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Personal Decisions Of The Heart: Clearing Out The Muck!

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Did you start your day with Love or Hate? Discover how to improve the quality of your life by asking this simple question, daily!

Will you take your emotional life into your own hands?

Weighing the cost always involves some potential discomfort, especially if you have had your head stuck in the sand, like an ostrich. But it will be worth the investment of time, energy and discomfort when you can see and feel the results of the backlog ( the muck) of feelings that have been coloring your life, in colors you don't want.

It will almost seem like magic, because the inner resistance of fighting with yourself everyday will diminish the struggle you have to go through just to make it through the day. And when you make a choice it will appear to bring the desired results you want, almost instantaneously. But first you need to know that there are only two categories of feelings...Love and Fear. All the negative ones, like hate, jealousy, bitterness, self-pity, self-doubt, revenge, envy, fall into the category of fear. Joy, peace, harmony, gentleness, kindness, humbleness, generosity, and faith fit under the heading of love.

But did you know that fear can be of two types?

Yes, you heard correctly! There is imaginary fear and real fear. Imaginary fear can occur from the backlog of fears buried alive that your cells have been accumulating since conception. Real fear comes about when your body registers some form of physical danger to your bodily organism. The trick is to determine which is real and which is imaginary as they both feel the same to the body. And in either case, you will notice that the daily inner struggle you face takes place with an invisible foe that is always lurking beneath the surface of your rational mind, like a tiger waiting to leap out at you and devour you. It's as if you've fallen asleep at the wheel of your car and the car is on automatic pilot or cruise control. The only problem is that where is the cruise taking you?

This state can be referred to as a zombie or the walking dead. You see but you don't see. You hear but you don't hear. You bump into things but are barely aware of having done so unless your body gets terribly mangled. This sleep state is a defense mechanism that operates within you when the feelings are too painful to feel. So you block them out, put up walls to avoid the emotional experience and live primarily from your intellect (from the neck up).

Often we see photos of people who unsuspectingly walk through a field laced with live buried landmines. You never notice them as you are walking through the field until you're hit by one of them. If you are still intact to any degree and alive to tell the tale, after the explosions, you may find your life going off in a completely different direction than you had started out in. E-motions work similarly to this landmine example.

So, how do you go through them with the limited knowledge you have of the terrain? And how do you deal with the fear within you that you don't know how to de-activate them to prevent them from exploding again?

You take a road map and a safety or first aid kit with you! The first rule of thumb is to take a trusted guide. One who has been down the route before and who has Knowledge of the terrain along with the confidence that you lack to navigate it. This would be very advantageous to you.

Everyday, people like police, emergency ambulance personnel, lifeguards and firemen and women face dangerous situations. However, before they go into the live situations they study the theory and practice until their training becomes second nature to them. This way when they meet the danger head on in real life, they react from a well formed habit of self-preservation first. They know instinctively what to do in case they should get injured during any rescue attempt. The same approach applies to those of you who deliberately set out to face your fears and tame them.

You know that your ultimate goal is to have your emotions do your bidding rather than you doing theirs. But who are the people who will meet the criteria you need to help you face our innermost fears, hatreds, resentments, jealousies, and pent-up rage ( your landmines)? It will be your faithful and trusted guide! Keep in mind that your guide will have to be someone who can see the way clearly from a 380 degree perspective. As well, the guide will have to be so powerful that s/he can capture and take control of the invisible forces of your feelingsas wll as the elements of nature.

You will also need to believe that this individual can do so instantly when you cry out for help. Once you have found your rescuer you will have to get acquainted with him or her. In my case it is Jesus, and The Holy Spirit.

Then you will need to find others who are willing to make this trip with you to The Most Sought After Frontier - The Heart Of The Matter - Feelings. This way you'll have another human being to cling to when you need the comforting touch of another person to keep you grounded in reality. In fact, if there is a group who is willing to unlearn old habits, and thought and feeling patterns that fit under the category of fear, it would be wise to arrange to journey along with them as much and as much far as possible. Between all of you, you will notice things about the journey that by yourself you might miss.

However, if you both fall asleep on the journey at the same time (or go into your defense mechanisms at the same time ) you will want to find a guide who never falls asleep So that s/he can instantly flip the switch off the emotional turbulence that you may get caught up in.

Of course, having a list of people that you can reach out to at a moment's notice, by telephone, would be advisable. You will want to make certain that they are good listeners and don't themselves become triggered by your emotional release so that they dip into their own "stuff". They need to be skilled at listening to you and responding in such a manner that they do not try to stop you or fix you up so that they can feel comfortable emotionally themselves. In this way you can feel assured that they will be able to help you get in touch with your own backlog of emotions. You will then find your own answers and not theirs.

Becoming acquainted and familiar with your own defense mechanisms will definitely be an asset. Certain behaviors, like falling asleep when angry or fearful, overeating, starving yourself physically, emotionally, or spiritually, overworking or using and abusing alcohol, drugs, money, and sex, will notify you that you are operating from your defense mechanisms. Whatever the behavior is that cuts you off from allowing you to feel the emotions that are going on within you, means that you are now operating from the neck down (from your intellect)., Remember, your body is always talking to you. But are you listening?

You will also become aware of and recognize the behaviors and thought patterns connected to Positive Feelings of serenity, harmony, peace, joy, gratitude, contentment and fulfillment.

Every now and then you will find yourself having a memory that has no emotional charge to create more problems or challenges for you. And you'll rejoice that you succeed even if it is only once in dealing with your emotions

You will be able to learn how, when experiencing the depth of a felling to switch it from the negative to the positive within less than a minute. That alone will be miraculous because very few people, if ever, come to that point before their physical body dies.

And best of all you won't have to have the e-motions build up and create disharmony, chaos, fear and crises in your life because you will have learned how to help yourself become forever free of being held hostage by your feelings!

Remember, it is a daily process which will eventually release you to live your life in a state of more calmness, serenity, peace, relaxation, joy and contentment than you may have ever experienced before. And if you had experienced such an emotional state of well-being, you may not have known how to recapture and hold the feeling.

So, if you are ready to do something drastically different in your life and are willing to get the facts; then plan your approach to The Most Sought After Frontier - The Heart of The Matter - Feelings, you will definitely find it. You will have discovered how to make Personal Decisions From The Heart and your life will show it...maybe only sporadically, in the beginning, but over time, more and more.

Are you ready to experience inner freedom? Will you break free of being an emotional hostage? Will you clear out the muck ( the backlog of FEELINGS)?

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Written by: Bronwyn NobleStar. Your emotions directly affect your financial future! To learn more about how to work from home and bring about the financial lifestyle you have dreamed about into reality,

Contact Bronwyn NobleStar at 1.877.332.3873 or visit:

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