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All Articles Written By: Dan Lok

1.   Wealthy Salon/Spa Owners View Problems As an Opportunity To Grow, Struggling Salon/Spa Owners Don't! by Dan Lok
    Wealthy salon/spa owners focus their energies on growth and overcoming challenges, not on worrying about what others say or think.
    Distributed: 2011-07-07 10:00:00 | Word Count: 485 | Page Views: 6791 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 1.50
2.   Salon and Spa Owners: Which Monk Are You? by Dan Lok
    Too many salon and spa owners are carrying around a lot hurts, regrets, guilt, past failures and fears about the future. But no one is forcing you to carry these emotional rocks, so put that sack down!
    Distributed: 2011-07-05 10:00:00 | Word Count: 477 | Page Views: 6359 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 1.00
3.   The Single Most Profitable Day You Spend on Your Spa or Salon! by Dan Lok
    Salon and spa owners need to combine their marketing plan with marketing systems. A marketing calendar plans out strategies for a year, and is instrumental to the success of your spa or salon.
    Distributed: 2011-06-30 10:00:00 | Word Count: 470 | Page Views: 6676 | Votes: 5 | Rating: 0.20
4.   Wealthy Salon/Spa Owners Understand the Power of Their Words! by Dan Lok
    When struggling salon/spa owners start practicing and using the language of wealthy salon/spa owners they begin to experience a freedom that goes beyond current circumstance and have the freedom to reinvent their reality.
    Distributed: 2011-06-28 10:00:00 | Word Count: 480 | Page Views: 6000 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 1.75
5.   Attention Salon and Spa Owners: Do You Wake Up Thinking Life Sucks and Then You Die? by Dan Lok
    Struggling salon/spa owners need to realize and become aware that their contradictory thoughts are defeating them. Question: How often are you sending your mind contradictory thoughts instead of clear inspiring thoughts?
    Distributed: 2011-06-23 10:00:00 | Word Count: 384 | Page Views: 5485 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 1.00
6.   Wealthy Salon/Spa Owners Focus on What They Want! by Dan Lok
    I have talked to a lot of successful salon/spa owners or well as other successful business owners. There is a common thread in all their stories. Success leaves clues.
    Distributed: 2011-06-16 10:00:00 | Word Count: 610 | Page Views: 6032 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.17
7.   What Can Salon/Spa Owners Learn From an Italian Deli? by Dan Lok
    You are wondering what can I learn from an Italian deli on how to run my salon or spa? You can learn a lot from these three guys. See wealthy salon owners understand the same secret these three deli owners understand. That secret being they are not in deli business they are actually in the relationship business.
    Distributed: 2011-06-15 10:00:00 | Word Count: 467 | Page Views: 5137 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 1.50
8.   Wealthy Salon/Spa Owners Build Their Yes Muscle! by Dan Lok
    Struggling salon/spa owners are like a garden hose. They seem to be in chaos all the time with a hundred things going on all at once. They have no direction therefore no discipline. They spray their thoughts everywhere like a garden hose with the nozzle turned to mist. Their thoughts and actions have no focus or power as they vaporize into thin air.
    Distributed: 2011-06-14 10:00:00 | Word Count: 841 | Page Views: 5783 | Votes: 4 | Rating: 0.25
9.   4 Amazingly Simple Ways To Double or Triple Your Internet Sales! by Dan Lok
    The truth is, most internet marketers don't have a problem getting traffic. They have problems converting browsers into buyers, and more often than not, the problem lies with their web copy. It's brutal, but bad copy is bad copy, long and short.
    Distributed: 2009-08-04 09:48:00 | Word Count: 682 | Page Views: 5235 | Votes: 23 | Rating: 2.17
10.   Discover Secrets to Gain Fortunes Eliminating Writer's Block, Forever! by Dan Lok
    Book publishing, information publishing, however it's called. It can create a wealth of fortune for you. However, what most people understand about publishing means they have to do something big. They have to be really knowledgeable about the subject they want to publish. They had to be real good with writing.
    Distributed: 2008-05-22 11:36:00 | Word Count: 606 | Page Views: 5251 | Votes: 21 | Rating: 2.24
11.   Teleseminar Secrets For Explosive Business Growth by Dan Lok
    Have you ever wondered how to do the following with your list? How you can easily get new subscribers, increase responsiveness, easily create more products proven to sell, increase the frequency of purchases, be able to sell higher priced backend products, create a closer and more profitable relationship?
    Distributed: 2008-03-18 11:12:00 | Word Count: 761 | Page Views: 4268 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 3.21
12.   Your Business Is Doomed With One-Size-Fits-All Marketing by Dan Lok
    Deciding exactly how you'll market your next product, business, or campaign is one of the most important questions you can ask your self. And I do hope you even bother to ask. The correct answer will decide your success or failure.
    Distributed: 2008-02-25 13:12:00 | Word Count: 759 | Page Views: 4621 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.60
13.   The Deadliest Email List Disease And How To Cure It by Dan Lok
    "I rarely encourage clients to sell via one-step, because leads; people who've raised their hands can have so much value worked well over time." – Dan Kennedy.
    Distributed: 2008-02-22 11:36:00 | Word Count: 777 | Page Views: 4682 | Votes: 16 | Rating: 2.25
14.   Information Marketing's Awesome Power by Dan Lok
    If you're brand new to doing business on the internet, then you have an excuse for not knowing the sheer power of information marketing. If done right... it'll make you as much as your heart desires. Among other things, information marketing is scalable.
    Distributed: 2008-01-21 10:12:00 | Word Count: 689 | Page Views: 3875 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.17
15.   5 Sticky Online Marketing Tips To Keep 'em On Your Website by Dan Lok
    You've done everything right to grab targeted visitors to your website. Finally! You sit there basking in the glow of satisfaction when you check out your web logs. Your eyes roll to the back of your head... you're not thinking lots of traffic. You're thinking hordes of it with plastic in hand. And you can't wait to check your orders and optins. Then?
    Distributed: 2008-01-03 10:12:00 | Word Count: 711 | Page Views: 4428 | Votes: 7 | Rating: 2.00
16.   6 Marketing Landmines To Avoid At All Costs by Dan Lok
    I've seen it way too many times. Marketers of all skill and experience levels making profit killing mistakes. The result is badly performing marketing campaigns. But the good news is that many of these mistakes are avoidable with proper knowledge, planning, and continuous testing and tweaking.
    Distributed: 2007-12-31 10:00:00 | Word Count: 563 | Page Views: 3850 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.33
17.   How To Maximize Your Profits With Email Marketing by Dan Lok
    In case you don't know... huge profits can be made from your email list. Inexperienced marketers usually go for the first sale without considering future profits, backend sales, customer lifetime value, or relationship marketing.
    Distributed: 2007-12-18 11:24:00 | Word Count: 553 | Page Views: 3978 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.50
18.   How To Explode Your Affiliate Sales In 2008 by Dan Lok
    Many consider affiliate marketing as the easiest and fastest way to earn money online. But don't be fooled if you think there's no work involved. You CAN earn a 6 figure income through affiliate marketing. But you need to be smart, take action, and most of all you need to make your business unique.
    Distributed: 2007-12-14 11:12:00 | Word Count: 579 | Page Views: 4044 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 2.00
19.   The Web 2.0 Evolution And Your Marketing Methods by Dan Lok
    Almost 10 years ago, futurist author John Naisbitt wrote about the social effects of the internet in his book, High-Tech/High-Touch. Here's an excerpt from a synopsis that described the author's observations...
    Distributed: 2007-12-06 11:00:00 | Word Count: 514 | Page Views: 3893 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 2.58
20.   3 Marketing Strategies Most Businesses Never Think About by Dan Lok
    Have you ever sat down and wondered how you can build the core strength of your business? You're in business to make money. We all are. But step away from images of cash and fat bank accounts for a moment. Today you'll learn 3 serious strategies you can start implementing right away. And if you do it... you'll discover a LOT about your business, your customers, and you'll have a clear path.
    Distributed: 2007-12-04 11:12:00 | Word Count: 659 | Page Views: 3871 | Votes: 8 | Rating: 2.13
21.   5 Traffic Generating Tips Using Reciprocal Linking by Dan Lok
    Does reciprocal linking still have value? The short answer is: YES. The caveat is that you must do it the right way. It's always been a no-brainer that one-way links are more valuable than reciprocal links. But the latter can still be a powerful SEO strategy and bring you additional targeted traffic.
    Distributed: 2007-11-28 11:00:00 | Word Count: 552 | Page Views: 4540 | Votes: 6 | Rating: 2.17
22.   An SEO Primer for Search Engine Ranking by Dan Lok
    You could easily spend a good chunk of your life reading about SEO. But it's not needed. You don't need to endlessly tweak, research, track, and tweak some more to get outstanding rankings. But It does require some knowledge, effort, and patience.
    Distributed: 2007-11-26 12:00:00 | Word Count: 721 | Page Views: 4177 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 2.53
23.   Engineering Smarter Landing Pages by Dan Lok
    Not all landing pages are created equal. How well they convert rests solely on how well you engineer them. Lets discuss thought, design, engineering, and how they make a difference.
    Distributed: 2007-11-15 11:00:00 | Word Count: 702 | Page Views: 3816 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 2.69
24.   The Greatest Copywriting Skill And How to Learn It by Dan Lok
    The most powerful skill you can have as a copywriter is getting inside your prospects head and talking to them in their language. When you do that, and do it well, they'll listen to you. When you're talking to them about their most pressing problems, their most dire needs, and deepest their language...magic happens.
    Distributed: 2007-11-13 12:36:00 | Word Count: 705 | Page Views: 5239 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 3.30
25.   How To Breathe Life Into Your Sales Copy With A Stronger Offer by Dan Lok
    If you want a huge leg-up on your MUST test as many components of your sales copy as possible. It's the one thing that distinguishes good results from the superb. Done right, testing and refining your offer can put you into a whole other league of success. A powerful offer is one of the best ways to tilt the deck in your favor and get more sales.
    Distributed: 2007-11-08 10:00:00 | Word Count: 625 | Page Views: 5339 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 1.83
26.   Touch Your Prospect's Soul With Empathetic Copywriting by Dan Lok
    It has often been said that copywriting is science and art. And the best copywriters will be the first to tell you it's an endeavor with a life-long education. You can set your copy apart, be unique, and find your own personal style by going within. Forget books for a while.
    Distributed: 2007-11-06 10:24:00 | Word Count: 557 | Page Views: 5209 | Votes: 12 | Rating: 3.08
27.   How to Effectively Use Testimonials Online And Offline by Dan Lok
    I'm always amazed when I come across a sales letter, usually online, and there are NO testimonials. They're powerful response and conversion boosters and are so easy to implement. You're only hurting your own marketing efforts, and leaving cash on the table, if you're not using them.
    Distributed: 2007-11-01 10:00:00 | Word Count: 680 | Page Views: 4472 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.36
28.   For Copywriters Only: A Guaranteed Way to Eliminate Writer's Block Forever Starting With Your Next Sales Letter by Dan Lok
    Maybe you're one of the few who never suffer from writer's block. But since you're reading this then I'm guessing you're not one of the few. It's ok. As you gain more experience you'll naturally figure out what works best for you. What follows is a technique to get you writing that never fails to work. And it doesn't really matter where you begin your next killer sales letter.
    Distributed: 2007-10-30 11:00:00 | Word Count: 704 | Page Views: 4684 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 2.14
29.   3 Response Killing Direct Mail Copywriting Mistakes And How to Easily Avoid Them by Dan Lok
    Your constant challenge as a direct mail copywriter is to effectively communicate with target markets in their language. Many writers specialize in one or two niche areas. It doesn't matter. Even seasoned writers sometimes drop the ball and make easily avoidable mistakes.
    Distributed: 2007-10-29 10:00:00 | Word Count: 834 | Page Views: 4555 | Votes: 20 | Rating: 2.10
30.   5 Website Content And Design Mistakes That Kill Conversions by Dan Lok
    It's sad but true. Most of us humans shoot ourselves in the foot in countless ways. And the same applies to very basic, avoidable website mistakes that only encourage visitors to exit stage right. You have more than enough issues and obstacles getting visitors to your all-important piece of web real estate.
    Distributed: 2007-10-26 09:00:00 | Word Count: 780 | Page Views: 3960 | Votes: 21 | Rating: 2.24
31.   5 Powerful Copywriting Tips And Why You Should Use Them by Dan Lok
    One great thing about copywriting is it's a never-ending discovery. There's literally no end to your copywriting education. That sentiment has been echoed by all the great copywriters through the years. And quite often an experienced writer will re-discover things learned before.
    Distributed: 2007-10-25 11:00:00 | Word Count: 726 | Page Views: 4289 | Votes: 13 | Rating: 2.08
32.   How To Make 2007 Your Best Year Ever by Dan Lok
    Looking back at 2006, I think I accomplished about 80% of the goals I set for myself. I feel good about where I am. I hit almost all my business and financial goals, and missed a few personal ones (like having a six-pack) but that's ok. I am still working on that. Overall 2006 was a great year for me. Now I want to talk to you about how to make 2007 your most profitable year ever. There are five keys I guarantee will help you have a successful year.
    Distributed: 2007-01-08 13:24:00 | Word Count: 716 | Page Views: 4077 | Votes: 10 | Rating: 2.50
33.   10 Shockingly Simple Web Copy Secrets Anyone Can Use Instantly by Dan Lok
    What are the web copy secrets you need to know to convert prospects to paying customers? Don't spend hours laboring over your copy. There are simple, instant tools you can use to develop great copy in minutes... not hours. What are they?
    Distributed: 2006-10-04 11:36:00 | Word Count: 309 | Page Views: 5169 | Votes: 15 | Rating: 2.20
34.   10 Sure Fire Ways To Multiply Your Online Profits! by Dan Lok
    Most people think the only way to make money is by selling their own products on the Web. This couldn't be further from the truth.
    Distributed: 2006-09-29 10:36:00 | Word Count: 433 | Page Views: 4534 | Votes: 22 | Rating: 1.91
35.   10 Simple Ways To Kick Up Your Internet Sales In Five Minutes Flat! by Dan Lok
    Every entrepreneur wants to know the secrets to kicking their sales up a notch. The key is doing so quickly and easily.
    Distributed: 2006-09-25 14:48:00 | Word Count: 651 | Page Views: 4349 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.18
36.   The Simplest And Easiest Way To Position Your Business Ahead Of The Competition! by Dan Lok
    The power of branding in marketing campaigns
    Distributed: 2006-09-21 10:48:00 | Word Count: 401 | Page Views: 3852 | Votes: 24 | Rating: 2.25
37.   How To Turn Your eBook Into A Massive Information Marketing Business by Dan Lok
    Do you have an e-book? Is it doing well? Most people feel satisfied if they have an e-book that is selling well. What they don't realize however, is if they adopt three simple strategies, they can double or triple their profits.
    Distributed: 2006-09-13 11:12:00 | Word Count: 801 | Page Views: 3904 | Votes: 14 | Rating: 3.07
38.   How To Eat Your Competition Alive! by Dan Lok
    One of the questions I get often is, "How do I deal with competition." Most people want to know how they can prevent competition or what steps they can take to overcome competition successfully.
    Distributed: 2006-08-11 11:48:00 | Word Count: 768 | Page Views: 4144 | Votes: 21 | Rating: 3.05
39.   How To Create Compelling E-mail Offers That Sell Like Crazy by Dan Lok
    If you want to create a dynamic e-mail campaign, you have to offer your clients more than a simple announcement. Far too often people fall into the trap of believing an announcement is enough to entice their customer.
    Distributed: 2006-07-31 15:00:00 | Word Count: 907 | Page Views: 5720 | Votes: 11 | Rating: 2.18
40.   Why You Arent Making The Money You Want To On The Internet And What To Do About It! by Dan Lok
    Many clients come to me with problems... The most common problem I hear from people is they arent making the kind of money they want to make with their Internet business. They dont know what the problem is and they want me to help.
    Distributed: 2006-07-26 11:00:00 | Word Count: 880 | Page Views: 3988 | Votes: 23 | Rating: 2.57
41.   How To Get Your Customers To Fall In Love With Your Products And Services by Dan Lok
    So ask yourself, how do YOU build loyal customers? The best way to build loyal customers is by using the loyalty ladder concept. I want you to picture an ordinary ladder.
    Distributed: 2006-07-13 10:48:00 | Word Count: 967 | Page Views: 4827 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 2.89
42.   7 Levels of Internet Marketers by Dan Lok
    If you want to jump-start your life and your business, you have to know what type of Internet Marketer you are. True financial success only comes to those that master this concept. So ask yourself, "Do you know what kind of Internet marketer you are"?
    Distributed: 2006-07-12 10:36:00 | Word Count: 1283 | Page Views: 3867 | Votes: 17 | Rating: 2.59
43.   How To Use Viral Marketing To Generate More Traffic by Dan Lok
    Have you ever visited a site, like what you see... and then told your friends about it? OR Have your friends ever told you about an interesting or useful site they've visited in the last 30 days?
    Distributed: 2006-06-14 17:17:00 | Word Count: 766 | Page Views: 4748 | Votes: 15 | Rating: 3.13
44.   Who Are You SELLING To? by Dan Lok
    Who are your customers? What do you know about them? Can you list at least five to ten traits they possess? If you don't know who your customers are, it's impossible to market to them successfully. If you don't know who you're selling to, your marketing efforts will be generic, uninteresting, and untargeted... the three key ingredients to a failed campaign.
    Distributed: 2006-06-09 10:12:00 | Word Count: 513 | Page Views: 4472 | Votes: 19 | Rating: 2.05
45.   19 Rules For Writing Killer Headlines by Dan Lok
    Following are 19 rules you can use to write headlines that will reach out and force the prospect to read your website and sales letter.
    Distributed: 2006-05-12 16:26:00 | Word Count: 436 | Page Views: 4619 | Votes: 24 | Rating: 2.46
46.   5 Simple Tips To Improving Your Website's Conversion Rate by Dan Lok
    You've worked long and hard to get traffic to your web site. Now you've got to persuade them buy something from you. This is called web site conversion.
    Distributed: 2006-04-04 02:54:10 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3951 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
47.   10 Killer Secrets For Making Your Customers Respond To Your Email Now! by Dan Lok
    Website Conversion Expert Dan Lok says you have to learn several special techniques before you can truly leverage and make maximum use email -- the Internet's wonderchild.
    Distributed: 2006-03-28 05:02:03 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2885 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
48.   The Seven Characteristics of Incredibly Successful Web Sites by Dan Lok
    If you want to do business online, you need a web site. Your web site will be your advertisement, your storefront, your salesperson, and your cash register! That's why it is so important to pay careful attention to every aspect of your web site's development.
    Distributed: 2006-03-22 22:49:36 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3293 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
49.   How To Almost Instantly Double, Triple And Even Quadruple Your Sales Conversion! Part 2 by Dan Lok
    It's true. A good example of a successful premium (free bonus) was in the Ginsu knife infomercials. If you're familiar with the old Ginsu knife infomercials... you will remember how they'd use the 'pile-on-technique' to get you to order. Can you remember, it went something like this...
    Distributed: 2006-03-09 22:31:45 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2997 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
50.   How To Almost Instantly Double, Triple And Even Quadruple Your Sales Conversion! Part 1 by Dan Lok
    Would you like to know how to almost instantly begin doubling, tripling... and even... quadrupling your sales and profit margins?
    Distributed: 2006-03-07 02:14:25 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2984 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
51.   Discover The Simple Automatic Way To “Collect” Testimonials From Your Happy Customers! by Dan Lok
    Okay, this week we're moving on to 'higher education' with Website Conversion 101. It's a practical lesson and so easy to apply you'll wish someone had told you about it sooner.
    Distributed: 2005-09-16 07:12:02 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2952 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
52.   The 4 Giant Lies You've Been Told About Internet Marketing! by Dan Lok
    To quote Peter Finch from the iconic 1970's film 'Network': I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore! There are so many lies, half-truths, and misguided misinformation out there about online marketing that it's driving me crazy!
    Distributed: 2005-08-05 18:43:50 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3009 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
53.   A Sneaky Little Technique That Can Boost Your Online Profits By Up To 330%! by Dan Lok
    Today, I'm going to teach you an extremely powerful, marketing 'secret' that will get your profits multiplying like rabbits.
    Distributed: 2005-07-29 12:40:34 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2736 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 0.00
54.   The Surprising Secret of a - Lone Wolf - Who's Sold Over $25.7 Million Worth of Products by Dan Lok
    Today, I'm doing something a little different. Rather than rant, I want to RAVE: about a person and a process. But first, let me tell you a quick story about myself... and about: My Mentor -- Mr. 'X'.
    Distributed: 2005-07-22 02:28:47 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2863 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
55.   How To Legally and Ethically Steal Million-Dollar Ideas! by Dan Lok
    Some companies spend thousands of dollars in market research and development trying to figure out the best way to reach their market. And the good news is -- although your can copyright words and graphics, you can't copyright ideas.
    Distributed: 2005-06-22 17:57:40 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2799 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 0.00
56.   6 Innovative Payment Offers That Sell Like Crazy by Dan Lok
    The way you structure your payment offers can increase your sales. I'm not talking about the way people pay like credit cards, digital payments, checks, and cash options.
    Distributed: 2005-06-09 04:32:44 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2663 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 1.50
57.   Extreme Persuasion Strategies That Will Make Your Prospects Feel Compelled To Act Now! by Dan Lok
    Question: What's an easy way to deal with lingering doubts and questions about an offer with the best ways to create urgency and compel people to act now?
    Distributed: 2005-06-02 22:04:44 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3013 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 0.00
58.   How To Melt The Resistance Of Even The Most Stubborn, Skeptical Prospect! by Dan Lok
    Question: Dan, how to deal with ultra skeptical offline or be it Internet surfers in order to reassure them and get them to happily open up their wallets?
    Distributed: 2005-06-01 00:42:16 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2929 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
59.   4 Simple Ways To Persuade Undecided Visitors To Order Your Products Or Services Immediately! by Dan Lok
    You must create urgency so people will buy your products or services now. They may not revisit your web site or see your ad again.
    Distributed: 2005-05-24 21:57:56 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2735 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
60.   How To Become A High-Paid Marketing Consultant Or Copywriter - FAST! Part 2 by Dan Lok
    Question: Dan, if you were starting out and had no references or a substantial resume, how would you go about finding paying customers for your services?
    Distributed: 2005-05-17 02:35:53 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2676 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
61.   How To Become A High-Paid Marketing Consultant Or Copywriter - FAST! Part 1 by Dan Lok
    As a writer, or any profession for that matter, you get what I called “earned income.” You do a job; you get paid a buck. If you want another buck, you have to do another job in an endless cycle of more work for more money. It's exhausting!
    Distributed: 2005-05-05 03:38:18 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2768 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
62.   How To Crank Out Killer Web Copy That Sucks In Money Like Crazy! Part 2 by Dan Lok
    KILLER CONCEPT #6 Tell 'em Before You Sell 'em ====================================== The essence of this concept is the promise of a reward just for reading the content. The lure that there’s a payoff at the end that will justify the extra effort and time required to read further
    Distributed: 2005-04-27 23:40:35 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2631 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
63.   How To Crank Out Killer Web Copy That Sucks In Money Like Crazy! Part 1 by Dan Lok
    Do you have writer*s block? Do you have trouble staring at a blank piece of paper and don*t know how to get started? You*re NOT alone. Believe me, I know how tough it is to sit down and create killer copy from scratch...
    Distributed: 2005-04-21 01:57:49 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2760 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
64.   9 Amazing Ways To Super-Charge Your Online Profits! by Dan Lok
    Which do you think is harder to do: sell something new to someone who has already bought from you in the past or convince a stranger to make his/her first purchase? The answer is obvious:
    Distributed: 2005-04-15 18:01:04 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2880 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
65.   How To Get Rich ONE Site At A Time! by Dan Lok
    One of the biggest problems that crops up with my clients is that they always to seem to be too focused on the *NEXT* 'big thing'...long before they've perfected the science of their *CURRENT* big thing -- their existing website.
    Distributed: 2005-04-07 01:15:49 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2598 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 0.00
66.   The Ultimate Secret To Internet Success! (And It's Not What You Think) by Dan Lok
    What I'm about to say may hurt your feelings, but it's time someone tells you the truth: If your website is not making money, it’s NOBODY'S FAULT BUT YOUR OWN!
    Distributed: 2005-04-05 22:37:07 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2643 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
67.   Sneaky Web Design Tricks That Automatically Boost Readership And Drive-Up Conversion Rate! by Dan Lok
    Do you have powerful, irresistible, conversion-oriented sales copy that*s waiting to be uploaded simply because you don*t have someone to *design* your site?
    Distributed: 2005-03-23 02:45:04 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2932 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
68.   Traffic Conversion Secrets Finally Revealed! by Dan Lok
    A lot of people think that if there*s a problem with conversion that the sales copy must be at fault. This is WRONG THINKING... and potentially fatal to your website*s success.
    Distributed: 2005-03-01 03:56:21 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2951 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
69.   Donald Trump's Marketing Secrets Revealed! by Dan Lok
    It's official! Now in it's third season, Donald Trump's killer television series *The Apprentice* is officially a *franchise.*
    Distributed: 2005-02-09 01:02:21 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2979 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
70.   No-Holds-Barred Conversations with Dan Lok - Part 2 by Dan Lok
    Question: How to deal with ultra skeptical offline or be it Internet surfers in order to reassure them and get them to happily open up their wallets?
    Distributed: 2004-12-02 02:28:36 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2948 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
71.   No-Holds-Barred Conversation with Dan Lok - Part 1 by Dan Lok
    Question: If you were starting out and had no references or a substantial resume, how would you go about finding paying customers for your services?
    Distributed: 2004-11-24 01:35:03 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2705 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
72.   Secrets of Donald Trump Revealed! by Dan Lok
    Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Donald Trump is one of the world's most intriguing success stories... arrogant, conceited, and an absolute lightening rod for wealth of the largest magnitude. Trump is a billionaire! His accomplishment speaks for itself.
    Distributed: 2004-09-24 01:14:53 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2618 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
73.   How To Create Amazingly Seductive Offers Only a Moron Could Resist! by Dan Lok
    I gotta admit, this approach is a little extreme and probably not something you want to try in your business, but it is a perfect example of an irresistible offer! An irresistible offer is an 'invitation' that is so clearly compelling, so powerful, and so obviously attractive that no one in his/her mind could refuse. That's the kind of offer you want to make, too.
    Distributed: 2004-09-17 03:04:55 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2634 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
74.   What Do The Olympics Have To Do With Marketing? by Dan Lok
    Millions of people around the world tuned into the Games of the XXVII Olympiad for the extraordinary displays of physical strength and prowess offered by the world's greatest athletes. They weren't disappointed. Neither were the savvy business entrepreneurs who watched the games from Athens for insights and ideas to advance their marketing efforts.
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75.   9 Razor-Sharp Strategies For Building Success and Adding Zeroes to Checking Account Balance by Dan Lok
    It's easy to get so caught-up in the day-to-day obligations of your business that you find yourself trapped in the present, regretting the past, and with no time to worry about the future. It's easy… and it's deadly.
    Distributed: 2004-09-06 02:37:45 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2684 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
76.   10 High-Octane Ways to Shift Your Conversion Rate into High Gear! by Dan Lok
    Would you like to rev-up your conversion rate and get sales going from 'zero in sixty' in no time flat? Would you like to increase your profits exponentially -- 100%, 200%...even as much as 1,700%... -- by doing nothing more than changing a few words on your website?
    Distributed: 2004-08-26 03:59:18 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3264 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
77.   101 Mind-Grabbing 'Bucket Brigade' That Will Keep Your Prospects' Eyes Glued To Your Sales Pitch! by Dan Lok
    If you want your sales letters to be super-magnets, with messages so compelling that your prospects' eyes are glued to every word, if you want to achieve the 'can't look away' pull of a car accident... then you're going to love this issue of the Rant.
    Distributed: 2004-08-13 04:40:57 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3063 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
78.   The Truth About Web Traffic! by Dan Lok
    “Dan, I'm stumped,' said my client. (I'll call her Wanda Widget to protect her identity). “I’m getting more than 6000 unique visitors a month to my website, but I am only making 10 or 11 sales a month and my product is only selling for $97!”
    Distributed: 2004-08-03 03:36:07 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3278 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
79.   How 'Al Bundy' Can Boost Your Advertising Results! by Dan Lok
    Are you familiar with the advertising campaign, 'Reading is FUNdamental'? Well, here's something less 'FUN' that the ads don't mention: 90% of the people in North American have the reading skills of a 12-year-old.
    Distributed: 2004-07-20 02:44:35 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3199 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
80.   How To Use The Most Powerful Force In Selling To Magnetize Customers To Your Product Or Service! by Dan Lok
    What is the most powerful, irresistible, GUARANTEED way to get customers interested in your product or service? Did you guess 'low price'? Wrong. Do you think it's 'free?' Try again. 'Guaranteed'? Sorry -- wrong again. The answer is simple, but some of the most brilliant copywriters in the world aren't 'keyed in' to this #1 consumer magnet, so don't feel bad if you don't know what I'm talking about... yet. You will. The fact is...
    Distributed: 2004-07-14 02:30:15 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 4390 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
81.   This Article Has Nothing To Do With Marketing... Do NOT Read It! by Dan Lok
    You just couldn't resist could you? And you're not the only person who sees Do NOT and reads DO.
    Distributed: 2004-07-08 02:23:51 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3225 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
82.   79 “Dragon-Slayer” Headlines From Dan's Million-Dollar File Cabinet! by Dan Lok
    You see, over the years, I’ve studied literally thousands of pieces of mail looking for those “gems” of sales copy that I could use in my own projects like websites, display ads and sales letters.
    Distributed: 2004-06-23 03:01:32 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3710 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
83.   The Lazy Writer's Way to Creating Killer Headlines! by Dan Lok
    I have a confession to make. It’s about the title of this article. I stole it and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I “modeled” the title after the highly successful ad headline “The Lazy Man’s Way To Riches.” Contrary to what you believe, Top copywriters don’t make up the “killer” headlines they write, they steal them.
    Distributed: 2004-06-18 00:33:54 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2659 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 0.00
84.   Do You Make These Dumb Marketing Mistakes? (I Have Made Some of Them Myself!) by Dan Lok
    Most businesses have what I called a 'sales prevention department.' It's not part of anyone's business plan and no one starts their SP department intentionally, but we all have one. It’s the 'department' that sends out the messages that prevent people from spending their money with you.
    Distributed: 2004-06-11 01:53:25 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2792 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
85.   Random Whimsy: Uncensored Interview with Dan Lok by Dan Lok
    Norman Williams, publisher of 'Big Money Publishing Newsletter,' recently did a Q&A about me.
    Distributed: 2004-06-09 01:24:07 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3093 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00
86.   How To Master The Art And Science Of Super Salesmanship In 3 ½ Minutes Flat! by Dan Lok
    I wasn't born to sell. I had to learn selling... the HARD way: making embarrassing mistakes, blowing deals right and left, losing clients... and going to outrageous extremes trying to identify the world-class salesmen who would teach me the way to do things right.
    Distributed: 2004-06-07 14:21:11 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3504 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 0.00
87.   Shocking Experienced Copywriter Reveals Little-Known Secrets To Closing BIG Ticket Deals! by Dan Lok
    People who are unwilling to open their eyes to BIG ideas are solidly parked right in their own way... their own BIG obstacle to success. Big money is made by translating great ideas from outside your industry -- whatever it is -- into your industry. What gives you your competitive edge is a unique selling proposition (USP).
    Distributed: 2004-06-01 01:25:32 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2827 | Votes: 1 | Rating: 1.00

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