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Bill Platt of the Phantom Writers, invites you to reprint this article in your print publication, ezine, or on your website. This is a Free-Reprint article. The only requirements for publishing this article are:

  • You must leave the article and resource box unedited.
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  • The Power of Free Reprint Articles and the Terms of Reprint
    Copyright 2003, Bill Platt

    As a writer of free-reprint articles, I know full well the 
    intentions of the writer's who make their articles available 
    to publishers and webmasters as *free* content.
    When the game is played correctly, the free web content is able 
    to provide value to everyone involved. The people who benefit 
    from the content includes the people who read it, the ezine 
    publisher who publishes it, the webmaster who posts it on their 
    website, the advertisers who support the publishers, and the 
    writers who take the time and initiative to develop the content.
    But, when the rules of the game are broken, everyone suffers.
    As writers, we fully appreciate the value gained by everyone 
    from the distribution of free-reprint articles. 
    - The End User -
    The people who read the content benefit from the knowledge that 
    is being shared with them. The content usually helps them to 
    learn something he or she has wanted to learn. 
    The article might teach someone how to make a tasty Cajun 
    chili. It might teach someone how to help their children with 
    the problems that children face everyday. The article might 
    even teach someone how to overcome the obstacles to owning 
    and operating a successful online business.
    - The Ezine Publisher -
    The ezine publisher is constantly under pressure to deliver the 
    kind of content that their readers want, which is necessary to 
    attract and keep readers for their publication.
    - The Webmaster - 
    The vast majority of Internet surfers use the search engines 
    as a starting point on their active hunt for information and 
    products. Recognizing this fact, webmasters often use free 
    content to build their keyword ratings in the search engines, 
    thereby improving upon their chances of being located by 
    Internet searchers. 
    The hope is that by providing targeted content to search engine 
    users, webmasters can bring in people who are ideally suited to 
    purchasing their products or services. 
    - The Advertiser -
    The advertiser benefits from the free content by having a good 
    ezine or website on which to advertise their products and 
    services. The stronger the ezine or website, the more likely 
    the advertiser's money will provide a good return on investment 
    for the advertiser. 
    - The Writer -
    Writers honestly do not create content for ezine publishers or 
    webmasters from a purely altruistic point of view. 
    In fact, just as the reader, publisher, webmaster and advertiser 
    do, writers also receive a benefit from the content they create. 
    Through the *article resource box*, writers also have the 
    opportunity to create traffic and sales for their own businesses.
    The *resource box* is the real reason writers make their content 
    available to the world.
    To protect their own rights, writers usually include a *Terms 
    of Reprint* with their articles. Hyperlinking URL's is often a 
    very important component of the writer's *Terms of Reprint*.
    *Free-reprint rights* does not mean that there is no cost 
    involved with using the content --- it only means that their 
    is no monetary cost for using the content. The actual cost of 
    using a *free-reprint article* is that the *Terms of Reprint* 
    must be honored in full. 
    When a publisher or webmaster breaks the writer's *Terms of 
    Reprint*, the writer's legal position to seek monetary payment 
    is assured --- even when the article was released as a 
    *free-reprint article.* 
     You must leave the resource box unedited.
     You may not change the recommendations or context of the 
      body of the article.
     You may not use this article in UCE (Unsolicited Commercial 
      Email). Email distribution of this article must be opt-in 
      email only.
     You must forward a copy of the ezine or newsletter that 
      contains the article inside to the author's email address.
     If you post this article on a website, you must set the links 
      up as hyperlinks, and you must send the author a copy of the 
      URL where the article is posted.
    Writers are in the same boat as the publisher and webmaster. 
    They have started their online business for the purpose of 
    making money from their website. For the writer, the article 
    that they provide to others provides a small advertisement for 
    the writer's business in the writer's resource box at the end 
    of each article. This small advertisement in the resource box 
    of the article IS the writer's payment for all of his or her 
    hard work. 
    Webmaster's spend a lot of their time building links to their 
    websites for the purpose of promoting their own websites. Yet, 
    for some reason, some publishers and webmasters think it is 
    okay to cheat the writer of the same benefit. 
    If you are using a free-reprint article in your ezine or on 
    your website and you are not following the *Terms of Reprint* 
    to a tee, then you are in violation of those terms and using 
    the content illegally. 
    Here is the deal, if you don't honor the *Terms of Reprint* 
    associated with a free-reprint article, then the writer has 
    every right to ask for a cash payment from you for the use of 
    the article. Should you choose to continue to deny payment, 
    the writer has every right to contact your webhost and make 
    them aware of your violations of Copyright Law. 
    Read the *Terms of Service* from your webhost provider --- I 
    guarantee you that your webhost provider explicitly prohibits 
    the use of illegally obtained content on your website. Failure 
    to adhere to the writer's *Terms of Reprint* could realistically 
    result in your site being shut down by your webhosting provider.
    Considering that you could be put out of business by using the 
    writer's content illegally, wouldn't it make much more sense 
    to honor the writer's stated *Terms of Reprint*?
    Do the right thing. Use our content that we are kind enough to 
    provide to you, AND make certain that you honor our *Terms of 
    Reprint* on every point. Your future success could depend on 
    all of the decisions you make concerning your use of OUR 
    content, which we are kind enough to make available to you. 
    We writer's really do want you to use our content. We want for 
    you to be successful, and we know that our content can help you 
    to find the success you are seeking. In our hearts, we really 
    do have an altruistic nature, but we must watch out for our 
    own interests also. 
    The content we develop requires a lot of time and hard work 
    --- this article alone took more than 12 hours from idea to 
    fruition. We do need to be paid for our work, even when we 
    do not require a cash payment for our work. 
    Hyperlinking the URL's on a website and in an HTML ezine is 
    very important to our success. It is also important to your 
    success since your failure to hyperlink could result in your 
    not being able to use our content, and could even result in 
    the termination of your online business.
    Let us continue to work together in a way that benefits both of 
    us. We will continue to create the content that will help make 
    you a success. And you will pay us for our work by including 
    our resource box with the article and hyperlinking the URL's 
    in our resource box. 
    Let's face it. We both need one another. Let us continue to 
    work together in a way that will continue to benefit all of 
    us. Do the right thing.

    Bill Platt owns http://thePhantomWriters.com . Do you need free content for your website or ezine? Our archives deliver more than 350 free-reprint articles available for your use. http://content.thePhantomWriters.com . Do you write your own articles? Let us distribute them for you to our network of 6000+ publishers & webmasters http://thePhantomWriters.com/distribution

    This article was originally written: September, 2003

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