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My Night on the Town

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It's just after 3 a.m. when you sidle up to the counter at Geno's Streaks, located at the intersection of 9th Street and Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia.

"One wiz with," you order.

That means one cheesesteak with cheese wiz and fried onions. You have to order quickly because there's always a line at Geno's. There's always a line at Pat's King of Steaks too. That famous cheesesteak eatery is located on the south corner of this intersection.

That's right, the two best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia (as well as the world) are located at the same intersection. Tonight you picked Geno's because the coin came up heads. Next time you'll try Pat's or maybe both.

Even though it's early in the morning you were in desperate need of a late night snack. After all, you just spent the entire evening (and some of the morning) exploring everything there is to do at night in Philadelphia.

Well, not everything. The City Of Brotherly Love offers so many options for night time fun - from cocktails to live music, from neighborhood bars to bowling alleys - that's there's no way you could see and do everything in just one evening (and some of the morning).

Besides its vast selection, Philadelphia also offers convenient. Depending on the area you choose, you can spend the entire evening in one neighborhood walking (hopefully not stumbling) from one hot spot to the next.

For you, this particular night started with dinner at a daring and dashing restaurant called 10 Arts. Located inside the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia Hotel, at the corner of Broad and Chestnut Streets, the elegant 10 Arts is the product of world-renowned Chef Eric Riper.

The cuisine is American and the atmosphere is urbane, especially with its beautifully white-marble architecture. While it's an expensive restaurant they are sensitive to their patrons' pocketbooks and this down economy. Monday through Wednesday if the stock market is up, 10 Arts will help you celebrate with 25 percent off their appetizers. If the market is down, they will help you drown your sorrows with 25 percent off their drinks.

After dining at 10 Arts, you and your party shuffled over to the World Café Live on 3025 Walnut Street. There you listened to great live music in their 300-seat bistro-style music hall.

The atmosphere was bright, cheerful and the café's metropolitan flair was conducive for both appetizers and drinks. Of course you were still full from your 10 Arts experience so you just had a cocktail or three.

After the World Café Live it was off to Johnny Brenda's. This famous Philly night spot is positioned at 1201 Frankford Avenue. While large, it's not quite as big as the World Café, Johnny Brenda's seats only 250 music lovers. Live bands, mostly from the indie scene, rock this joint five nights a week.

The menu at Johnny Brenda's is written on a chalkboard because it changes several times throughout the course of the day. You were in luck during your visit and were able to order their grilled octopus. It's definitely a must try dish.

Listening to all that music made your and friends quite thirsty, so you all decided to do a little bar hopping. Your first destination was Bob and Barbara's. Located on 1509 South Street, B&B is the perfect dive bar.

You can enjoy beer or a cocktail at Bob and Barbara's while listening to live music. Everything is played on their stage, from funk to jazz, from rock to pop. Tonight you were in luck as Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers were on hand playing their self-described "liquor-drinking music."

The best part of Bob and Barbara's is their racially diverse, gay and straight crowds. Everyone is welcome at this colorful venue.

After tossing back a few, it was off to Grace Tavern. Located at 2229 Grays Ferry Avenue, this drinking establishment is one of the best bars in Philadelphia.

This bar's ceiling and walls are decorated in sublime tin tile giving the space a cozy and welcoming feel. Their kitchen is opened until 2 a.m. but you're just here for one final drink, that perfect pint of Guinness. After savoring every last drop, and closing down the bar, you and your brood decide it's time for a cheesesteak run.

As you're consuming your Geno's cheesesteak you realize that you have yet to touch the surface of all the night time fun Philadelphia has to offer. You plan right then and there that the next time you go out you won't gallivant all over town (with the services of a designated driver of course) but you'll stay in one neighborhood.

For instance the Northern Liberties neighborhood, situated north of Spring Garden Street to the south of Girard Avenue, is full of restaurants, bars and taverns that attract active and artsy crowds.

On North 3rd Street you'll find the popular bar and restaurant called North Third. Their burgers are terrific and they have a great fried calamari.

Bar Ferdinand is a hip tapas bar serving over 50 authentic Spanish wines. Located on 1030 North Second Street, the always enjoyable Ferdinand is both versatile and reasonably price.

It's 21,000 square feet of pure fun. North Bowl and its 17 lanes are located at 909 North 2nd Street. Also in residence are two full bars, an upstairs lounge with Italian sofas, pool tables and an arcade. You might have to wait for a lane but it's worth it.

The Northern Liberties neighborhood also has dancing. Silk City, 5th and Arch Street, has been called "the hottest party in town" by the New York Times. Often categorized as a diner/restaurant/bar/nightclub hybrid, Silk City is a fun, cool and safe place to go and boogie.

If you're seeking more sophistication, Ortlieb's Jazzhaus can be found at 847 North 3rd Street. You'll find the city's best jazz playing there nightly in this welcoming and accessible club.

Finally, there's the Good Dog Bar (224 South 15th Street). Since its kitchen is open until 1am, this cozy bar is a great place to end the evening. They're known far and wide for their Roquefort-stuffed Good Dog burger.

Old City is another neighborhood destination for those looking for some fun Philadelphia nightlife. This is the original Philadelphia neighborhood and it lies south of Vine Street, north of Pine Street, and east of 7th Street. For our purposes, we care about 2nd and 3rd streets, as well as Chestnut, that's where we'll find the bars, restaurants and all the happening night spots.

One of Old City's most unique establishments is the Natural Mechanics Bar and Restaurant located at 22 South 3rd Street. They have more than 15 beers on draught and you can make-your-own bloody Mary's.

Check out Natural Mechanics' "exotic" menu: corn dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches and Campbell's tomato soup, and the "Frito Taco Extravaganza." The "Extravaganza" is a split-open bag of Frito's covered with chili and cheddar cheese.

If you're looking for live music visit 56 South 2nd Street. That's where you'll find The Khyber, the destination for those wishing to hear great live music from local and national artists. This hip establishment dates all the way back to the 19th century. If you don't see the bar when you first walk in don't panic, it's upstairs.

If you need to sit down, have a beer, and maybe catch your breath, visit Sugar Mom's at 225 Church Street. You can not only smoke inside but they have tons of seating options.

West of Broad Street, between Girard Avenue and Spring Garden Streets is the Fairmont area of Philadelphia. The Fairmont area is home to several bars and restaurants, including the London Grill, The Bishop's Collar and the Urban Saloon.

Located at 2301 Fairmount Avenue, the London Grill is a great place to get a burger or an order of fish and chips. Their beer selection is second to none featuring Flying Fish "Hopfish" India Pale Ale, Stoudt's Willie Sutton Lager, and Victory Prima Pilsner, just to name a few.

Finally, there are a few other places, outside of the aforementioned neighborhoods, that you'll want to visit. The Royal Tavern, on 937 East Passyunk Avenue, has great burgers, buffalo chicken wings and a famous vegan sloppy Joe. A real home town bar, the Royal also specializes in local brews like Victory, Yards and Dogfish Head.

Tria, 1137 Spruce Street, is the place to go to for hard-to-find cheeses and succulent wines (they also have craft beer). This sophisticated bar doesn't serve mixed drinks and they don't take reservation.

As you can see the city of Philadelphia is teeming with things to do at night. Depending on your mood, you can spend the entire evening (and some of the morning) exploring one neighborhood or you can spend the entire night (and some of the morning) visiting establishments spread throughout the city.

Regardless of whether you stick to just one neighborhood or you traverse the city, you have at your disposal a wealth of night time options: sophisticated pubs, groovy dance clubs, great beer halls and neighborhood watering holes.

However, the absolute best part about going out at night in Philadelphia is finishing your evening with a cheesesteak. After all, Geno's and Pat's are always open.

Copyright (c) 2009 PhiladelphiaSmarts

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Ryan Hogan seriously enjoys Philadelphia at night. He contributes to, a site dedicated to providing entertainment information for people in the Philadelphia area.

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