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  • Snowballs Rolling Down a Mountain! (Updated)
    Copyright 2003, Bill Platt

    The very first step in the promotion process is making contact
    with your potential customer. Once contact is made, it is 
    suggested that you have 30 seconds to get their attention. 
    I personally feel that you have three chances to get their 
    attention. In your first shot, you have less than 2 seconds!
    That is how long it takes someone to read your Headline. This
    is usually how much time you are allotted to snag someone's 
    attention even in a radio spot or television ad. Also, in a
    direct sales call, your prospect may only give you two seconds
    to get his attention before he/she tunes you out!
    Many volumes have been written on how to write a good headline. 
    These tutorials on writing good headlines can usually apply
    equally to your radio and tv ads, as well as on your direct 
    sales call. To understand the power of writing a good headline
    is not the point of this article, so I will move on.
    Most television ads and radio ads last 30 seconds, so you might
    have an additional 28 seconds to turn around the contact with
    your potential client. Even in a direct sales call, you will be
    given 30 seconds as a rule to dig yourself out, since it will
    usually take that long for a person to figure out how to get
    rid of you. In a written ad or article, that same 30 seconds
    usually amounts to maybe one or two paragraphs of text, at which
    time your prospect will be drawn into your ad or article, or 
    they will move on to more important matters.
    Your third chance to get your prospects attention materializes 
    only when you have successfully navigated yourself through the
    first 30 seconds! At this point, you have captured your 
    potential clients attention and they are giving you the 
    opportunity to take them where you would like them to go. 
    There is one technique that you can use which is a proverbial 
    snow ball rolling down a mountain! That technique is to place 
    your business behind your name, and to sell your name through 
    the art of writing Free Reprint Articles. Save your business 
    information for the Resource Box that accompanies every Free 
    Reprint Article.
    If you would spend the same amount of time that you could 
    potentially spend with a single client in a direct sales 
    situation, and apply that time to writing an article on a 
    subject that people would like to read about, you could 
    realistically be launching your own snowball of Mt. Everest 
    There are thousands upon thousands of publishers out there in 
    the world today. In the old world of publishing, it could take
    you years to become established enough so that publishers would 
    begin to publish your work. Not only that, it could take months
    just to get one article to the finished stages that would catch
    the fancy of the good ol' boy system of publishing.
    In today's Internet world, there are so many more publishers 
    out there looking for even more content than was needed by the 
    industry as little as five years ago. With the advent of the
    Internet system of doing things, anyone could become a 
    publisher. With the flood of new publishers, the need for 
    great content exploded as well.
    Therein lies our greatest opportunity to market ourselves. 
    In the month of March 2000, I took articles that I had written 
    for my own publications and repackaged them for general 
    distribution. I also took some time to create a couple new 
    articles just to meet this task. In March, I started promoting 
    my articles to other publishers. I spent three solid weeks 
    promoting my articles in the same way that I had been promoting 
    my big newsletter. 
    I asked each publisher who published one of my articles to 
    forward me a copy of their published ezine with my article 
    inside. The publishers who allowed me that consideration gave
    me the opportunity to track my results. In the month of March,
    my articles gave me and my newsletter exposure to more than 
    500,000 readers! In that three week period, I effectively 
    doubled my subscriber base!
    This article, up until this point, was originally written in 
    July of 2000. I called the process *a snowball rolling down a 
    mountain,* because in the months following the release of my 
    first articles my site traffic began to grow exponentially, 
    and my cash register began to ring.
    Through September of 2000, I had managed to have my message
    seen in publications reaching over 2 million people!
    In September of 2001, I took my own advice and shifted the focus 
    of my own business. After much observation and contemplation, I 
    built my new business around the writing and distribution of 
    Free Reprint Articles. I eventually phased out my old business
    to focus more time on the program that had given me much to
    Now, years later, I am still reaping rewards from the first
    articles that I had written way back in March of 2000 because 
    they continue to be published even today. I believe the reason
    they continue to be published is because the content of those
    articles is still as relevent today as it was at the beginning 
    of the new Millenium. 
    There are more than 50 articles in circulation right now
    promoting my own business. There are hundreds more in my 
    archives that are promoting the businesses of my clients.
    For the good of my business, my clients are also reaping the
    rewards of both my writing and distribution activities. 
    One of my ghosted clients had to take a hiatus from the 
    publishing cycle, just so that he could catch up with his 
    new workload. 
    I also have clients that I have helped by distributing the 
    articles that they have written on their own. Cajun Clark was 
    excited when he told me:
      "Let me share something with you: Your submission services 
       and guidance have done more for my infamy :), to build my 
       website traffic than any thing else I've tried. FYI, there 
       are now, according to Google, 262 pages on the Internet 
       that contain http://www.cajunclarks.com, many of which 
       came from your submissions."
    I think of every article as an individual *snowball rolling 
    down a mountain.* The reason why I think of it like this is
    because the article will be published when I release it, then
    again every few months as other publishers discover its 
    existence. Imagine in your mind the snowball rolling downhill
    in the cartoons --- it just gets bigger and bigger as it 
    travels downward.
    With each roll of a snowball --- with each published article, 
    I am generating more and more recognition as being an expert 
    in my field. By marketing myself effectively, I am lending 
    credibility to any business venture I may undertake.
    Once you have created your own articles with Free Reprint
    Rights, it will be time to start promoting them to editors and 
    publishers everywhere. Here are five announcement lists for 
    publicizing your new articles:
    Free Ezine Content - 
    Free Reprint Articles - 
    Quality Checked Reprint Articles - 
    Political Thoughts - 
    Article Depot - 
    Once you have run the course of the Article Announce Lists, then
    it will be time to turn to the Article Directories. Here is a 
    list of Article Directories that you can use:
    Ezine Articles - http://www.EzineArticles.com/
    Opportunity Update - http://www.OpportunityUpdate.com/
    EZ Ad Success - http://www.EZAdSuccess.com
    Idea Marketers - http://www.IdeaMarketers.com/
    Ebooks N Bytes - http://www.EbooksnBytes.com/
    Whether you are looking to promote your articles, or whether you
    are simply a publisher or webmaster looking for content, then 
    these are mailing lists and websites that you will want to pay
    close attention to.
    If you place yourself on the content provider side of the 
    equation, get prepared for what lies ahead... 
       Great Big, Huge Snowballs Rolling Down a Mountain!
       Honest officer! I haven't been drinking!

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    This article was originally written: October, 2003

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