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  • Define Yourself to Find Market Share
    Copyright 2000-2005, Bill Platt

    Sometimes, finding the right product or service to make your 
    own is to find someone else's version of the same product or 
    service and discovering ways to deliver it in a different way. 
    Someone once told me that I could not make it in a business
    because there were already people in that particular business!
    The thought struck me as stupid. That is why we have other
    restaurants right. It was not enough to put a McDonalds in town,
    we also had to build a Burger King, Wendy's, Carl's Junior,
    Braums, Sonic and several more all of the local variety. All 
    of them offer us hamburgers, so why do we need more than 
    one of them?
    Because diversity sells. They all make hamburgers, but each
    one delivers the hamburger to us in a slightly different 
    fashion. Every single one of them are successful and have
    been for years. 
    Just the other night, I read a story on the history of Root
    Beer. They stated that in the 127+ years of history surrounding
    the beverage, that there have been 8,000 documented variations
    of the same product. They believe that there may have been
    100,000 variations of the same product, though they could
    not verify the larger majority of them. 
    In today's market, there are just over 2,000 variations of
    Root Beer on the market. What differentiates one from another?
    They all have the same basic ingredients, though they offer
    some small differences in the ingredients. These slight 
    differences in the recipe makes for slight differences in
    In the end, it is not the differences in taste that sells
    more of one than the other. The difference that defines 
    market share is packaging and marketing. 
    So, make a determination of what your product or service
    will be, then package it and market it in such a way that
    people want your version as often, if not more than your
    competition! Market your differences, not your similarities.
    Diversity is the key to success. Packaging and Marketing are
    the tools.

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    This article was originally written: October, 2000

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