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Personal Decisions of The Heart: What Secret Does A Housefly Know That You Don't?

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Daily answering the following question may help you deal with the storms of life that can make you believe you have somehow gone overboard and gotten in over your head!

Am I starting my day feeling Love or Hate?

At the time of this high sea adventure, I never ever thought about such questions. I didn't even know I had other options than to suffer at the hands of nature, someone else or something else.

"O-o-o-o-o"..."O-o-o-o-o"..."O-o-o-o-o"... boomed the sea vessel's horn.

Excitement was in the air! People were hurriedly boarding the ship sitting in the Piraeus Harbour, Athens .

What a beautiful day! It was calm, warm and sunny...A perfect day for an ocean voyage.

Eagerly, I proceeded up the canopied ramp.

Suddenly, I had the distinct impression that I should run to the nearest store to buy "gravol", ( a medication used to help with motion sickness ). Although I had been a vegetarian for a few years and had assiduously avoided taking any kind of prescription drugs, I decided to follow my inner promptings. Quickly, I ran, bought the gravol and rushed back to board my ship.

I knew I wouldn't be disappointed because just the thought of my destination... Santorini...-filled my heart with anticipation and according to the travel brochure, this lovely Greek Island consisted of quaint white washed buildings surrounded by a profusion of flowers; pervaded by an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Little did I realize what a unique drama was about to unfold. One I would never forget!

As the ship left the harbour, I took one gravol pill and gazed out over the calm Aegean Sea. However, it wasn't long before I began to feel drowsy. So, I decided to lie down and take a short nap.

Although it must have been a few hours, it felt like only a couple of minutes when I was roughly startled awake by the turbulent churning motion of the ship.

Cautiously sitting up, I noticed, through the porthole, a huge wall of water. Yet, there was no rain, thunder or lightning! The sky showed no sign of darkness. In fact, it appeared to be very light.

Instantly, I noticed a piercing high pitched screaming. It was almost as if a woman was shrieking, "e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e", without cease.

And in spite of the obvious danger I was in...nightmare to be exact...I felt no fear.

Was it because the one gravol pill I had taken had sedated and insulated me from the horrific situation I was caught up in?

Or was it because the fear of the unbelievable danger I was in caused my mind to shut off what my body was feeling?

Not taking the time to figure out why I felt so calm, I carefully navigated my way to the main deck. Looking about me it seemed as if everyone was getting sick, including the sailors! What a shock...especially when I learned later that this was the worst Aegean storm recorded in the last one hundred years! Yet, emotionally I felt completely unconcerned...unphased.

Meanwhile, the huge twelve to fifteen foot waves were tossing and throwing the ship from side to side and up and down like it was a top. And what should have been a three to four hour sea voyage ended up lasting twelve hours!

Miraculously, we survived and arrived safe and sound at our destination...Santorini. But that was just the beginning of the adventure. For the rest of the story e-mail:

Now, you may be asking yourself how this story relates to "What Secret The Housefly Knows That You Don't"

Reflecting back on this incredible voyage to Santorini reminds me of a technique I unknowingly practiced during the storm...called "Noticing."

The question is: "What do you do when the storms of life are inundating you; leaving you felling like everything is Out of Your Control"?

Do you try to adjust the external events or the people connected with them?

Or, do you do what a housefly does...Quietly, silently observe, without motion, what is happening around you?

Then, instantly, move towards an anticipated pleasurable experience or move away from what may cause pain.

Which action do you take?

Even though your life's experiences may be more or less dramatic than what I have described, I wonder how many of you, when the storms of life wash over you, making you feel like everything is out of control, will put into practice "The Secret of The Housefly"?

And what exactly does a housefly do that you don't?

It Is called "Noticing Without Judgment" or Criticism!

Although it is a very powerful technique, it is really very simple.

The goal is to disinterestedly without criticizing or judging watch your thoughts, feelings, body aches and pains or lack of them, as well as to objectively observe what is going on in your immediate environment.

And what are the pay-offs you will enjoy for practicing this simple technique daily?


+ You will begin to recognize your feelings! This will allow you to slowly and systematically direct and tame your e-motions and...

+ Instead of having to stop to do this processing technique, you will eventually find yourself able to feel your feelings, whether positive or negative, while engaged in the midst of your daily activities.

+ You will experience a feeling of control, like having the throttle of a powerful race car wide open with you in the driver's seat. What exhilaration!

+ You will be able to change negative, destructive e-motions, without shutting them down or post- poning them until some future date when you have more time...and you won't be adding to the backlog of similar feelings you already have stored in the subconscious. + Over time, you will develop an inner confidence, peace of mind and feeling of empowerment that will become a more regular daily occurrence!

+ And the beauty of Disinterestedly "Noticing Without Judgment or Criticism" is that you will be able to repeat this simple technique at will...

+ With the result being that it may spill over into your relationships and begin to produce the harmony, joy, acceptance, appreciation, peace and Love you have been desiring.

To Start Practicing "Noticing Without Judgment" follow these simple, easy steps.

1. Pray for protection.

2. Prepare your environment so you will feel safe. Turn off your cell or other phones, as well as TV's, radio, etc.

3. Set a timer for one to two minutes in the beginning. As you become more used to this technique, increase it to about three to five minutes. This will help you not to fall asleep or go too long and worry about it.

4. Sit with your feet flat on the floor, one hand on each thigh.

5. Keep your eyes open while looking at a spot ten to twenty feet in front of you.

6. Breathe normally through your mouth, keeping it slightly open for the duration of of the time you have chosen to do it.

7. Disinterestedly observe whatever thoughts and feelings surface, without criticizing or trying to shut them down, even if you feel uncomfortable.

8. Remember, that the feeling has no power over you, even if you feel irritable, enraged, sad, fear- ful, depressed, anxious resentful or filled with hate and the desire for revenge. Just keep breathing and praying to stay uninvolved in what is surfacing as the feelings will shift and come and go.

9. When your time is up, gently and slowly get up and go about your daily activities. Take no more thought of the feelings you witnessed than you would if a bird had flown away.

10. Know you do not have to act out the feelings you felt and noticed while practicing the technique. Just go about your daily routines. There is no need to even think about the experience further. 11. If there is any strong feeling, like rage, gripping you, go and engage in some harmless physical activity that will burn off the excess stored energy raised up from disinterestedly watching your thoughts, feelings and body aches and pains. A work-out, at the gym or at home is an example. The idea of "Noticing Without Judgment" is to Build A New Habit where you become aware of the invisible forces within you that may have been controlling your choices and the outcomes of them throughout your entire life.

This simple, easy technique will slowly open up the opportunity for you to one day become competent In being aware of your e-motions, while on the run. Yet, you will have the ability and the know how to choose to change any undesirable feelings, without having to shut them down. Now that you know The Secret The Housefly Knows, will you do it?

Will you choose to improve the quality of your life by practicing "Noticing Without Judgment"?

About The Author: Shop Amazon - Top Gift Ideas
Written by: Bronwyn NobleStar. Your emotions directly affect your financial future! To learn more about how to work from home and bring about the financial lifestyle you have dreamed about into reality,

Contact Bronwyn NobleStar at 1.877.332.3873 or visit:

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