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Federal Jobs Are Plentiful

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Think we have a severe economic recession in the United States today, right? Or, at least, that the magnitude of the apparent severe unemployment situation that we have today, is such that you probably can't find any significant job openings existing just about anywhere in America today, and that there simply aren't any employer today who is making any significant hiring of new workers, right?

Well, think again!

Oh, I know. There's this virtual avalanche of grim economic news flooding Americans even by the minute these days out of Washington, telling about growing business and industry shut downs, worker lay offs and rising unemployment. And sure, it's real. But, this is probably the biggest job-related secret in America today, the common, conventional thinking of general joblessness in America today. Actually, the plain FACT is that there are, in fact, plenty of Federal government job hiring going on right now, and plenty of job openings available around the clock right this minute, and you'd just need the "informed tricks" that' are required for it, and you'd be able to properly job search for and dig out those Federal job openings, then properly apply for them and get one of them.

Point is, what we actually have here in the American job market today, is a diminution, or, if you will, a shrinkage in certain types of jobs. But there is no overall shortage of jobs, no complete dry-up of employment or employment opportunities in the totality of the American economy. Particularly, there is our own Federal Government of the United States. It has large job openings right now and continues to hire new workers in large numbers all along even as we speak right now. And, will not only continue to have need for new workers, and to hire sizable numbers of them in the months ahead, but in numbers even higher and larger.

In deed, several studies by respectable labor and manpower economists and experts, including a recent report by experts (;, released in January 2009 by the White House Council of Economic Advisers, have amply projected that a large number of jobs are to be created by the Federal Government in this 2009 year, and beyond. For example, this latest study estimates that, just based on a $600 billion economic stimulus package by the new Obama administration (a higher amount of some $800-900 billion is what is currently being discussed), about 244,000 newly created government jobs at Federal, state and local levels, are to be expected by that measure alone.

In deed, this is actually totally in keeping with the expected Federal government role in times of unusually hard economic times or crises such as we have today. At such times, the Federal Government is expected and anticipated to have an even higher job-creation and worker and labor hiring load than usual, for one fundamental reason, which is simply that such a role is, in fact, the natural, responsible role meant for the Federal government to play. The Federal Government just has to step in, in such a dire national economic time (the kind we seem to have right now), and play the role of a stabilizer." In fact, the notion has become the common thinking among labor management experts and economists today, that in unusually severe economic times such as today when general employment continues to dwindle, and when major American employers (Microsoft corp., Pfizer, Caterpillar, Home Deport, and the Wall Street, to name just a few) are massively laying off workers, it becomes therefore the "natural, built-in" role of the Federal government to step in and try to pick up the employment slack by stepping up worker hiring, not lessening it.

THE CENTRAL QUESTION: Given the FACT, solidly established, that the Federal government has an abundance of job openings available, and is poised for even higher levels of new worker hiring in the near future, if you are a job seeker who is serious about securing a job with the Federal Government, what would you need to do to secure one of these Federal jobs? Essentially, what and what to do, fundamentally lies in the serious job-seeker making certain to have the vital knowledge, information and skill, to be able to properly job search for where the jobs actually are (in terms of the specific agencies of the Federal government having them, as well as their geographic locations across the country), and to uncover them; and having located those jobs, the other critical necessity is that the job-seeker has got to be able to know how exactly to properly apply for them in a way that will meet the special Federal job standards, and thereby result in his or her landing the priced Federal job.

The question, in short, will really boil down to this: which and which ones among the American jobless or those who want jobs, will be equipped enough and informed enough to be able to take proper advantage of these real, existing 'recession proof' Federal job openings, and therefore be able to walk away with those jobs for which they're qualified?


Here, in a nutshell, are some of the major things that my own new publication, published by the Self-Helper Law Press of America, titled The Handbook of Federal Jobs: How to Job Search for, Apply for and Get Federal Job (, provides you, as it methodologically guides the reader, in a simple, step-by-step outline, through a maze of the entire Federal job hiring process:

  • information on the present and projected civilian job openings and career opportunities that are continually available in the federal government;

  • the present as well as the projected future areas of Federal job growth and openings, and where exactly those jobs are or will be in the future (in terms of the particular government agencies that are applicable, as well as the jobs' geographic locations);

  • how to search for them and to find them, how to understudy precisely the actual core qualifications required for the job, and to "decode" them;

  • how to properly apply for the jobs using precisely the appropriate Federal-style procedures and standards (including the Federal-style job interviewing, job resume and KSA writing standards), and

  • how to successfully process your job application, from the very start to the end, in such a way as to win the Federal hiring officer's nod for the job, etc.

  • IN SUM: "Just arm yourself with a copy of this Handbook," chimed Dan Benjamin, the Sales Manager of the book's publisher, "and you'll see yourself go quickly, from the ranks of the despairing long lasting unemployed, to the ranks of the happy newly Federally employed."

    In this ground-breaking Federal job-hunting Handbook, the Publishers of this Handbook have become even more encouraged and more emboldened by one major, new, unique development that was not earlier unanticipated but which busted lately on the American economic scene, to make an even better and more compelling case for why it's now almost like a dire necessity of life for any serious Federal job hunter today to hurry and grab a copy of the book: the new Obama Presidency! The projected infusion of humongous sums into the economy out of the Obama economic stimulus program, some one trillion dollars or so of it, will clearly mean far more big-government programs and initiatives, and, hence, the creation of a lot more new government jobs across the board in the months ahead. And, even more so, still more new Federal government civil service jobs and new federal hires to be had!

    Those are the virtually GUARANTEED new Federal job opportunities that are either already here, or are soon to come! Again, which American jobless or job-seekers would have been properly equipped, informed, and adequately prepared, to take proper advantage of these opportunities? That's the central question! Having in hand this prime essential tool you'd need for it (a copy of The FEDERAL JOBS HANDBOOK), according to author Anosike, will assure precisely that you'd be up to that challenge - an the tremendous opportunity to become a prized Federal employee.

    About The Author: Shop Amazon - Top Gift Ideas
    Benji O. Anosike, has been characterized by one analyst as "one of the keenest-eyed Federal government employment researchers and experts around." His latest new study just released, is titled THE FEDERAL JOBS HANDBOOK: HOW TO JOB SEARCH FOR, APPLY FOR AND GET FEDERAL JOB. SUBTITLE: "America's Biggest Job Secret: How the Federal Government is Loaded with Jobs, Where they are, and How to Get Them." ( A recognized national expert on self-help law and consumer cost-saving techniques, Dr. Anosike, holds graduate degrees in labor management economics and a Ph.D. in jurisprudence, and is the acclaimed author of some 26 books, guidebooks and manuals, including several best-sellers, on various topics of American consumer interests and savings.

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