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    The Life or Death of Your Dream - Forums Can Make The Difference!
    Copyright 2004, Al Smith

    Do you use online Forum areas for enjoyment, entertainment,
    business, relationships, . . . For your goals program?
    Are you stuck somewhere on a plateau; you have achieved some
    good things, but canít seem to get past your present
    situation for some reason?
    Is there an elusive goal that you never quite seem to
    achieve no matter how much time you spend, no matter how
    hard you try, no matter how much work you throw at it?
    Try the Power of Synergy, the Power of Team, the Power of
    Online Forums. The right group of people can help propel you
    past barriers. They can help you master procrastination.
    Associating with the right group of people who already have
    what you want, and who are going for the same goals; creates
    a bond, a strength, a power superior than one individual can
    call up.
    It is similar to comparing the power of a battery six pack,
    against one lone battery, the strength of the six pack will
    outlast the one, and, make the one seem dull by comparison.
    So it is the same with people. You create synergy,
    momentum, clarity, drive, and determination towards what you
    want, by the sheer energy of the group all moving in the
    same direction, towards successful living.
    Pick the right forum for you, and begin to associate with
    people interested in your success and your journey on this
    path we call life.
    The right forum to help you get what you want will include
    the following:
    Excitement, a posting craze that boosts your energy, your
    passion, shows you strategies, shows you possibility, gives
    you recognition and significance for your individuality. The
    people are not judgemental and they care about your right to
    go for something different in your life.
    Association with people, lots of people, who have gone
    before you and already have what you want, people that are
    still in the chase, still actively seeking the same or
    similar goals to yours. You become who you associate with.
    Associate with those who care, who serve, who empower you,
    allow you to give back, those who invite and welcome you
    into the community, an awesome feeling.
    Connection, a community where you can safely share your
    desires, your needs, your challenges, your thought processes
    to get to where you want to go. A place where everyone
    realizes that they are different and somehow alike at the
    same time. A closeness which can only be felt by people
    sharing each otherís life journey, itís rewards, itís
    challenges, itís ups and downs so to speak. A community
    where you can build your future and help someone else build
    There are many good people and good to great forums
    concerning all manner of things, forums as varied as there
    are people on this planet. However, for goal setting and
    successful living, one forum heads my list as number one.
    At the time of this writing I have found only one place
    which qualifies for me in all of the above. Total Life
    Success Forum at http://success-forum.com . Forum owner and
    Life Coach, Mark Farmer and his team of mentors successfully
    draw you out and support your success every step of the way.
    Just so you know, I receive no financial consideration for
    this, this is not an affiliate link. I love what they have
    done with the place!
    Youíll be amazed at the results as you gain clarity, write
    out your goals and action plans with the support of the
    Total Life Success community. 
    As you focus and take action on one specific target goal you
    will create empowering habit patterns and routines which
    will serve you for life. Enter a 21 day challenge. It will
    call upon the best in you, to move you past old behaviors,
    create a new start for developing and achieving that which
    you hold most dear. 
    Youíll be supported by leadership and mentors who are
    interested in helping you find your way. Commited to
    investing time and efforts into people. Commited to
    regularly asking enlightening questions, and answering
    questions posted by the community. A caring which enables
    them to know what to say and when to say it, at those times
    when you need it most.
    I make it a point to regularly visit, ask for help, and
    maybe contribute a little bit. It has been a Class 1
    experience for me and Iím sure it will be well into my
    future. I urge you to check it out and give it a test drive.
    You will be amazed at the depth of knowledge and experience
    available for the asking. Oh, and it is all free.
    So, go see Mark at Total Life Success Forum,
    http://success-forum.com and look around. Ask some
    questions, make some posts, get the feel of the place.
    You will be glad you did!
    Copyright 2004 Al Smith, All Rights Reserved 

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Al Smith writes for and publishes The Realgoalgetter Ezine and The Realgoalgetter Website.His articles deal with goal setting, self improvement, and motivation. If you enjoyed this article, there is more information on The Realgoalgetter Website at http://www.realgoalgetter.com . And remember to stop in at the Total Life Success Forum at http://success-forum.com .

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