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  • Do You Publish? Do You Fear Spam Accusations?
    Copyright 2003, Bill Platt

    Let's face it. If you are publishing an ezine online, your
    business is always at risk. The anti-spam community does not 
    concern themselves with how much care and work you put into 
    building your list and how much effort you put into assuring 
    that your subscribers really want to be on your list. 
    Some in the anti-spam community would be delighted if your 
    business was to be crushed, and if they could help you towards 
    that end, then they would be quite delighted.
    No matter how much care or caution you put into building and 
    maintaining your mailing list, your business' future is only 
    as safe as the next email you send. One threat or complaint 
    from one of your subscribers could cause your ISP to shut you 
    down, even if the subscriber had verified their intent to be 
    a subscriber, two, three, four or even five times.
    Most ISP's do not take the time to investigate accusations.
    Instead they simply react to the accusation with immediate
    termination of an account.
    There is a new way to manage an ezine without having to use 
    email as the delivery method. Many top name publishers have
    already made the switch. Any subscriber who installs the 
    Quikonnex software on their system can subscribe to your ezine, 
    and then when you make a new posting, your subscriber will be 
    notified directly through the Quikonnex software on your
    subscriber's desktop.
    Learn more about The Quikonnex Publishing Software and Program:

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    This article was originally written: December, 2003

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