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  • Close Your Eyes, Point, And Click
    Copyright 2000-2005, Bill Platt

    You don't have to think hard to know where you want to go. Just 
    let your mouse do the "clicking."
    Sometimes we find ourselves so overwhelmed by the amount of 
    great things to do on the Web that we reach a point where we 
    do not know what we want to do next. Like tonight, I didn't 
    know how to start working on a writing assignment I had to do.
    I got thinking about just going to a random URL generator and, 
    instead of rolling the dice, I would close my eyes, then point 
    and click. Then it hit me. You folks may not know about Random 
    Link Generators or RLG. So rather than me jumping on the RLG, 
    I decided to tell you about it.
    Obviously, many people before us have run into the same dead 
    end, and have asked, "Where do we want to go today?"
    These people not only didn't know where they wanted to go, but 
    they also realized that maybe you and I don't know either. So, 
    what did they do about it? They created sites that would give 
    us what we wanted - a way to close our eyes, point and click.
    It is like rolling the digital dice to see what might come up.
    A quick trip to Yahoo! with the search words "Random Links" 
    turned up 15 sites, and a directory with ten "Search Engine 
    An RLG simply picks links from its database at random. A search 
    engine spy will let you watch what other people are searching 
    for and view the results they are getting.
    Either way you go, you can put your mind in idle, and let 
    someone else pick your destination tonight.

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    This article was originally written: June, 2000

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