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    TPW Text-to-Hyperlink
    Conversion Tool

    The TPW Text-to-Hyperlink Conversion Tool has been used 226421 times since May 1st, 2004.
    This tool was last used on 2017-05-22.

    Here is the instructions on how to use this tool. In short, you can place natural text with URL's and Mailto addresses in the box, click convert, and get all of your URL's and Mailto addresses within the text in a hyperlink form for straight copy-and-paste to your HTML documents.

    IMPORTANT USAGE NOTE: Make sure that that URL's contain the http:// prefix and email addresses contain the mailto: prefix. This is absolutely necessary for the script to work as it was intended to work.

    As with any great tool, this one was created first to serve the very real needs of the programmer and then given the public. The tool is useful for me, because it solves a common problem I encounter. I am the programmer.

    I deal with articles everyday. If you haven't noticed, that is the root of my business. One problem I had been trying to deal with forever is how to turn a text document into a text document with hyperlinks, without having to manually do the changes to the text and adding up to an extra twenty minutes of preparation work on each article. I knew there had to be a software solution for this issue, but finding documentation or learning how to handle this task with Perl was difficult at best.

    I finally got it done, and decided it should be shared with the people who use my site. I encourage all webmasters to take the free-reprint articles that they take from my directory, and convert the standard text document to a standard text document with hyperlinks, using this conversion tool.

    This first page is the only one that is filled with description and tutorial text. Once past this initial page, all of the extra text disappears which will permit you to use the tool more quickly and more efficiently.

    There are actually two text boxes included in this tool. The basic idea is that you can put the actual article body into the first text box, and the writer's resource box in the second text box, and then you can click convert. Once the software is done processing, you will simply copy-and-paste each box of hyperlinked text to your own website in the format that your website is shown.

    We have included a sample text copy in the box below to help you to see firsthand how this tool actually works.

    Text Copy #1 (Article):

    Text Copy #2 (Resource Box):

    The TPW Text-to-Hyperlink Conversion Tool has been used 226421 times since May 1st, 2004.

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    Last Update: 2004-04-28