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Choosing the Baptismal Garments

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In his great power God becomes like clothing to me ; he binds me like the neck of my garment. Job 30:18

The baptism is one of the most important days in the life of a newborn child; it is your son or daughter's introduction into the Christian fellowship as well as a way of thanking the Lord for the abundant blessing of a new child. Since the parents need to take much into consideration for this ceremony--such as the organizing the invitations, preparing the food and arranging the decor – it will prove helpful to involve the godparents in the selection of the baptismal garments. Not only will it remove a bit of stress from the parents' shoulders, it will also be a way of ushering in the spiritual connection which will be shared between godparent and child.

With the portent of playing such a large role in your child's life, it would be encouraging to allow the godparent to aid you in the selection of your child's baptismal wear. There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect garment for your son or daughter on their special occasion. You would want the garments to mirror the illustrious nature of the ceremony, however, the degree of formality of this garb is up to you.

I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God. For he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness. Isaiah 61:10


The major factor in determining whether your child will be elegantly formal or cute and casual is one of personal taste. Parents who opt for the more elaborate garb will be attracted to styles with rich ornamentation. There is much to choose from in this category. You may choose to clothe your daughter in a long dress with lavish layers of organza and delicate appliques. For your son, you might choose a tuxedos accented with windowpane trim for a dapper appearance or a lovely knickers outfit. Long rompers trimmed with lace or ribbon are also available for both boys and girls.

There is also a large selection for the parent who opts for a more demure garment. Parents who fall into this category will admire the crisp lines and a great fit in their garment. There is an irresistible assortment of day-length dresses and suits available for your son or daughter. Imagine a short romper or baptismal robe of pristine white, accented with subdued notes such as a stole or a unique corded liturgical belt such as the priest of the ceremony would wear. Adorable sailor suits and sophisticated dresses are also available in either white or ivory-ecrou color with hand-beaded cutwork and accented with organza fabric or/and sequins and pearls that create a truly incredible christening outfit.


The material you choose will help determine the degree of ornamentation which will be appropriate for your child's baptismal garment. The child's comfort should be of utmost importance so stiff and scratchy fabrics should be avoided at all cost. A variety of the finest fabrics are available, including a light 100% cotton, Dupioni silk, gabardine, silk shantung, silky satin, pure organza or embroidered french netting.

Weather could also be a factor in choosing the fabric for your little one's baptismal wear. Silk, organza or cotton will be ideal in warmer climates whereas satin would be optimal for cooler climates. The accessories you choose for your child will also be effected by the weather. Sunny weather calls for a nice bonnet or hat/beret to keep the baby well-shaded; a baptismal blanket, bonnet/beret, and shoes will keep your child warm during the winter months. Another very important issue to consider also is if you have a reception following the ceremony, you might need to get a matching detachable coat for the baby since most places are airconditioned and your baby would need to be warm and comfortable.


The color white represents purity, holiness, and innocence; thus traditionally the child will be dressed in an immaculate white garment. For those that are searching for alternatives to this norm or more trendy ideas, baptismal apparel is available in subtler shades of white such as pearl, off-white, winter white, and champagne. To add a hint of color to your child's attire, you might opt for the addition of colored embellishments and appliques.

Once the issue of the child's baptismal garments has been decided, the parents and godparent(s) may move on to deciding upon the baptismal undergarments. The undergarments come as a set which includes a small white or ivory towel (used by the priest and godparent to wipe their hands proceeding the baptism), a large white or ivory towel (which the child will be wrapped in), one large white or ivory oil sheet (used with the towel to wrap the child), and one set of baptismal undergarments. The godparent is responsible for bringing these six items which will be used immediately following the child's immersion in the baptismal fount.

The items included in the Baptismal Undergarments are considered sacred in both the Catholic and the Orthodox church, and are therefore kept safely. While only the undergarments are technically considered venerable, the entire baptismal ensemble can be safely stored and cherished as a family heirloom. These garments would serve as a lovely keepsake of your child's baptism and a testimonial to your exquisite taste.


It is relatively simple to protect these memories from the wear and tear of mother nature and father time. These items can easily be housed in special containers for safe storage. Baptismal boxes, baptismal bags, and memory trunks are available in an assortment of materials and designs to please everyone. You can choose from high quality wicker, wood, leather, silky satin fabric vested also with satin or bamboo; all of which can be decorated to your specification with baby themes and colors for your little boy or girl or be personalized. provides you luxurious and exquisite designs of Baptismal wear to adorn your little baby. From simple and stunning to sophisticated and elegant, picture your child in one of these unique and one of a kind christening gowns or dresses that will mirror the beauty and the pageantry of the christen or baptism occasion.

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Helen Marakis is the owner of Portara offers a great selection in baptismal wear and baptismal accessories. Whether you are the parent or godparent, please take a look at website to see a selection of fine quality baptismal products. Portara helps simplify the decision-making process for both the parents and the godparents:

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