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All Articles Written By: Adriana Copaceanu

1.   Great Gifts under $5 by Adriana Copaceanu
    Gift giving is at its absolute finest during the Christmas season. Putting smiles on children's faces, making an elderly person feel appreciated, rewarding a hardworking employee - the reasons for gift giving at Christmas are endless. Christmas is the most popular time for gift giving, and it is no secret that Christmas is also the favorite time for marriage proposals.
    Distributed: 2004-12-08 03:59:46 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2236 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
2.   The Magic Of Gift Giving At Christmas by Adriana Copaceanu
    Regardless of age, almost everyone can remember at least a few magic moments of their past at Christmas time. Even in our fifties and sixties, we can still very precisely recall how our parents celebrated Christmas. Those moments will never be forgotten because to all of us, Christmas is a very special time for our immediate families to be together. It is also human nature for us to pass along our family traditions to the next generation. It is without question, the most popular time of the year to show our appreciation for one another.
    Distributed: 2004-10-20 01:32:51 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2883 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
3.   Gift Giving During Thanksgiving Adds That Special Touch by Adriana Copaceanu
    Many of us believe Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays, right? Actually, one of the most notable occasions is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is surprisingly a widely celebrated holiday that crosses over many nationalities and religions.
    Distributed: 2004-10-12 02:41:40 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1908 | Votes: 2 | Rating: 0.50
4.   Baby Expense: What To Do When Baby's On The Way And Money Is Tight… by Adriana Copaceanu
    As you probably know, baby expense should be high on your list of things to plan for, before the baby comes. There is no cheap way to have and raise a baby: it takes sweat, work, lots of cash, patience, and more to have a happy, healthy baby. Some studies suggest that you will spend anywhere between $150,000 and $200,000 for your kids by the time they are 18 years old, not including private schools, special lessons, or college.
    Distributed: 2004-10-01 03:59:36 | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 3192 | Votes: 3 | Rating: 0.33

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