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  • The 2 Minute Paradigm, Convert 400% More of Your Traffic to Sales
    Copyright 2003-2005, Bill Platt

    It could be because I am from Oklahoma, but many euphemisms 
    come to mind:
     A one horse town. 
     A one stoplight town.
     "I bet that for excitement, they sit around and watch the 
      cars rust." --- Cletus "The Snowman" Snow from "Smokey and 
      the Bandit" - 1977
     Don't blink or you will miss it.
     Somewhere in the middle of Egypt.
    When I was about nine years old, my family and I were 
    travelling to meet with an aunt and uncle who live in 
    Comanche, Oklahoma. During that trip, we passed through 
    a speck of a town in southern Oklahoma called Pumpkin 
    I don't know what it was about that little, itty-bitty town 
    that stuck in my mind, but I can see it clearly in my mind's 
    eye even now. One gas station and two houses, and as I 
    remember, a population of eight.
    Most of the above euphemisms apply to this dot on the Oklahoma 
    map, except for the stoplight euphemism of course, as there 
    are no stoplights in Pumpkin Center, Oklahoma.
    Good question indeed. It is the euphamisms of driving through 
    small-town America that has driven my thoughts in the 
    development of this article. 
    "Don't blink, or you will miss it."
    Most webmasters have available to them software, which 
    interprets their web logs. If you don't have this kind of 
    software available, get some. The one that I have always 
    liked the best is HTTP-Analyze:
    I have always been shocked when I review the "time on site" 
    figures for my websites. Just for the first two weeks of 
    August 2003, I have noted the following figures on my primary 
     Number of visitors: 933 - Average visit: 118 seconds
     87.4% of all visitors spent less than two minutes onsite.
     79.8% of all visitors spent less than 30 seconds onsite.
    Believe it or not, these numbers remain fairly consistent from 
    month to month. In July, 85.6% of my visitors were onsite for 
    less than two minutes.
    In my mind, that defines a real problem on my own website! 
    Perhaps the same problem exists on your site. I hope not --- 
    I hope your numbers are much better. Even if your numbers are 
    better than mine, I am fairly confident that many of your own 
    visitors spend far too little time on your website to make an 
    honest assessment of your program. 
    With an average of 1900 visitors each month for the last six 
    months, imagine how much I could potentially increase my sales 
    if I could make the kinds of changes necessary to convince any 
    of those 79.8% of visitors to spend more than 30 seconds at my 
    website! What if I could get them to spend more than five 
    minutes at my website?
    If I could only find a way to capture the attention of 80% of 
    my website visitors in a way that I was not doing, then I could 
    realistically increase my sales by more than 400%.
    This is the site data that had convinced me to implement a 
    serious site redesign. I have worked very hard to bring visitors 
    to my websites, now it is time to make sure that I can translate 
    my traffic into more sales. 
    I am not saying that I believe the current redesign is the 
    best I can do for my sales, but I do believe it will be better
    than what the old design was.
    If you are in the same boat that I was in, then please consider 
    doing whatever it will take to convert more of your traffic 
    to sales. It is time for you to do your part to help the 
    American economy. 
    Even if you are only losing 50% of your website's traffic to 
    the two-minute paradigm, then you could realistically double 
    your sales by capturing your visitor's attention for more 
    than two minutes. 
    Shoot, we all have room to improve. The only question is how 
    much room you have for improvement. 

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    This article was originally written: August, 2003

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