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  • Passively Acquiring New Subscribers by the Boatload
    Copyright 2002-2005, Bill Platt

    First off, don't be lulled in by the title of this article 
    into believing that anything can be acquired by doing nothing. 
    People are always sending us emails telling us that we can make 
    millions online without any work.
    Stop to think for just a moment about the person who sent you 
    that garbage. How in the world did he send you the email you 
    are reading without first investing work to create the email, 
    and then investing hundreds of hours to send his garbage to 
    the masses?
    Every person selling the "sitting on your ass" approach to 
    online success is busting his ass to sell you his garbage. 
    Think about that. 
    The truth is that success in anything requires hard work… lots 
    of hard work. 
    Having said this, let me now return to the subject of this 
       "Passively Acquiring New Subscribers by the Boatload"
    By using this method, subscribers CAN be acquired by the 
    boatload! However, it must be noted that while these 
    subscribers are coming to you in a passive method, you 
    have in fact done a considerable work to position yourself 
    to take real advantage of this technique. 
    It is like the people who promise that you can make $5,000 in 
    a week by using a particular method. That may be true, but what 
    they did not tell you was that they had invested as much as 5 
    years work ahead of the $5,000 per week earnings! Nothing 
    happens overnight, not even on the web. 
    Everyone has pretty much seen by now the pop-ups that appear on 
    sites you visit on the web. These pop-ups offer all kinds of 
    goods and services to you. A lot of people complain that these 
    pop-up ads are really annoying, but the truth is that they do 
    While it makes sense to offer a pop-up that tries to get your 
    visitor to subscribe to your ezine, it makes even more sense 
    to have this offer made on dozens of other websites. By joining 
    an advertising co-op, you can get your ad to appear in the 
    pop-ups on the sites of other folks, when you agree to do the 
    same for the co-op members. 
    The kind of pop-up ads I am talking about here is the pop-ups 
    that ask you to subscribe to any of ten ezines listed in the 
    pop-up ad. These pop-ups show a list of ezines with checkboxes 
    in front of them, so readers can pick and choose the ezines 
    that appeal to them for a new subscription.
    Now, let's take this concept and apply the multiplication 
    power of  MLM to the equation. Imagine a system that lets you 
    advertise the program and anyone who signs up to the program 
    from your site is placed in your downline, permitting you to 
    gain exposure credits from those you recruit to complement 
    the exposure credits you earn from your own site's traffic. 
    In the old system of pure pop-ups with no matrix program built 
    into the system, your exposures in the program are limited by 
    the amount of traffic you can generate to your site and your 
    site alone. With the matrix built into the program, your 
    credits are determined by the exposures that you produce on 
    your site plus the exposures the pop-ups get on the websites 
    of those you recruit into this free program. 
    Add to this program cookie technology so that your pop-ups do 
    not serve to annoy your visitors. With the cookie, the pop-up 
    will only repeat itself on the same system after a two hour 
    This system I speak of lets you attract new subscribers for any 
    opt-in list for absolutely free! You can even begin earning 
    impression credits within a few minutes of signing up to the 
    program. For each exit pop-up page that you show, you get your 
    newsletter subscription box shown 4 times, which in turn will 
    lead to new subscribers through a passive means!
    Once you have the ball in motion, this method will pretty much 
    take care of itself. The one thing to keep in mind here is that 
    you earn your advertising credits based on the traffic that you 
    and your downline is capable of generating. With this having 
    been said, let us look back to the $5,000 per week example 
    The more traffic your site generates, the more opportunity you 
    have for your ad to be seen and for you to get new subscribers 
    through the system. This is where the hard work comes from. You 
    need to generate the traffic to improve your ability to be seen. 
    I loaded this program into my highest producing webpage. The 
    page by itself generates three thousand unique page views each 
    month, and has done so every month for the last three years. 
    I just did some updating to the page to improve even those 
    numbers so that I can gain even more exposure for my ezine. 
    I am able to log in each day to the page to check my current 
    statistics outlining impressions and new subscriptions to my 
    ezine. My ezine subscriptions had been kind of flat for the 
    last year or so because I had pretty much stopped advertising 
    it. However, with this one method, I am now generating a 2% 
    increase in subscriptions every week!
    Now that is what I call Power Marketing!
    To sign up for the program yourself, please visit:
    Whether you are earning your credits from the ad impressions 
    that you give the co-op or the ad impressions that your downline 
    gives the co-op does not matter. What matters is that each of 
    these credits go towards helping you expose your ezine to the 
    new subscribers that you are looking to acquire for your ezine.

    Bill Platt owns Links And Traffic Linking Systems. Bill has an excellent track record for being able to build considerable numbers of links for his clients. Subscribe to Bill's Byte Sized Marketing Tips List. --->

    This article was originally written: June, 2002

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