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All Articles Written By: Hunter Waterhouse

1.   Never Underestimate The Real Power Of Long-Tail Keywords by Hunter Waterhouse
    The Mayday Update was primarily focused on changing how Long-Tail Search Queries were handled by Google... In this article, I discuss what Mayday changed, and how to optimize for the new Google...
    Distributed: 2010-06-23 09:00:00 | Word Count: 1374 | Page Views: 5043 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.33
2.   Track And Measure Your Advertising, Customer Acquisition Costs, And The Lifetime Value Of A Customer by Hunter Waterhouse
    As business owners and managers, we need to look at a variety of numbers to gain a better understanding of our businesses. In this article, we are going to consider two very important metrics in business marketing - Cost Of Customer Acquisition and Advertising ROI (Return On Investment).
    Distributed: 2009-11-19 10:00:00 | Word Count: 1679 | Page Views: 5011 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.07
3.   Article Marketing Advice: Increasing the Readability of Your Articles by Hunter Waterhouse
    When it comes to writing articles to promote your online business, it's important to consider more than just your marketing goals: it's essential that you also focus on writing articles that people will want to read. In other words, you don't just want to use words; and you don't want to market and sell your business directly. Instead, you want to make an effort to be engaging and influential.
    Distributed: 2009-11-17 10:30:00 | Word Count: 1054 | Page Views: 4320 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 3.00
4.   Developing Original Articles: The Human Touch vs. Computer Software by Hunter Waterhouse
    With the increasing demand of high quality content on the web, finding original articles and carefully stylized content is a priority for companies to retain credibility. With today's fierce search engine ranking competition, a steady supply of original articles has become a necessity. Websites need to be designed to increase traffic, and sites updated regularly with fresh information are more likely to receive higher search engine placement than those updated less frequently. As a result, companies need to find sources of new and original content as often as possible.
    Distributed: 2009-11-12 10:00:00 | Word Count: 735 | Page Views: 5348 | Votes: 18 | Rating: 2.17
5.   Balancing SEO Against The Needs of Your Article's Audience by Hunter Waterhouse
    Article marketing continues to be a proven method for generating traffic to our websites and developing good search placement, even after all of these years. I have been reading articles online since 1995, and I continue to read a few dozen articles per week on subjects that are dear to my heart.
    Distributed: 2009-11-09 13:15:00 | Word Count: 1297 | Page Views: 4791 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.82
6.   Why Blogs Have Become the Search Engine Optimization Equalizer by Hunter Waterhouse
    The one thing that eight of our top ten sites have in common is that they are content driven destinations and they add new, original, and exclusive content on a daily basis.
    Distributed: 2005-05-24 21:19:13 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2207 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
7.   Use Exclusive Content - When Reprint Articles Don't Do Enough by Hunter Waterhouse
    There is no doubt that reprint articles can serve lots of search engine traffic to your site... All you have to do is to check your traffic logs to know that these articles pull traffic from the search engines.
    Distributed: 2005-05-09 17:39:54 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2428 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.00

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