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  • Mix Up Your Content to Drive More Traffic
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    Utilizing the kind of content that can be obtained on 
    free-reprint article directories is a good method of adding a
    wider range of search keywords to your website. By increasing
    the range of keywords on your website, you will find more of
    your own links in the search results of the major spider
    search engines. 
    A few of the "free-reprint article directories" I am referencing
    In truth, there are thousands of websites using these articles,
    to build the traffic they derive from the spider search engines.
    As one of the people who owns such a directory, I have noticed
    in my tracking logs that interesting keyword combinations can
    be achieved by mixing the actual content on your article pages.
    Here is the deal. 
    Each article published may be found on dozens of websites. So,
    even articles that I have written or distributed might be found
    on other domains in the search results ahead of my own domain 
    pages. But, when I mix content on the page, I can get ahold of 
    keyword phrases that I would not be able to acquire by using 
    the article alone. 
    An example is that my name appears on every page of my domain
    in the footer information. My name is "Bill." Appearing on a
    few of the article pages in my article directory is the words
    "sell" or "sale." I always find it interesting to see how many 
    people reach my site by using the keyword phrases "bill of 
    sell" or "bill of sale."
    As a result of these keyword phrases, I manage to generate
    a substantial amount of traffic from people seeking a physical
    copy of a "bill of sale."
    One more twist on this example is the idea that I could increase
    my traffic another notch by including a real "bill of sale" on 
    my website that people can actually download and use. Not only
    could I capture this actual traffic, but also the people who 
    came to my site from the search engines would be thrilled at
    having found a printable "bill of sale." Heck, they might even
    bookmark my website as a resource and link to my site as an
    additional web resource.

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    This article was originally written: December, 2003

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