to have been all used up, making you feel sick and irritable. Yes, this is what you call stress, which can be caused by hazardous toxins that have been taking residence inside your body. When you are at this time, it is high to think about a body detox program.
    Distributed: 2009-08-06 13:12:00 | Word Count: 506 | Page Views: 3594 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 1.36
30.   Identifying Expired Domain Buyers - Tips and Ideas by John Khu
    Buying domain names is the latest trend among people. People buy domain names for personal uses, while businesses buy them to carry out different types of business operations. People may buy and register domain names by creating their own URLs. However, many business entrepreneurs also buy expired domains to set up online business ventures.
    Distributed: 2009-08-06 12:36:00 | Word Count: 503 | Page Views: 3516 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.50
31.   Potential Dangers of Expired Domain Business - Some Precautionary Tips by John Khu
    Investing on expired domain names could be very risky and dangerous if you are not careful enough in managing them. The perceived potential of earning huge income is very high with very good domains. On the same vein, the chances of losing your money in the business could also be very high especially when you commit blinders after blunders.
    Distributed: 2009-08-04 11:00:00 | Word Count: 511 | Page Views: 3380 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 2.31
32.   Expired Domains with Traffic - Buying Tips by John Khu
    Buying an expired domain with inbuilt traffic could be a risky proposition. Spending your hard-earned money on an expired domain without any meaningful incoming traffic could also be a big wastage of money. Once you decide that you want to invest your money in buying an expired domain with traffic, you will need to be very careful in selecting a domain that assuredly contains incoming traffic. You may face a number of risks and challenges while selecting and buying a domain expired with supposedly full of incoming links and traffic.
    Distributed: 2009-07-31 13:00:00 | Word Count: 505 | Page Views: 3864 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 1.71
33.   A Winning Diet As the Best Body Detox Tip for a Healthier You by John Khu
    Natural body detox removes toxic products from the different parts of the body. You might want to consider doing it, especially if you are feeling a lot of symptoms associated with declining health. In any way, if you want to cleanse your body from all the toxins that might be stored inside you, then you are better off by following some tips that are truly helpful in achieving a successful body detox.
    Distributed: 2009-07-31 12:00:00 | Word Count: 522 | Page Views: 4023 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.92
34.   Expired Domain Gains - Simple Ideas to Create an Income Base by John Khu
    You can use a number of simple methods and plans to create a solid income base that earns a monthly ongoing income base. For many expired domain entrepreneurs (both full-time and part time), expired domains offer an opportunity to supplement their current income with money earned out of dealing with expired domains.
    Distributed: 2009-07-31 11:00:00 | Word Count: 549 | Page Views: 6973 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 3.29
35.   Making Money By Using Smart Expired Domain Trading Techniques by John Khu
    Expired domain trading is possibly one of the most profitable businesses around and probably the most satisfactory one with least business risks involved. With this wonderful business opportunity, you can create a viable and stable income generating opportunity.
    Distributed: 2009-07-30 11:12:00 | Word Count: 581 | Page Views: 3128 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.55
36.   5Ws and 1H of Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    What Is Natural Body Detox? This is a natural way of removing toxins in the body that it has become dependent on and cleansing it thoroughly from these. A health measure that aims to clean out the garbage from the organs, such as the colons, kidneys, liver, lungs, and skin, this process protects us from the pollution that are present in our daily life and the toxic materials that we consume.
    Distributed: 2009-07-30 10:24:00 | Word Count: 517 | Page Views: 5348 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 1.74
37.   Best Body Detox Partners by John Khu
    Letting go can be a tedious and painful process. Much like when you start to let go of the toxins in your body. It is inevitable to experience headaches or nausea as the body detox program is on its way to work its wonders. But as they say - no pain, no gain. In order to give the yourself the best body detox ever, you have to bear with some inconveniences.
    Distributed: 2009-07-28 11:12:00 | Word Count: 513 | Page Views: 4618 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 1.57
38.   Several Ways to Earn Money from Your Expired Domains by John Khu
    Making money by selling expired domains is gaining immense popularity because of its potentialities to make lot of profits. Many expired domain traders treat this business very seriously and they use a number of methods and strategies to sell their domains at very lucrative prices. Also known as virtual estate properties, expired domains and domains expiring are some of the hottest business opportunities in the world.
    Distributed: 2009-07-28 10:36:00 | Word Count: 521 | Page Views: 3153 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.56
39.   Body Detox Recipe Mix and Match by John Khu
    Imagine a life that is free from the shameful pains of constipation. Imagine having a smooth, spotless, and glowing skin. Imagine having all the energy to finish a day's job and still be full of life at night. Imagine delicious blueberry oat muffins that melt in your tongue. The latter is just one body detox recipe that is not only nutritious but very beneficial as well.
    Distributed: 2009-07-15 11:00:00 | Word Count: 526 | Page Views: 4020 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.78
40.   Finding More About A Potential Expired Domain Buyer by John Khu
    Finding a potential buyer is very difficult when someone does not learn and master the techniques of domain trading. Here are five important things that you must remember before selling your stock of domain names:
    Distributed: 2009-07-14 11:12:00 | Word Count: 500 | Page Views: 3447 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.60
41.   All The Good Domains Have Disappeared! Find Me A Good Expire Domain Name! by John Khu
    All the good domains have disappeared! Find me a good expired domain name!....
    Distributed: 2009-07-09 10:36:00 | Word Count: 515 | Page Views: 3454 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.75
42.   Body Detox Diet Do's and Don'ts by John Khu
    With so many body detox plans offered everywhere, it can be quite confusing which ones to follow and which ones to avoid. For something as important and as sensitive as a whole body detox, you should be able to arm yourself with the right kind of information.
    Distributed: 2009-07-08 12:24:00 | Word Count: 529 | Page Views: 3615 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.63
43.   Home Body Detox Super Liquids by John Khu
    A body detox diet can be a fresh, full, spicy, and delicious feast altogether. What with all the sumptuous fresh fruit salads and vegetable soups, one can easily forget that he or she is actually on a home body detox. However, it is not just all about the solid foods. If there are superfoods, there are superliquids too! Much of the cleansing is really made possible by the liquids that are taken in the body.
    Distributed: 2009-07-07 12:12:00 | Word Count: 522 | Page Views: 4051 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 2.31
44.   Buying Expired Domains Tips - The Issue of PageRank by John Khu
    Every webmaster tries hard to promote web site on to the top most pages of Google search engine. All of us understand that Google has a system called Google PageRanking that allows it to index web sites on search engine pages. This article covers what you need to know about Google PageRank in relation to the expired domains that you might buy.
    Distributed: 2009-04-23 11:12:00 | Word Count: 522 | Page Views: 3589 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.20
45.   Money Making Tips with Your Expired Domains - Domain Parking by John Khu
    Newbie expired domain traders keep searching for newer and innovative ways of making money out of their expired domain names. Expired domain trading is a vast industry, where almost every domain trader will be competing with others to sell their stock of domain names. What happens when an expired domain trader sits on a big pile of domain names without using them for any commercial purpose? The result could disastrous...
    Distributed: 2009-04-22 11:12:00 | Word Count: 515 | Page Views: 3113 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.13
46.   Concocting the Perfect Body Detox Plan by John Khu
    If you have recently made a committed resolve to stick to a body detox program, then it is best to get very well prepared for it. Otherwise, you might catch yourself doing some last-minute enjoyment and drowning yourself in your favorite food and drinks.
    Distributed: 2009-04-21 10:48:00 | Word Count: 588 | Page Views: 5236 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 3.00
47.   Full Body Detox Delights and Pleasures by John Khu
    Whoever said that body detoxification is self-sacrifice? In the first place, a full body detox gives immeasurable benefits to the body inside and out. Secondly, launching a different kind of lifestyle for a few weeks will dump that boredom out of your life. And finally, you will discover that you can finish off your body detox program with a big bang!
    Distributed: 2009-04-16 10:12:00 | Word Count: 550 | Page Views: 3619 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.13
48.   Will Global Financial Crisis Result in Benefits to Expired Domain Market? by John Khu
    The year 2009 seems to be a year of uncertainties and imponderables. Now that this year is in front of us, most people are under tremendous tension and stress with looming job losses and depreciation of cash assets. With so much doubts lingering about their abilities to make a decent living, people may start looking for alternative sources of income that is just enough to sustain their living. When the money deposits are no safer in a bank, how does an investor plan to keep his or her money?
    Distributed: 2009-04-15 10:00:00 | Word Count: 495 | Page Views: 3975 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.20
49.   Expired Domains - Opportunities to Make Decent Money in the Gloom of Global Recession by John Khu
    Expired domain name industry may watch a positive trend in the year 2009. If you are a newbie to the world of expired domain names, you may face a daunting situation while buying a good domain. Here are some of the things you will need to consider to be successful with expired domains.
    Distributed: 2009-04-14 13:36:00 | Word Count: 519 | Page Views: 3038 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.17
50.   Natural Body Detox Sneak Preview by John Khu
    Movie trailers are fun to watch as the best scenes comes racing before your eyes. Just a quick taste of the film makes you want to fly to the theater and enjoy the whole movie. When it comes to natural body detox, an appetizer could just inspire you to dig into the detoxification business the safe way.
    Distributed: 2009-04-14 11:24:00 | Word Count: 531 | Page Views: 4184 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.36
51.   Winning Body Detox Program Prep by John Khu
    Herbal colon cleanse, juice fasting, homemade detoxification - you seem to have tried it all! But did any of it work?
    Distributed: 2009-04-07 12:00:00 | Word Count: 510 | Page Views: 4610 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.78
52.   Body Detox Systems: Modern Day Superheroes by John Khu
    Superman is every adult and child's legendary superhero. What with his ultra powerful punches and impressive x-ray vision, no inventive villain will last. The body detox system is built much in the same way. It knocks off the evil toxins to stop it from wreaking havoc in the body's natural processes.
    Distributed: 2009-04-02 13:48:00 | Word Count: 532 | Page Views: 3548 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 1.80
53.   Buying Expired Domain Names - Some Simple Suggestions by John Khu
    Hundreds of expired domain traders buy a number of expired domain names, sell them to the highest bidder or flip them into useful web sites to make more money and profit. However, most of them commit a number of mistakes and blunders in the process, which could be due to a number of reasons and factors. Here are some simple suggestions and tips to help you in buying good expired domain names:
    Distributed: 2009-04-02 12:36:00 | Word Count: 508 | Page Views: 2983 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.83
54.   Body Detox Plan: No Nonsense Body Detox Tips by John Khu
    The body is such a wonderful and reliable system. With it, people can go through their lives accomplishing different goals every day. However, the body can also be the most neglected and abused! Fortunately, there are some useful body detox tips that can come to the rescue.
    Distributed: 2009-04-01 12:48:00 | Word Count: 530 | Page Views: 3879 | Votes: 15 | Rating: 2.73
55.   Useful Tips To Expired Domain Fresher by John Khu
    New expired domain name traders also tend to spend a lot of money in buying useless or average domain names, even when they are still learning the tricks of trade. With careless purchases and faulty decisions, they may get discouraged with the business itself and later disassociate from the business itself. Accumulated yearly renewal fees on a number of inferior expired domains will ultimately result in a big loss!
    Distributed: 2009-03-09 13:00:00 | Word Count: 513 | Page Views: 3118 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 1.62
56.   Tips To Choose Best Expired Domains And Make Profit By Selling Them by John Khu
    Researching, detecting and later choosing good expired domains are a sure way to create an ongoing online source of income. Zeroing on good and commercially viable domains expired can accrue you handsome gains in the longer run.
    Distributed: 2009-03-05 11:12:00 | Word Count: 553 | Page Views: 4036 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.00
57.   Expired Domain Strategies for Search Engine Optimization by John Khu
    One of the best ways to use an expired domain to make profit is to convert it into a well-designed web site with good text and graphics. Designing and hosting a web site is easy and straightforward, but optimizing your web site to reach thousands of people from across the world of internet is a very difficult task and time consuming affair.
    Distributed: 2009-03-04 10:48:00 | Word Count: 505 | Page Views: 3155 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.07
58.   Selling Expired Domain Names - Simple Ways to Monetize Your Domain Trading Business by John Khu
    Selling expired domain names forms an important aspect of domain trading, and a domain trader who excels in this activity can accumulate internet riches within a short time.
    Distributed: 2009-03-03 10:37:00 | Word Count: 618 | Page Views: 3617 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 3.21
59.   Body Detox Plan: Find the Right Plan for You by John Khu
    Body detoxification is a very effective way to remove harmful toxins from your body. Toxins enter our body through innumerable sources and start to accumulate in our system, which in most cases leads to several medical complications. Therefore, a proper body detox plan will not only help you eliminate toxins from your system but also keep you in good shape.
    Distributed: 2009-03-02 13:24:00 | Word Count: 536 | Page Views: 2857 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.33
60.   SEO and Expired Domains - Partners in Progress by John Khu
    Expired domain name trading is not that easy as you think it to be! This is true especially when you have a domain that is not commercially feasible and viable. In general, the most common perception among people is that one buys an expired domain just to capitalize on the previous sites page rank as well as traffic. Times are changing and they will change in the future as well! Read this article to learn more.
    Distributed: 2009-02-27 13:00:00 | Word Count: 573 | Page Views: 3017 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 2.15
61.   Total Body Detox For A Total Body Makeover by John Khu
    As the old adage goes, 'health is wealth'. Although it may be an age old saying but it holds good even today. Health is definitely not something that you can neglect. You may possess all forms of wealth but to enjoy it in the best way possible you need good health and should lead a disease free life.
    Distributed: 2009-02-27 11:00:00 | Word Count: 625 | Page Views: 3000 | Votes: 16 | Rating: 1.44
62.   Secrets of Domain Parking - An Innovative and Easier Way to Make Money by John Khu
    Using a good domain parking services to monetize expired domain names seems to be a neglected aspect with a number of domain names traders. Domain parking is also an unfamiliar concept to many inexperienced domain name traders. Read this article to better understand domain parking and how it can be of benefit to you.
    Distributed: 2009-02-27 10:00:00 | Word Count: 484 | Page Views: 5258 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 3.22
63.   How to Fine Tune Your Domain Trading Business to Earn More Money by John Khu
    Failure to turn your collection of expired domains into commercial entities will lead to a certain financial disaster. This article will advise you as to how you can better manage your domain trading business.
    Distributed: 2009-02-26 15:00:00 | Word Count: 532 | Page Views: 3695 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 2.15
64.   Clear the Clogs With a Whole Body Detox by John Khu
    It is not always necessary that there should be an underlining reason for why we feel bogged down, fatigued, or fall sick. The reason can be simple and so can be the remedy, like whole body detox.
    Distributed: 2009-02-26 14:48:00 | Word Count: 546 | Page Views: 2919 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.33
65.   Financial Management Of Your Expired Domains by John Khu
    There are two important aspects that you should consider, while conducting expired domains trading business. Whatever buying and selling strategies you choose to conduct your domains expired trading business, the first real step that you must ensure is to manage the financial matters in a careful and well planned manner.
    Distributed: 2009-02-25 11:12:00 | Word Count: 531 | Page Views: 2904 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.33
66.   Body Detox Wrap: Skin Is In by John Khu
    In today's health conscious world, it has become a necessity more than a luxury to keep your body in perfect shape and condition, body detoxification has shown several benefits that help you do the same.
    Distributed: 2009-02-24 12:00:00 | Word Count: 513 | Page Views: 4422 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.10
67.   Domain Backordering - Additional Tips and Suggestions by John Khu
    If you are thinking of placing a backorder for a domain, then you may need to follow several established guidelines and principles suggested by expert and seasoned expired domain traders.
    Distributed: 2009-02-24 11:48:00 | Word Count: 496 | Page Views: 3366 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 1.90
68.   Expired Domain Gains - A Fresh Look on the Scope and Promises by John Khu
    Expired domains offer you a great opportunity and a wonderful chance to earn handsome online income. It has been a decade and a half, since the first of the most enterprising expired domain entrepreneurs made a foray into the emerging expired domain market.
    Distributed: 2009-01-29 12:12:00 | Word Count: 486 | Page Views: 3103 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 2.20
69.   Eat Right To Stay Light With A Body Detox Diet by John Khu
    You have no doubt heard about the new fad diet called the body detox diet; these diets are all in vogue in modern times. Even celebrities and other famous personalities are making use of these body detox diets to cleanse themselves. Although many are under the impression that these diets just help in weight loss, these special diets may help you lose some extra pounds but they do not focus on shedding weight instead they focus on eliminating the harmful toxins that have accumulated in your cells or vital organs, which is hampering the proper functioning of your body.
    Distributed: 2009-01-28 12:00:00 | Word Count: 594 | Page Views: 3170 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 2.00
70.   How to Backorder for a Domain Name - Part II by John Khu
    As an expired domain trader looking for a good domain name, you may face a number of difficulties and challenges like fierce competition, lightening quick registration by your competitors and exorbitantly higher buying prices. To avoid all these hassles and to buy very good domain names, you can use a number of domain backordering models offered by well known backordering services.
    Distributed: 2009-01-27 12:36:00 | Word Count: 518 | Page Views: 3195 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.58
71.   Give Your Tired Body a Breather with a Body Detox Program by John Khu
    In the natural process of living, our bodies go through a lot of wear and tear and one thing that negatively affects the way we function is the build-up of toxins in the body cells and vital organs. Many toxins finds their way into our bodies which can ultimately lead to several major and minor health problems, therefore it is always wise to undergo a body detox program once in a while to cleanse your body from the inside.
    Distributed: 2009-01-22 12:24:00 | Word Count: 546 | Page Views: 3099 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 1.86
72.   Buying Expired Domain Names- Golden Tips and Suggestions by John Khu
    Buying expired domains could be a tricky affair and a strenuous task given stiff competition involved in the process. Here are some golden tips and suggestions to buy an expired domain.
    Distributed: 2009-01-20 14:00:00 | Word Count: 482 | Page Views: 3190 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.00
73.   Body Detox Recipe: Food for Thought by John Khu
    We take utmost care to keep our outer body in perfect condition and shape, but there is one thing that most of us often tend to neglect, that is our inner body. The way you take a bath regularly to keep yourself clean and hygienic, in the same way it is very important to clean your internal organs, in order to keep your body fit and healthy. The three recipes included will help you achieve this important goal.
    Distributed: 2009-01-20 12:12:00 | Word Count: 630 | Page Views: 2882 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.17
74.   Expired Domain Gains - Some Simple Tips to Monetize Your Domains by John Khu
    For all domain traders, the most important goal is to monetize their expired domains to create sizeable online income. In fact, the big buck lies in how you flip and empower your expired domains.
    Distributed: 2009-01-19 15:36:00 | Word Count: 535 | Page Views: 3212 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.75
75.   How to Backorder for a Domain Name - Part I by John Khu
    Let us know what exactly domain backordering is! It is a useful service that tries to register and grab an expired domain for and on behalf of a subscriber before others grab and registers it.
    Distributed: 2009-01-15 11:12:00 | Word Count: 758 | Page Views: 3356 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 1.62
76.   Flipping Your Way To Online Entrepreneurial Success by John Khu
    One of the better known expired domain business models is domain flipping. Domain flipping is a procedure of converting the monetary value of an expired domain by transforming the face of the domain. Transforming the face of the domain means adding a premium value to your domains expired. In essence, commercial meaning of domain flipping is buying domains at very low prices and later selling them at higher rates to make a neat profit.
    Distributed: 2009-01-14 11:00:00 | Word Count: 518 | Page Views: 2961 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.08
77.   Body Cleansing Nature's Way With Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    A natural body detox can be extremely beneficial for your body and believe me when I say; your body shall thank you for it.
    Distributed: 2009-01-13 12:12:00 | Word Count: 540 | Page Views: 3174 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.00
78.   Buying Cheaper Expired Domains - Some Tips and Techniques by John Khu
    Laying hands on revenue generating expired domains could be a hard task and a tough exercise. Most of us tend to buy expired domains that boast of sufficient traffic and inbound links. However, not all domains are equal in their ability to earn you good income; some of them may even be very bad and ordinary.
    Distributed: 2009-01-13 11:00:00 | Word Count: 495 | Page Views: 2833 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.14
79.   Rejuvenate Your Entire System With A Full Body Detox by John Khu
    In the modern world where even the air is contaminated with pollutants, all of us should realize the importance of detoxification, mainly a full body detox. Most of us are under the impression that we are living healthy lifestyles but we still seem to suffer from tiredness and lethargy.
    Distributed: 2009-01-05 11:12:00 | Word Count: 530 | Page Views: 2898 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.73
80.   Get Rid Of Harmful Toxins In Your Body With Home Body Detox by John Khu
    As you must be well aware, a detox is the process of eliminating all harmful toxins that have collected in the body cells or organs from within the body. Build-up of toxins in the body can be gradual but it can lead to many serious health issues. Therefore, it is crucial that you make a conscious effort to keep your body free from toxins to keep you healthy from within.
    Distributed: 2008-12-31 11:00:00 | Word Count: 575 | Page Views: 3496 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.80
81.   Buying And Selling Expired Domain Traffic - Tips And Methods To Make Money by John Khu
    Expired traffic plays an important role in expired domain business. Expired domain traffic is a critical element that can create immense value to your domains. All famous expired domains invariably had tons of incoming traffic attached to it. People who are looking for an expired domain are very eager to buy it if it has traffic and links attached to it. Buying and selling expired domain traffic is a profitable idea that can result in an ongoing online income to your business.
    Distributed: 2008-12-30 11:00:00 | Word Count: 522 | Page Views: 3411 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.58
82.   Is Your Expired Domain Really Worthy Part II by John Khu
    In the previous article, there was an effort to let you know if your expired domains are really worthy of making any decent money. Here are some more tips and ideas that will help you ascertain to know if your domains expired are really worthy or not.
    Distributed: 2008-12-29 11:00:00 | Word Count: 499 | Page Views: 2879 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.11
83.   Body Detox Tips: The Dos and Don'ts by John Khu
    Most people know about detoxing, but do they know that there are things that we should and shouldn't do? If not, we will share some body detox tips today so that they will know whenever they decide to go on with a detox diet.
    Distributed: 2008-12-23 12:24:00 | Word Count: 496 | Page Views: 3355 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 3.17
84.   Tips To Grab Expired Domains Through Back Ordering Process- Part II by John Khu
    The previous article attempted to provide you the most basic information on domain name dropping and its subsequent registration. Back ordering is an important process of acquiring a domain, and hundreds of expired domain traders are using this technique to purchase domain names of choice.
    Distributed: 2008-12-22 11:00:00 | Word Count: 492 | Page Views: 3505 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.00
85.   How To Get A Total Body Detox Easily by John Khu
    Surely you have heard of detoxing, right? It seems to be the new trend today and everyone is doing it. There are some called the celebrity detox also known as the lemon detox. There are other methods as well. Some total body detox systems guarantee results in 3 days. Then there is some that promise results in 28 days.
    Distributed: 2008-12-18 11:48:00 | Word Count: 500 | Page Views: 2866 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 1.70
86.   Is Your Expired Domain Really Worthy by John Khu
    Are my expired domains really worthy enough? Can I sell them at very good prices? These are some of the most commonly asked questions by an aspiring and budding expired domain trader. An inexperienced expired web domains trader will always be quite anxious to know if he or she has struck gold while buying domains expired.
    Distributed: 2008-12-15 11:00:00 | Word Count: 512 | Page Views: 2802 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.75
87.   In Need of a Good Detox-Body Wrap Detox by John Khu
    A wrap, huh? Oh, yes a wrap! This is one method of detoxing your body. A body detox wrap is none other then... wrapping your body to rid chemicals and toxins. Okay, with that said and without further delay, let's have a closer look.
    Distributed: 2008-12-03 11:00:00 | Word Count: 493 | Page Views: 4225 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 1.60
88.   Selling and Marketing Expired Domains for Immediate Gains - The Ultimate Power of Domains With Branding and Traffic Ability by John Khu
    Expired domains could be very powerful tools that can help you earn thousands of dollars on online profits. These are the potent weapons that can help you set up a highly profitable venture capable of yielding hefty ongoing, residual profits with least expenditure.
    Distributed: 2008-12-01 11:00:00 | Word Count: 502 | Page Views: 2907 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.18
89.   Thoughtful Ways To Market Your Expired Domains by John Khu
    Now that you have a pack of expired domain names that you believe are your potential money spinners, your immediate next task is to act on those domains quickly to start gaining some amount of income. There are many ways of earning money from your expired domains depending mainly on how you are planning to expend and in what way you can promote those domain names. Here are some time tested methods that will help you create a solid pool of gains from domains expired.
    Distributed: 2008-11-28 11:00:00 | Word Count: 663 | Page Views: 2892 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.17
90.   The Downside of A Home Body Detox And What You Can Do To Aide In It by John Khu
    As with most things in life even when it comes to our health, there are downfalls or things that can make us uncomfortable, even when it comes to a home body detox program. Detoxifying your body is definitely essential; however, there are certainly things that you must be aware of as well, while you are on this detox.
    Distributed: 2008-11-26 11:00:00 | Word Count: 574 | Page Views: 3929 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.30
91.   What Body Detox Recipe Is Right For You by John Khu
    You have decided to go ahead and go on a detox. "What in the world am I going to eat"?, you ask yourself. There are many possibilities and a variety of body detox recipes for you to choose from. Because there are certain foods that you can eat and it is a very strict diet, you may enjoy some of these recipes verses eating raw fruits and vegetables, exclusively.
    Distributed: 2008-11-24 11:00:00 | Word Count: 498 | Page Views: 3272 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.18
92.   Top Secrets To Earn Money From Your Expired Domains by John Khu
    Do you like to be the part of the rich brigade that rakes in millions in online profits month after month or year after year? Would you like to be that smart entrepreneur who sells his or her expired domains for hundreds or thousands of dollars? With advanced techniques and methods designed for selling expired domains, anyone can find high quality domains and resell them for premium rates to interested buyers.
    Distributed: 2008-11-21 11:00:00 | Word Count: 539 | Page Views: 3146 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.55
93.   Six Important Parameters Of A Good Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    At time, expired domain trading business is a business concept that is riddled with uncertainties and confusions. While some of them may fetch millions of dollars to their owners, others may yield next to nothing.
    Distributed: 2008-11-19 11:00:00 | Word Count: 545 | Page Views: 2985 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.92
94.   Reasons Why A Full Body Detox is Right For You by John Khu
    There is not always an underlining reason why people get sick, feel fatigued and bogged down. However, the answer can be quite simple. Not to mention, a remedy can be as simple as a full body detox. Okay, so why would I need a 'full' body detox? What exactly is it and what do I have to do? How will it benefit me?
    Distributed: 2008-11-17 11:00:00 | Word Count: 573 | Page Views: 3120 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.36
95.   Using Your Expired Domains to Increase Affiliate Profits by John Khu
    Now that you have an excellent expired domain in your kitty, what do you wish to do with that domain? Do you want to sell that domain at a mouth-watering price or do you wish to retain it with you to flip and make money through an affiliate link, click-through program?
    Distributed: 2008-11-14 11:00:00 | Word Count: 471 | Page Views: 3161 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.91
96.   What Can I Do To Make My Whole Body Detox More Effective by John Khu
    First of all let's look at why we detox. Why we should go on a whole body detox and the risks that we take not going on a detox program.
    Distributed: 2008-11-13 11:13:00 | Word Count: 503 | Page Views: 3311 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 0.64
97.   Ready For a Healthier New You by John Khu
    Let us first look at the reason why we detox our body. Over a period of time, our body has stored everything from toxins to unwanted digested fecal matter in the colon. Yes, it stays right there in the colon, making having a bowel movement difficult. This can be very bad for your body, and there are body detox tips to help you better understand how it works in your favor.
    Distributed: 2008-10-31 11:00:00 | Word Count: 528 | Page Views: 2996 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.80
98.   The What And Why of Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    Feeling weak here lately? You can blame it on your insomnia all you want, but there may be more to it then the lack of sleep. Are you ready to know why you are feeling bogged down day in and day out? Have you considered a natural body detox, or are you wondering where this is going?
    Distributed: 2008-10-29 11:12:00 | Word Count: 584 | Page Views: 3177 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 1.71
99.   Making Your Expired Domain An Enduring Income Creator - Creating The Magic Of Expired Domain Gains by John Khu
    Your expired domains could be the treasure house of unlimited and continuous internet wealth that eventually may create amazing expired domain gains. An expired domain is also a future and potential weapon capable of setting up an online money making machine.
    Distributed: 2008-10-28 11:24:00 | Word Count: 596 | Page Views: 3025 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.83
100.   Cashing For Every Click-An Adventurous Method to Create Expired Domain Riches by John Khu
    Cashing for click program, could be your answer to achieve a number of important objectives like realizing a constant stream of traffic and to earn some form of income to cover some part of the expenses incurred in the process. In the recent times, there is a visible spurt in the registration of expired domain names and this trend will continue to grow for the next few years or so.
    Distributed: 2008-10-27 11:00:00 | Word Count: 546 | Page Views: 2881 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 1.71
101.   Several Ways to Optimize and Tweak Your Expired Domains by John Khu
    Trading and dealing with expired domains offers several opportunities to make decent income online. It is no wonder people call this business as online realty because of its exciting business concept.
    Distributed: 2008-10-24 11:00:00 | Word Count: 581 | Page Views: 3250 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.00
102.   Enhance Your Detox Experience: Use The Best Body Detox Supplements and Other Helpful Tips by John Khu
    Along with all of the fruits, vegetables and lemon concoctions, there are other things that you can do to max out your detox experience. This will give you the best body detox, because you are adding necessary nutrients and vitamins in your body.
    Distributed: 2008-10-23 11:00:00 | Word Count: 519 | Page Views: 3234 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.91
103.   Tips to Grab Expired Domains Through Back Ordering Process- Part I by John Khu
    In general, domain expiry and deletion cycle is a different process with different registrars and domain name registers. It is a well known fact that a number of registrars enter into partnership with different domain auctioning services. Before a domain name expires, the registrars will keep it in an expired status for 35 days.
    Distributed: 2008-10-09 11:00:00 | Word Count: 501 | Page Views: 2930 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.45
104.   Money Making Secrets from Expired Domain Names by John Khu
    Once you have registered an expired domain of your choice, you will be ready now to devise and plan ways for making money with the expired domain. You can use a number of monetizing methods to make money from your expired domain names.
    Distributed: 2008-10-08 11:00:00 | Word Count: 491 | Page Views: 3000 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.29
105.   The Wonderful World of Domain Flipping-Flipping Expired Domains to Your Advantage by John Khu
    Domain flipping is an exciting and a promising technique of making your expired domain a successful money earner, as well as a stable income generator.
    Distributed: 2008-10-06 11:00:00 | Word Count: 585 | Page Views: 3692 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.36
106.   A Body Detox Plan - Creating One That Works For You by John Khu
    Creating a body detox plan is not as difficult as it seems in fact it can be fairly easy to create one that works for you. The first thing you need to do when creating a body detox plan is a bit of research. There are a number of things that are going to be a part of a body detox plan and you are going to want to make sure that you have everything you need.
    Distributed: 2008-10-03 11:12:00 | Word Count: 528 | Page Views: 3541 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 0.50
107.   Understanding the Ultimate Power of Pay Per Click Campaign to Create Expired-Domain Fortunes by John Khu
    The ultimate power of a Pay per Click program to enhance the power and potential of an expired domain is undisputed and unquestioned. A PPC campaign is a well conceived program that helps you earn small income, apart from guiding a constant stream of expired domain traffic to your expired domain.
    Distributed: 2008-10-02 11:00:00 | Word Count: 579 | Page Views: 2824 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 3.00
108.   Why Domain Name Appraisal Is So Important? by John Khu
    People who are looking to buy an expired domain always demand to know the past history of the domain, how it performed on the web and its traffic. In fact, they want know everything about the domain before committing to make the purchasing decision.
    Distributed: 2008-10-01 11:00:00 | Word Count: 490 | Page Views: 4426 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.50
109.   The Whole Body Detox - Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit by John Khu
    When doing a whole body detox many people forget that the spirit is also an important part of the body and the detoxification process. Negative thought processes build stress; stress in turn creates a negative impact on the body's ability to function ultimately leading to an increase in toxins within the body.
    Distributed: 2008-09-30 12:12:00 | Word Count: 519 | Page Views: 3705 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 1.29
110.   How To Add Immense Value To Your Expired Domain By Buying Expired Domain Traffic by John Khu
    Sensible expired domain traders always realize the immense value of expired domain traffic and they also understand how expired domain traffic can supplement the overall value of the domain in providing a premium value that eventually helps them in getting the best possible monetary gains.
    Distributed: 2008-09-29 11:00:00 | Word Count: 663 | Page Views: 3112 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.00
111.   The Total Body Detox - From Head to Toe and Inside Out by John Khu
    The detoxification of the body is not just changing your diet; it is about changing your lifestyle. This is why a full body detox is important. A full body detox removes toxins and rejuvenates the body in a variety of different ways. You will want to make use of all the parts of the body that are designed to help expel the toxins that are brought into it.
    Distributed: 2008-09-26 11:00:00 | Word Count: 504 | Page Views: 3453 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.33
112.   Assessing The Real Value Of An Expired Domain by John Khu
    Newbie expired domain traders often find it very difficult to asses the real value of their domains. In fact, judging the real quality of an expired domain that you are thinking of buying could be a hard game.
    Distributed: 2008-09-24 11:00:00 | Word Count: 494 | Page Views: 3158 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.63
113.   Selling Expired Domains Enriched With Traffic by John Khu
    Expired domain traffic is the current flavor and a favorite buzzword for almost every other domain trader. An expired domain with a considerable amount of expired traffic is an added bonus to your domain-trading endeavor.
    Distributed: 2008-09-22 11:00:00 | Word Count: 610 | Page Views: 3161 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.40
114.   Body Detox Recipe Options by John Khu
    You do not have to have a special body detox recipe book in order to enjoy the benefits of a body detox in fact you can use your favorite recipes to make your own body detox recipe book.
    Distributed: 2008-09-19 11:00:00 | Word Count: 541 | Page Views: 3647 | Votes: 15 | Rating: 2.60
115.   Finding Good Expired Domain Names By Using Google Search Engine by John Khu
    Many newbie expired domain traders find it very hard to find an expired domain name of their choice. Due to their inexperience as well as lack of knowledge or skills in expired domain trading, they always end up in buying expired domains with relatively no commercial value. If you are interested in finding a good expired domain name, then you may wish to learn some basic secrets and tips related to the expired domain name trading business.
    Distributed: 2008-09-17 11:00:00 | Word Count: 548 | Page Views: 3933 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.70
116.   Whatever You Wanted to Know About Expired Domain Auctioning Strategies by John Khu
    Domain trading professionals, who are in possession of a series of domains names, make it a habit to dispose them off by using a number of techniques and strategies. Expired domain auctioning is probably the most lucrative, attractive, profitable and simple method of selling domain names.
    Distributed: 2008-09-15 11:00:00 | Word Count: 675 | Page Views: 2856 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.44
117.   PPC Campaigns-Useful Tools for Promoting Expired Domains by John Khu
    Domain name registrations, both new and expired domains, are rising slowly in the past few years and total registrations are likely to reach a peak during the end of last quarter of 2009. PPC is also a big industry. For those who merge the two, there is huge opportunity on the horizon.
    Distributed: 2008-09-11 11:00:00 | Word Count: 494 | Page Views: 3571 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.56
118.   Grabbing Expired Domains in Style-Some Tips and Suggestions by John Khu
    Grabbing good expired domains from a pool of open domains involves fierce competition and intense fighting among like-minded domain traders. The place where you buy your domains is akin to a market place where people jostle and push their way around to grab expired domains in the last minute.
    Distributed: 2008-09-10 11:12:00 | Word Count: 654 | Page Views: 3158 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.90
119.   What To Consider With A Body Detox Diet by John Khu
    There are a number of things to consider if you are looking into a body detox diet. Detoxing the body is not something you should do every once in a while. It is actually something that should be done on a regular and even daily basis and one of the best ways to do that is through a body detox diet.
    Distributed: 2008-09-10 11:00:00 | Word Count: 541 | Page Views: 2880 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.40
120.   Body Detox Wrap - Detox from Your Inside Out by John Khu
    Many people when looking into detoxification practices forget that the skin is one of the biggest filters that the body has. It absorbs and releases huge amounts of toxins and is capable of being one of your biggest allies when it comes to the detoxification process. If you have been looking into ways of feeling younger, looking younger and losing weight you may have come across the body detox wrap.
    Distributed: 2008-09-09 12:48:00 | Word Count: 528 | Page Views: 3544 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.83
121.   Buying Expired Domain to Create Online Wealth by John Khu
    Buying expired domains or domain expiring forms an excellent alternative and a very good option for anyone wishing to create a solid platform to earn some decent income.
    Distributed: 2008-09-08 12:36:00 | Word Count: 695 | Page Views: 3440 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.50
122.   Buying Profitable Expired Domain Names-Part II by John Khu
    Buying an expired domain is an intricate and cumbersome process, when you do not know the fundamentals and techniques of expired domain name industry.
    Distributed: 2008-09-04 11:12:00 | Word Count: 518 | Page Views: 3232 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 2.24
123.   The Full Body Detox - Cleanse Your System And Refresh Your Spirit from the Inside Out by John Khu
    You may not be aware but people come in contact with hundreds even thousands of toxins just in every day life. You eat them, touch them, and even breathe them in. They are everywhere and many of them end up stored in our bodies. They are actually unable to be processed through the body because there is not enough of the nutrients and often times even enough water in the body in order to be processed and removed.
    Distributed: 2008-09-04 11:00:00 | Word Count: 517 | Page Views: 3097 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.30
124.   What You Should Know About a Good Body Detox Program by John Khu
    A good body detox program is going to be one that provides you with the detoxification you want and all the benefits that go with removing toxins from the body without the harsh side effects that often come with. The best type of body detox program is one that is gentle on your body and that allows you detox your body without having to living in your bathroom or feel horribly ill.
    Distributed: 2008-09-03 11:00:00 | Word Count: 526 | Page Views: 3165 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.40
125.   General Tips and Suggestions to Help You in Expired Domain Search by John Khu
    Buying an expired domain could be a risky proposition and a tough exercise, if you do not the art and skill of how to excel in expired domain search. Expired domain search is also a tedious exercise that involves sifting and searching through a big database of domain provided by your registrar. Almost all registrars maintain and make available a huge inventory of expired domains through their web site. To buy your favorite expired domain name, you will need to be very smart and agile in grabbing the name at the last minute.
    Distributed: 2008-09-02 14:12:00 | Word Count: 563 | Page Views: 3104 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.14
126.   Buying Profitable Expired Domain Names-Part I by John Khu
    If you are a newbie to the world of expired domain names, buying a good domain name is not as simple as it looks or feels. If you succeed in buying a good expired domain name, your buyers will find it an attractive option to purchase it even at a very good price. On the other hand, if you make a bad purchase, you may never be able to sell it to anyone even at very low prices.
    Distributed: 2008-09-02 11:36:00 | Word Count: 517 | Page Views: 2765 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.33
127.   Simple Tips to Buy Expired Domain Names by John Khu
    Our expired domain name is the central aspect of your expired domain trading business. A set of great expired domain names will not only provide you an opportunity to earn huge income from the business, it will also help you earn a great name in the domain trading business.
    Distributed: 2008-08-14 11:12:00 | Word Count: 508 | Page Views: 3176 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.44
128.   Tips for Doing a Safe Home Body Detox by John Khu
    If you are like most people, you have probably read in more than a few places that detoxification of the body can do wonders for a variety of medical conditions and if you have checked into you have probably found that there are a variety of elements that make doing a home body detox less than appealing.
    Distributed: 2008-08-04 11:00:00 | Word Count: 542 | Page Views: 3267 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.75
129.   Turning Your Expired Domain into a Profit Making Machine-Domain Parking Ideas by John Khu
    It is so common to see a registrar's parking page cropping up in your browser window, when you type in a domain name to check what is on the site. In fact, it could be a sheer wastage of what is possibly a good expired domain name! Like you, thousands of others would have typed the same expired domain name on the browser window just to see what is inside!
    Distributed: 2008-08-01 11:00:00 | Word Count: 544 | Page Views: 3595 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 2.40
130.   Natural Detox Methods, Detoxify Your Body the Natural by John Khu
    These days just about everyone is looking into feel better, get rid of stress and unexplained muscle aches and ways to pains. Natural detox programs are the best way to go when to following this type of regime to help get your body back into feeling great. In fact you may not even know just how tired and run down you really are from the toxins that you come in contact every day from the food you eat to even the very air.
    Distributed: 2008-07-31 11:00:00 | Word Count: 521 | Page Views: 5018 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.89
131.   How to Earn Your Income from Directories by John Khu
    Internet directories have been the most favorite and preferred source of income for hundreds of internet entrepreneurs. These are the simplest source of creating traffic and incoming for your expired domain names. If you have a set of good expired domain names that need quality links and traffic, you can consider using one of the internet directories for the purpose.
    Distributed: 2008-07-30 11:00:00 | Word Count: 542 | Page Views: 3093 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.17
132.   Simple Steps to Detox Your Body by John Khu
    When you think of doing a whole body detox, there is a good chance that you are thinking about things like fasts and large changes in your habits that will be hard to effect. The truth is, a good body detox system doesn't have to be difficult or inconvenient at all. Real detoxification can take time, and as long as you are moving towards your goal, you have nothing to worry about.
    Distributed: 2008-07-29 11:24:00 | Word Count: 548 | Page Views: 7032 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.92
133.   Expired Domains Basic Explained-Importance of Choosing Easily by John Khu
    Marketing is all about capturing other people's attention and cajole them to take a specific action which could be purchasing a particular product or service. However, getting the attention of people is a complex and strenuous process. Similarly, getting the attention of other people to remember your expired domain's name is a very difficult.
    Distributed: 2008-07-15 12:00:00 | Word Count: 500 | Page Views: 3006 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.57
134.   Exercise to Detoxify Your Body by John Khu
    When most people think about a body detox system they often think that the only way to work with this is through diet and nutrition. The truth of the matter is that detoxification can be greatly implemented by the use of movement and exercise; in fact, some people say that detoxification is something that cannot happen without it!
    Distributed: 2008-07-07 11:12:00 | Word Count: 552 | Page Views: 3033 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 0.50
135.   Reach for the Goldmine-Picking Up Those Money-making Expired Domain Names by John Khu
    Spending your hard earned money to register an expired domain name will help you enhance the visibility of your web site and direct useful traffic and inbound links to add more value to the expired domain. However, with over 50 millions of expired domains up for immediate sale, it could be a tremendous task to find a good domain that can form a viable business asset to you.
    Distributed: 2008-07-03 11:00:00 | Word Count: 623 | Page Views: 2942 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.60
136.   Dot Biz or Dot Com-Which is Better for You? by John Khu
    There are more than 30 million registered web domains in the big world of internet. A bulk of these names comes from .com, .net and .org registrations. With so many registered domain names over the internet, it is becoming increasingly hard to get a decent expired domain name. A good expired domain name is a big necessity for your expired domain name business. The domain expiring name that you choose must be credible and commercial enough for your future success.
    Distributed: 2008-07-01 11:12:00 | Word Count: 524 | Page Views: 3292 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.10
137.   Your Kids and A Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    When you are thinking about doing something that is as healthy for your body as a body detox program, you'll find that you will start thinking about whether or not your children can benefit. When you are receiving all of the benefits from your new body detox system, you'll tart wondering if you can apply the same principles to your children, and the answer to this is that you really can't.
    Distributed: 2008-06-30 11:00:00 | Word Count: 503 | Page Views: 3207 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.67
138.   Learning More About Expired Traffic And Its Importance by John Khu
    Every year millions of web portals become expired and redundant because of a number of reasons and causes. As a result of this, these web portals loose millions of hits and web site visits in the process. Most of these expired domains were once thriving businesses and money making ventures with a considerable amount of expired traffic attached to it.
    Distributed: 2008-06-26 11:00:00 | Word Count: 555 | Page Views: 2964 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 2.00
139.   The Link Between Stress And Your Body Detox System by John Khu
    When your life feels that it is just one thing after another and you feel as though you've been like this forever and that nothing is ever going to change, you know that it is time to stop and really take stock of where you are at and what you need to be doing! There is a good chance that if you've been trucking along at full tilt for a long time, that it is time for a whole body detox and though it might surprise you, of the first things that you need to work on is your stress!
    Distributed: 2008-06-24 11:00:00 | Word Count: 573 | Page Views: 2907 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.18
140.   Does Your Expired Domain Name Signify and Possess Branding Ability? by John Khu
    Buying expired domains is becoming a big craze among domain traders. Buying expired domains or domains expiring is a continuous activity that needs your dedication and persistence.
    Distributed: 2008-06-19 11:12:00 | Word Count: 498 | Page Views: 2927 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.44
141.   Lightening Your Toxin Load by John Khu
    When you are feeling tired all the time and sleep doesn't fix it, or when you simply can't figure out why you feel so dull and heavy, there is a good chance that it is time for a total body detox and for you to take some steps to change the way that you have been living.
    Distributed: 2008-06-17 11:12:00 | Word Count: 552 | Page Views: 2963 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 1.50
142.   Where is My Expired Domain? Searching For Good Expired Domains by John Khu
    Domain name traders are one busy set of people, who are always on the edge of their seats to grab up very good expiring domain names. Finding very good expired domains on time and within your limited budget is a great task and an intelligent act.
    Distributed: 2008-06-05 11:12:00 | Word Count: 490 | Page Views: 2988 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 2.20
143.   Skin Care For Better Home Body Detox by John Khu
    There are many ways that we can tell that we might be in sore need of a detoxification. When you feel tired, mentally foggy all the time, snappish and irritable, and simply uninterested in anything that you might have to do, you'll find that there might be more at work than simply feeling a little bit listless.
    Distributed: 2008-06-04 11:24:00 | Word Count: 588 | Page Views: 4752 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.88
144.   Using Domains Expired To Make Online Profits by John Khu
    Good and novelty domain names could be a great asset for you, when you consider their immense commercial value and perceived online utility. When the internet appeared first time, almost year's back, no one knew the potential value of domain names. With each passing day and as the concept of internet grew up down the years, people started identifying the potential money making values of good domains.
    Distributed: 2008-06-02 11:00:00 | Word Count: 612 | Page Views: 3326 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.88
145.   Spices For The Best Body Detox by John Khu
    Through the basic function of living, our bodies go through a lot of wear and tear, and one of the things that will really affect the way that we function and the way that we move forward is the presence of toxins. There are plenty of toxins that get into our bodies through the foods we eat and the air we breathe, so make sure that you undergo a body detox diet to rid yourself of these problems.
    Distributed: 2008-05-28 11:00:00 | Word Count: 527 | Page Views: 4489 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 2.33
146.   Aged Expired Domains-Are They Really Good Enough? by John Khu
    Determining the real commercial value of an aged domain is quite difficult and tedious. Domain traders make it a point to grab aged domains from auction houses just to taste their hidden powers and commercial advantages. However, experienced and seasoned domain traders always doubt about the commercial viability of such domains. According to domain name experts, considering the actual age of a given expired domain is a very small factor.
    Distributed: 2008-05-21 11:00:00 | Word Count: 519 | Page Views: 2918 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.00
147.   Eating Whole Foods For A Full Body Detox by John Khu
    Think carefully back to the last time that you felt really awake and refreshed. How long ago was it? Many people think about that question and blink when they realize how long its really been since they really felt whole and healthy, and one of the leading reasons as to why that might is due to the toxins that are building up in their bodies.
    Distributed: 2008-05-19 11:00:00 | Word Count: 583 | Page Views: 3025 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.50
148.   Expired Domain Traffic-Is It A Bane Or Boon? by John Khu
    There are two or three different classes of expired domain traders and they always look for different things when buying their preferred expired domain names. What one works for a domain trader may not really work for others! One class of traders may choose and buy names for future web site development, while the second class of traders make it a point to buy an expired domain name with a specific future customer in mind.
    Distributed: 2008-05-09 11:12:00 | Word Count: 508 | Page Views: 3373 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.83
149.   Things You Should Know About A Body Detox Plan by John Khu
    A body detox plan is not only a good method of losing weight, but an excellent way to rid your body of toxins as well. These toxins are substances that are harmful to the body and which have accumulated over a long period of time. If losing weight has ever been a problem for you, you might want to consider implementing a body detox plan.
    Distributed: 2008-05-08 23:48:00 | Word Count: 499 | Page Views: 3871 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.40
150.   ORG Expired Domains- Understanding Their Merits by John Khu
    Everyone prefers to own a .com type of domain extension and .com continues to lead the domain pack for its perceived benefits and advantages. Though, .com continues to dominate the domain names, .org types of domain names are increasingly becoming well known for their better and cleaner image. This could be due to their non-profit and charitable origins and their altruistic nature.
    Distributed: 2008-05-08 12:24:00 | Word Count: 454 | Page Views: 2815 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.00
151.   Discover Clean And Healthy Living With Total Body Detox by John Khu
    So what is Total Body Detox? Well let's begin with why you may need it in the first place! Accumulation of excessive toxins occurs through the consumption of harmful food, junk diets, colas, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, lack of exercise, constipation, and even the environmental pollution. This causes your ph level to go haywire and as a result you become vulnerable to various diseases.
    Distributed: 2008-05-06 11:12:00 | Word Count: 520 | Page Views: 5070 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.88
152.   Surviving Expired Domain Name Industry by John Khu
    As a newbie and fresher to the expired domain industry, you may commit plenty of mistakes and blunders until you read, learn and understand the basic aspects and principles of expired domain industry.
    Distributed: 2008-05-05 11:00:00 | Word Count: 527 | Page Views: 3157 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 2.20
153.   Unclog Your System By Adopting A Body Detox Diet by John Khu
    Did you know that just because you feel healthy and fit; it does not necessarily mean there's nothing to worry about? That while you believe you're as fit as ever, there are thousands of toxic substances lodged in every cell of your body which have accumulated over the years? But don't panic, because it's not too late to fight the toxins which cause fatigue, illness, stress and mood swings and recover your healthier self. Body detox diets give you the power to do this
    Distributed: 2008-05-01 11:00:00 | Word Count: 515 | Page Views: 3516 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.82
154.   How to Buy Expired Domain Traffic by John Khu
    Right now, it seems that almost everyone is rushing to buy expired domain traffic to enjoy the unlimited power of web site traffic. Web masters and online entrepreneurs buy expired domain traffic for their own personal use or buying a fair amount of traffic from others, who own a web based business. Here is a small primer that explains what a traffic domain really means to those people who are still new to this term.
    Distributed: 2008-04-23 12:36:00 | Word Count: 549 | Page Views: 3674 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 1.21
155.   Whip Yourself into Shape with Body Detox Recipes by John Khu
    In this article we will discuss several body detox recipes. But before we get to that it's important to understand what is detoxification and why do we need to do it?
    Distributed: 2008-04-23 11:24:00 | Word Count: 571 | Page Views: 5823 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.18
156.   Get Your Mojo Back With A Whole Body Detox by John Khu
    In recent times, as stress levels get higher and higher more and more people want to undergo a whole body detox. With a rise in erratic lifestyle, the reasons to want a whole body detox are many.
    Distributed: 2008-04-15 12:00:00 | Word Count: 512 | Page Views: 2964 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.00
157.   Several Pitfalls Of Buying An Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    Some Simple Methods And Tricks To Choose The Best Expired Domain Name Choosing a good and workable expired domain name could be very confusing and tricky; most of us tend to choose and pick one that will eventually turns out a dud and wastage of time and money.
    Distributed: 2008-04-15 11:24:00 | Word Count: 505 | Page Views: 3967 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.14
158.   Several Pitfalls Of Buying An Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    An expired domain name offers you several benefits and advantages. However, along with these potential benefits, you will also find a number of disadvantages and pitfalls after buying expired domain names.
    Distributed: 2008-04-04 11:36:00 | Word Count: 523 | Page Views: 2953 | Votes: 16 | Rating: 2.31
159.   Effective Body Detox Program by John Khu
    The first thing to do in order to begin a body detox program is to get rid of all the chemical based toiletries and household products you have been using. So, it is time for all those cleansers, shampoos and deodorants to go. Replace them with nature based products instead. Also strictly abstain from the temptations of alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, unsaturated fat and refined sugars.
    Distributed: 2008-04-01 12:00:00 | Word Count: 545 | Page Views: 3043 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.75
160.   Buy Expired Domain Now to Reap Rich Benefits by John Khu
    In essence, there are two main methods to derive a substantial income from a collection of expired domain names. Expired domain market is a possible source of income to you, only when you know the nitty-gritty of operating within the permissible levels of safety and security. People buy expired domain name to create a pool of income, provided the just purchased domain possess some amount of traffic. You can buy expired domain name to make money only, when you are sure that the domain name that you buy is not a dud or filler!
    Distributed: 2008-03-27 11:48:00 | Word Count: 546 | Page Views: 4346 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.25
161.   Lose Weight With The Right Body Detox Diet by John Khu
    Body Detox diet is a scientific, useful and quick way to lose all those extra pounds. This diet makes you lose extra weight and also ensures that all your bodily toxins are flushed out of your system. But what makes it unique and easier than the rest is the fact that it uses normal, everyday food in its list and you can eat without sacrificing your favorite food items! The key to feeling good and content is to never go hungry. Generally, ten days is the period over which this diet should be followed.
    Distributed: 2008-03-26 11:00:00 | Word Count: 541 | Page Views: 3073 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.30
162.   Cleanse Your Entire System With a Full Body Detox by John Khu
    Do you know the reason you've been feeling down and depressed lately in spite of leading what you consider a healthy lifestyle? It could be that you're in need of a full body detoxification. Full body detox programs are one of the latest and most popular ways of cleansing your body and getting rid of those toxins from your system. Let's talk about detox programs here and see which one is best for you.
    Distributed: 2008-03-25 11:12:00 | Word Count: 545 | Page Views: 2906 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 2.17
163.   Learning More About Expired Web Domain Expiry And Deletion Patterns by John Khu
    Just before a particular expired web domain expires and becomes available for open sale, it will undergo several passages of legal procedures. Here is a brief flowchart of the presumed life cycle through which a typical expired web domain traverses its eventful passage:
    Distributed: 2008-03-24 13:48:00 | Word Count: 476 | Page Views: 3796 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.20
164.   Knowing The Potentialities And Prospects Of Your Expired Domain by John Khu
    There is a feeling of skepticism and remorse for expired domain names and this is true when you consider the low probability of selling an expired domain name for a decent price. However, the fact remains that some of the good expired domain names do possess very good value, while a number of others can bring you unexpected riches and dividends as well!
    Distributed: 2008-03-19 10:12:00 | Word Count: 545 | Page Views: 3538 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.43
165.   Do It At Home With Home Body Detox by John Khu
    Unhealthy eating habits, the pollution in the environment inevitably leads to the accumulation of toxins in the human body, and if these toxins are not cleansed out once in a while. The process of ridding your body of these poisonous substances is known as detoxification. Instead of opting for body detoxes and clinics and spas it is often more economical to get a home body detox, that is getting your body detoxified at home.
    Distributed: 2008-03-14 11:00:00 | Word Count: 516 | Page Views: 5192 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.08
166.   General Pointers And Precautions Of Buying An Expired Web Domain by John Khu
    Consider the real value of the expired web domain: Let us say that you have an expired domain that is more than five years old and you have not been able to sell it at a higher price. Now, if you get an offer for that particular expired web domain, ensure that you are not bargaining too much with the prospective buyer. Before you want to reject the offer, just sit down and think about the following aspects...
    Distributed: 2008-03-13 11:00:00 | Word Count: 496 | Page Views: 2725 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.63
167.   Important Facts Related to an Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    An expired domain name could be a wonderful opportunity for you to make money by using its hidden advantages and benefits. An expired domain name is a boon to those people, who make it a point to study and understand its essential principles and meaning.
    Distributed: 2008-03-12 13:00:00 | Word Count: 612 | Page Views: 3887 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 1.88
168.   Purify Your Body With Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    Like every thing else the human body needs to be cleansed inside out every now and then, otherwise the accumulation of harmful, or in some cases even poisonous elements, may cause serious diseases, mental and physical fatigue, pains in various parts of your body, and an overall degeneration. So if you are trying to retrieve that lost spark, if you want to regain that zest for life, natural detoxification is the way to go. Get rid of those terrible toxins by natural body detox methods.
    Distributed: 2008-03-11 11:24:00 | Word Count: 584 | Page Views: 3842 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.29
169.   Essential and Practical Tips to Buy Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    If you are looking to buy expired domain name, you may find it very relevant and productive to carry out a thorough research to know more details about the expired domain that you are intending to buy. When you buy expired domain name, you are involving a third party and an administrator (usually the registrar) in the process of transaction. Thus, you will need to be very careful in how you are carrying out the process of buying the expired domain.
    Distributed: 2008-02-26 11:36:00 | Word Count: 664 | Page Views: 3130 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.20
170.   Body Detox Tips: Spa Treatments by John Khu
    A body detox program shouldn't be all about suffering and sacrifice. It should be fun, too! Learn about some of the different spa treatments that you can try to give your natural body detox a boost.
    Distributed: 2008-02-25 11:12:00 | Word Count: 538 | Page Views: 3010 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 1.74
171.   What Will a Body Detox Program Do for Me? by John Khu
    You see them all over TV and the internet. "The only way to detox is the new blah blah blah." People talk about how a natural body detox changed their life. But do these detox programs really work, or are they just scams? What will they do for me?
    Distributed: 2008-02-20 10:24:00 | Word Count: 469 | Page Views: 3180 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.60
172.   Stress and Your Whole Body Detox by John Khu
    One of the biggest enemies to any body detox program is not the air that you breathe or the toxins you ingest. What is it, you ask? Stress. That's right. Stress is Natural Body Detox Enemy #1.
    Distributed: 2008-02-13 10:48:00 | Word Count: 516 | Page Views: 4229 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 2.76
173.   All About Expired Domain Name Evaluations by John Khu
    More often, a nagging doubt may trouble and pester you regarding the real worth of an expired domain name. Many people who deal and get active with expired domain name usually ask a single question- How much is an expired domain name worth?
    Distributed: 2008-02-12 10:48:00 | Word Count: 507 | Page Views: 4045 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.33
174.   Eat Tons of Superfoods to Aid in Your Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    There is a lot of hype surrounding superfoods. Should you use them in your diet? Of course! But what are they and how can they help your body detox program?
    Distributed: 2008-02-11 13:12:00 | Word Count: 490 | Page Views: 4238 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.00
175.   Methods to register expired domain and become its legal owner by John Khu
    Once you find out a good expired domain name after searching through a big catalogue of expired domains, the next obvious step is to register expired domain as per the existing rules and regulations stipulated by registering authorities. Following are few steps that registrars suggest you follow to register expired domain name:
    Distributed: 2008-02-05 12:12:00 | Word Count: 510 | Page Views: 3106 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.33
176.   Nine Minerals to Support Your Natural Body Detox by John Khu
    While supplements, superfoods and vitamins get all the attention, minerals play an important part in your body detox program. So what are some of the important minerals involved with a whole body detox?
    Distributed: 2008-02-05 11:48:00 | Word Count: 497 | Page Views: 4080 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 1.92
177.   Three Detox Fads....Great Way to a Whole Body Detox or Dangerous Trend? by John Khu
    You see them all over TV and the internet. "The only way to detox is the new blah blah blah." They claim to be the latest and greatest in your body detox program, but are they actually worth it? Learn about some of the greatest fads in natural body detox today and if they are worth looking at.
    Distributed: 2008-02-05 11:36:00 | Word Count: 468 | Page Views: 3737 | Votes: 20 | Rating: 2.40
178.   Grabbing A Domain Expired Recently Is A Thrilling Act by John Khu
    Domains expire constantly and on a consistent basis throughout the day and night. Under usual circumstances, an expiring domain is kept on hold for a period of about 45 days, before the concerned registrar announces it for public sale. Domain name come up for sale everyday, as hundreds of expire almost regularly. Domain expired recently is a term assigned to those domain that become expired within the last day or so.
    Distributed: 2008-01-16 10:48:00 | Word Count: 492 | Page Views: 3074 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.40
179.   Supplements for Your Full Body Detox by John Khu
    Supplements are an important part of any body detox program. When beginning you natural body detox, you may not feel very well due to the toxins leaving your body A good balance of supplements and nutrients will help you get over the initial uneasy feeling and support your natural body detox. So what supplements and nutrients should you look into?
    Distributed: 2008-01-14 10:00:00 | Word Count: 491 | Page Views: 3930 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.44
180.   Using Expired Domain Software To Grab An Excellent Expired Domain by John Khu
    In practice, grabbing a good expired domain name is a cumbersome and difficult exercise. Grabbing an excellent expired domain name not only needs an extra effort but also a quick reflex and lightening action to beat the online competition. To make things easier and to quickly find expired domains, you will need to find a way or method that helps grow in the expired domain name business.
    Distributed: 2008-01-11 10:36:00 | Word Count: 555 | Page Views: 3689 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 1.64
181.   Several Ways And Means To Buy Expired Domain by John Khu
    One of the best reasons for indulging in expire domain business is its ability to provide you very lucrative profits for the money invested into the business. Expired domain market is a busy place where everyone would jostle and rush out to find their own expire domains with sense of deep conviction.
    Distributed: 2008-01-04 11:13:00 | Word Count: 594 | Page Views: 2872 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.10
182.   The Biggest Obstacles to Any Full Body Detox by John Khu
    Obstacles are bound to crop up during any full body detox. In order to allow your program to work, you must deal with these right away. There is no point in going through with a natural body detox if you are not willing to cut those things out of your life as they will continue to allow toxins in your system. This is a lifetime process.
    Distributed: 2008-01-04 11:12:00 | Word Count: 491 | Page Views: 2887 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 2.00
183.   How Does Detoxification Work by John Khu
    Detoxification is a fancy word for cleaning your blood. There are many programs available to help, but your body actually has its own way dealing with toxins. There are two major systems involved with detoxification: anti-oxidation, and the detoxification process in the liver.
    Distributed: 2008-01-02 10:00:00 | Word Count: 509 | Page Views: 3779 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 1.40
184.   Expired Domain Name Traffic by John Khu
    Now it is fairly common to know that what a typical domain name is and how it can act as an all important link to a number of domain names on the internet. However, most of us still do not know that there are thousands of domain names that get expired everyday and that many small sized companies use such expired domains create very precious domain expired name traffic.
    Distributed: 2007-12-28 10:00:00 | Word Count: 506 | Page Views: 4806 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.75
185.   10 Ways To Full Body Detox by John Khu
    You've done a body detox plan before and notice the results where off not too long afterwards. What's the problem? The deal is that as soon as you stop using your body detox plan, you immediately start putting toxins back in your body. While our focus is on permanent elimination, adapting these tips in your daily life will help your body stay cleansed.
    Distributed: 2007-12-26 10:24:00 | Word Count: 507 | Page Views: 3806 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.14
186.   Targeted Expired Domain Traffic as a Powerful Tool to Success by John Khu
    On an average, more than 20,000 domains get expired everyday, and this figure is slowly increasing day by day, as more numbers are starting to expire almost on a regular basis. The expired domain name market is also becoming a lucrative proposition to people, who wish to set up a lucrative online business. Apart from selling expired domain names, you can also use expired domain traffic, either to sell it or use it to develop your web site.
    Distributed: 2007-12-21 10:24:00 | Word Count: 512 | Page Views: 2967 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 2.12
187.   Multiple Uses Of An Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    An expired domain name could be very precious and invaluable, as it has had a considerable amount of time and effort spent on advertising and promoting it over the web. The combined effect of time and effort gives you a host of benefits and advantages, as soon as you register a particular expired domain name.
    Distributed: 2007-12-13 11:12:00 | Word Count: 521 | Page Views: 4389 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.56
188.   Using Expired Domain Scripts To Clinch A Great Expired Domain Name by John Khu
    As an expired domain name entrepreneur, you may face a number of difficulties and hassles, especially while finding a suitable expired domain name from a large inventory of names. In many cases, you may need to register yourself with an expired domain name searching service to find good domains. In the long run, this exercise will not only prove costly, you may also end up wasting precious time and energy.
    Distributed: 2007-12-11 11:00:00 | Word Count: 474 | Page Views: 3870 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 2.18
189.   Exploring Domain Expired Name Register To Find Best Domain Names by John Khu
    Before dealing with expired domains, you will need to learn and understand how you can use a domain expired name register to find the best and profitable domain names. A domain expired name register is a powerful tool that helps you in searching for the most meaningful expired domain names. It will also make the process of finding such names easier and flexible.
    Distributed: 2007-11-29 10:24:00 | Word Count: 511 | Page Views: 6632 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 2.56
190.   Everything You Wanted To Know About Expired Domain by John Khu
    Every day hundreds of domain names become expired and become owner-less due to some reasons. An expired domain that is useless for someone may become usable and beneficial for others! An expired domain can offer several unique advantages and benefits for the person who uses it.
    Distributed: 2007-11-27 10:12:00 | Word Count: 670 | Page Views: 2807 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 0.80

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