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All Articles Written By: Daniel Lamaute

1.   Finding Money in a Credit Crunch by Daniel Lamaute
    The credit crunch coupled with a recession means that access to capital has become scarce for most businesses and individuals alike. The crashing home prices have wiped away the ability of most individuals and small business owners to obtain cash from home equity withdrawals or in refinancing their house.
    Distributed: 2008-10-28 11:36:00 | Word Count: 525 | Page Views: 3966 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 1.43
2.   In Fear of Retirement by Daniel Lamaute
    Many baby boomers are staring at retirement like a deer caught on oncoming headlights. They are not sure what to do or what else to do. They fear that whatever they have in savings just might not be enough. Less than 1 out of 5 workers felt very confident about having enough money for a comfortable retirement, according to the April 2008, EBRI Retirement Confidence Survey. And with good reasons, inflation is zooming at the same time that asset values are flagging.
    Distributed: 2008-05-08 11:12:00 | Word Count: 646 | Page Views: 4267 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 3.00
3.   Consolidating of High Rate Credit Card Debt with a 401K Loan by Daniel Lamaute
    Banks are putting the squeeze on even their best long term card holders at a time when other sources of credit, such as home equity loans for example, are harder to come by. A lot of people are shocked to receive notices that their credit card rate has jumped to as high as 28 percent even though they've kept good credit and an excellent payment history.
    Distributed: 2008-04-23 11:00:00 | Word Count: 406 | Page Views: 5114 | Votes: 9 | Rating: 1.00
4.   Using a 401K Loan to Stop Foreclosure by Daniel Lamaute
    A bankruptcy or foreclosure can cripple one's ability to obtain decent credit for many years. In addition, some employers and landlords won't hire or rent to a candidate with terrible credit history. Thus, it is a good idea to discuss all options with a financial planner before ending in bankruptcy or foreclosure.
    Distributed: 2008-02-11 13:36:00 | Word Count: 465 | Page Views: 10700 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 1.79
5.   Starting A Business After Retirement by Daniel Lamaute
    For a lot of people retirement is but a transition that frees them to live their dream of running their own business. Census figures show that about 20 percent of those in their 50s were self-employed. But, twice that, a whopping 40 percent of those working past age 70 are in business for themselves.
    Distributed: 2007-10-23 11:00:00 | Word Count: 565 | Page Views: 5257 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.73
6.   Selecting Between a 401(k) And 403(b) For a Nonprofit by Daniel Lamaute
    Newly released IRS regulations impose several new requirements and fiduciary responsibilities on employers with 403(b) plans. While the regulations generally don't take effect until January 1, 2009, there are some provisions that apply sooner.
    Distributed: 2007-10-11 11:00:00 | Word Count: 333 | Page Views: 14444 | Votes: 22 | Rating: 2.27
7.   401K Loans for Emergencies by Daniel Lamaute
    For many people the quickest way for them to access an emergency loan quickly is to tap their credit cards, or their retirement account. But these methods have their drawbacks. Credit cards generally carry high double digit interest rates and wicked fees. On the other hand, early withdrawals from an IRA or 401K can trigger tax and penalties of up to 45% of the money withdrawn.
    Distributed: 2007-10-10 10:00:00 | Word Count: 343 | Page Views: 4439 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.55
8.   Tax Free Retirement Income with the Roth IRA and Roth 401(k) by Daniel Lamaute
    Under this year's new tax rules it's possible to have a Roth 401(k) in addition to a Roth IRA for Tax Free Retirement Income.
    Distributed: 2006-09-26 12:24:00 | Word Count: 435 | Page Views: 5033 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 2.24
9.   The Individual 401k - BIG Business Benefits For The Home Business by Daniel Lamaute
    Major mutual fund and investment management companies now offer self employed individuals 401k plans that are easy to install and administer at very low cost. What's more independent contractors and small business owners can borrow part of their retirement savings tax-free and penalty free by taking advantage of a loan provision in these new plans.
    Distributed: 2006-04-18 04:44:58 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3095 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
10.   Unemployment May Require a 401(k) Defensive Strategy by Daniel Lamaute
    We all plan and prepare for what lies ahead of us, but can we truly know what our future holds? In all of our planning, we never seem to account for that Mack truck barreling down the freeway, out of control and on a direct path for our vehicle.
    Distributed: 2006-04-11 20:47:05 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2885 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
11.   Finding Debt Relief in Stressful Financial Times by Daniel Lamaute
    With consumer debt at this all-time high, debt consolidation may be a good move for a large number of American consumers.
    Distributed: 2006-03-01 22:55:22 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2411 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
12.   Your Retirement - Full of Golden Years or Golden Arches? by Daniel Lamaute
    In light of all of the recent news concerning corporate fraud and 401(k) pension fund mismanagement, it is imperative that you take the time to learn about what you need to do personally to protect your own retirement assets.
    Distributed: 2006-02-17 03:23:45 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1596 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
13.   New Years Resolution to Eliminate Credit Card Debts by Daniel Lamaute
    The fact that most credit card companies are doubling their required minimum monthly payments will push consumers to be more diligent about replacing their card debt with an alternative...
    Distributed: 2006-01-19 00:43:30 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1800 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.00
14.   Roth 403(b) Plans for Nonprofits by Daniel Lamaute
    Non-profit organizations can now offer a Roth 403(b) to their employees, thanks to new rules that took effect in 2006.
    Distributed: 2006-01-10 16:25:39 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2610 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
15.   The New Roth 401K And Contribution Limits For 2006 by Daniel Lamaute
    The 401(k) is undergoing its biggest change in 25 years. This year not only can you can put more money than ever before in your 401(k) but you can also add a Roth option.
    Distributed: 2006-01-06 17:49:14 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3444 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
16.   Taking Charge of Your 401(k) Investments by Daniel Lamaute
    These days financial services firm, Lamaute Capital Inc., is seeing a lot more investors worried about their retirement and the miserly growth of their 401(k) investments.
    Distributed: 2005-06-23 13:42:35 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1535 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
17.   Ira Distributions Deadline For Seniors by Daniel Lamaute
    IRA investors who reached age 70 last year should begin taking a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their accounts by April 1, this year to avoid being subject to a hefty 50% tax penalty.
    Distributed: 2005-02-15 01:52:27 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1586 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
18.   A Simple Plan For A Start-Up Loan by Daniel Lamaute
    When seeking money for their start-up business many entrepreneurs are using a simple plan to get a loan from their own IRA or 401(k) assets.
    Distributed: 2005-02-09 00:46:31 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1667 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
19.   Small Business Tax Deductions for Year End 2004 by Daniel Lamaute
    As a small business owner, it's wise to familiarize yourself with some key deductions that may reduce your tax bill for 2004.
    Distributed: 2004-12-08 01:24:30 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1464 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
20.   Protecting the Tax Advantage of Your Deferred Compensation by Daniel Lamaute
    The American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 imposed strict new rules on non-qualified deferred compensation plans. Beginning in 2005, deferred compensation programs that are not in compliance with the new rules may be taxed as wages, slapped with a 20\% excise tax, plus charged an interest penalty.
    Distributed: 2004-11-10 01:34:52 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2266 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 0.75
21.   Rules of Simple IRA Your Business Needs to Know by Daniel Lamaute
    A Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees plan, better known as a SIMPLE plan, is an IRA-based retirement plan available to employers with fewer than 100 employees.
    Distributed: 2004-11-02 03:12:44 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1529 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
22.   Rules for Simplified Employee Pension Plans better known as a SEP Plans by Daniel Lamaute
    A SEP is a special type of IRA. Under a SEP plan the employer creates an IRA account for each eligible employee, hence the name SEP-IRA. A SEP is funded solely with employer contributions. Employees do not make contributions to their SEP-IRA retirement account. Any money that goes into a SEP automatically belongs to the employee. Thus, the employee has the right to take his SEP IRA account money with him whenever he stops working for the company.
    Distributed: 2004-10-29 02:56:27 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1621 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
23.   Seven Key Tax Deductions for the Self Employed by Daniel Lamaute
    As a sole proprietor, it's wise to familiarize yourself with the some key deductions that may reduce your tax bill for 2004. Small-business consultants generally recommend that you hire an accountant to prepare your tax returns, payroll and financial statements. But you should also meet with your accountant well before the year-end rush to discuss such matters as tax planning, and record keeping for tax deductions.
    Distributed: 2004-09-30 02:16:12 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2382 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
24.   Your Employer is Going Bankrupt - What Happens to Your Pension Benefits? by Daniel Lamaute
    What happens to your retirement benefits when your employer faced with financial distress and bankruptcy decides to terminate their pension plan? To gauge the potential risk to you of a plan termination you first need to know what kind of plan you have with your company.
    Distributed: 2004-08-05 03:12:07 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1722 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.00
25.   The Biggest Self-Employed Tax Deduction by Daniel Lamaute
    In what may be the biggest tax deduction scheme around, some self-employed individuals are sheltering as much as $165,000 or more per year with tax deductible contributions to their retirement plans. Such high levels of deductions can be legitimately achieved through the use of a defined benefit, or DB, retirement plan.
    Distributed: 2004-06-11 01:38:21 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2661 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
26.   Health Savings Accounts for the Self-Employed by Daniel Lamaute
    When Congress passed the Medicare reform bill in late 2003, they created a new way for small businesses and individuals to obtain affordable health insurance through health savings accounts (HSAs). Also referred to as HealthCare IRAs, HSAs combine a high-deductible health insurance policy with a tax-exempt savings account. They are available to individuals younger than 65.
    Distributed: 2004-05-27 04:23:45 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2000 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
27.   Small Business Loans That are Easier to Get by Daniel Lamaute
    When it comes to small business loans the majority of banks and financial institutions are out of step with the needs of the small business owners. They insist on tying their business loans to assets such as brick, mortar, and equipment. All the while, they ignore the fact that going forward businesses with the greatest potential for growth will be those whose real assets consist of the ideas, knowledge, and vision of the owners and employees.
    Distributed: 2004-05-03 00:31:37 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1638 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
28.   Last Ditch Money to Stop a Home Loan Foreclosure by Daniel Lamaute
    Are you facing the prospect of losing your home in a bank foreclosure? Many who are experiencing a temporary financial squeeze will withdraw cash out of their IRA in order to save their home. However, getting a loan from your retirement account may be a smarter way to go than taking an IRA early distribution.
    Distributed: 2004-05-03 00:31:00 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2887 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
29.   Penalty Free Money for College from Your IRA by Daniel Lamaute
    Higher education is very important for landing lucrative jobs. For many the challenge is finding the money for college. One piece of good news is that if you use money from an IRA to pay for education expenses the IRA account holder may qualify for a tax break.
    Distributed: 2004-05-03 00:14:30 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2502 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
30.   Last Resort Money For Home or Business by Daniel Lamaute
    Looking to pull money out of your IRA? Maybe you need the money to grow your business, to buy a home, or to get you through a financial bind. Well, before touching your nest egg you should first learn about the ways to help protect your nest egg from hefty taxes or penalties.
    Distributed: 2004-05-03 00:13:49 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2265 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
31.   The Language of Business by Daniel Lamaute
    The language associated with starting a business is unique. Using the correct business terms makes you look more professional and helps others understand exactly what you are trying to communicate to them. There are also important legal reasons to use specific language when describing your business. Here is a list of familiar (and not-so-familiar) terms that can help you learn the language of business:
    Distributed: 2004-05-03 00:13:08 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2667 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
32.   Free People Search with the Help of the IRS by Daniel Lamaute
    Few pieces of mail can get your attention as much as a letter from the Internal Revenue Service. Even in these times of tax refunds, you can't be sure if an envelope from the IRS brings bad news or a check from Uncle Sam. Now comes a new twist, a letter from the IRS may not be about your taxes at all. That*s because the tax collector has offered to act as courier for people looking to match unclaimed assets with their owners.
    Distributed: 2004-05-02 23:58:32 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3292 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
33.   Health Insurance for the Self Employed by Daniel Lamaute
    Health insurance, having enough and being able to afford it, is one of the most nagging concerns for those who leave corporate America to run their own business.
    Distributed: 2004-05-02 23:04:57 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3136 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
34.   Interested In Being A Consultant? Here Are 5 Key Steps To Consider. by Daniel Lamaute
    If you're thinking about hanging up your shingle as a consultant, you probably already have most of what you'll need. Odds are, you know the business, you have the skills and experience, you know or have the certifications you'll need, and you may have a good idea of where your first clients will come from. The following steps can help you start on the right track:
    Distributed: 2004-05-02 23:01:43 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2261 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
35.   Child Tax Credit Refunds by Daniel Lamaute
    The Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 increased the maximum Child Tax Credit for 2003 and 2004 to $1,000 per child, up from $600 for tax year 2002.
    Distributed: 2004-05-02 22:51:37 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2384 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50

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