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    Keyword Rich Content + Well Written Press Release = Wow Results
    Copyright 2004, Bill Platt

    It is not everyday that you launch a new website. It is even
    less everyday that you launch a new domain and experience 
    significant site traffic within just a few weeks.
    My newest site was launched in the middle of December, 2003. 
    As such it has only been in operation for less than six weeks.
    Did I expect that within the first six weeks after the 
    unofficial launch of my site that I would have served over 
    1800 unique visitors to my new domain? Definitely not.
    Did I expect to be generating most of that new traffic from
    the search engines within one week of placing the first page
    of content on the site? Certainly not.
    Did I expect to be rushing out within the first month to do
    the research necessary to find additional content for the 
    website and to offer more relevent affiliate programs and 
    products to be featured on my domain? I did not. Truth is, I 
    found myself on the run after only ten days.
    Did I expect to be experiencing significant traffic without
    any paid advertising or articles promoting my website? This 
    coming from the guy who has successfully exploited the power
    of free reprint articles to promote his own businesses for the
    last few years. No, I did not expect that at all. And yet, 
    this is my first article referencing my new site.
    That is a good question. And fortunately, I have an answer 
    for you.
    There are three factors that have contributed to these early
    1. Keyword Rich Content - The content on this site features
       the precise keywords that people are using in their 
       search queries. 
    2. Highly Targeted Content - The content on my site is 
       attracting people who are looking for exactly what I am
       A search on Google for the following keyword combinations
       - television owner manuals
       - television user manuals
       provide number 3 and 4 results respectively.
       My content is aimed at folks looking for information about
       their "home entertainment electronics." My products are
       directly related to what these folks will be in searching
       for in the marketplace.  
    3. A Well-Written Press Release - An effective press release
       will always highlight the things that are newsworthy about
       your business. 
       I used http://www.prweb.com to distribute my press release.
       Because I paid the minimum donation of $10 to support PRWeb,
       I now have access to tracking data for my press release. At
       a glance, I am able to see how many people have viewed my
       press release and how many media contacts have picked up 
       the release.
       Within the four days since I put out the press release, I
       have had 108 media contacts pick up on the press release.
       Due to the fact that it has only been four days since its
       release, it is going to take some additional time to 
       determine the true effectiveness of the release, but 
       early results look good. 
       My release was published in the HDTV Magazine's online 
       news feed at:  http://www.hdtvforum.com
       This is great since the people viewing the HDTV Magazine 
       site are in my target market. And, I have already noted
       traffic to my new site from hdtvforum.com .
    I refer to my site rankings at Alexa on a weekly basis. Alexa
    strives to determine the popularity of a single domain over 
    set periods of time. 
    Alexa makes its determinations based on the usage patterns of 
    the people who have installed the Alexa Toolbar to be used in 
    conjunction with their Internet Explorer software. To get your
    own copy of the Alexa Toolbar, you can click this link:
    On the first view of my new site at the Alexa website, I 
    scored a popularity rating somewhere in the two million plus
    Now, Alexa strives to show every visitor an overall popularity 
    / traffic average for a site over the course of the previous 
    90 days. Of course, their results are going to somewhat 
    skewed since not everyone uses the Alexa toolbar, but the 
    results can show the webmaster a simple barometer of their 
    website traffic.
    Alexa compiles their data on a daily basis and recompiles 
    their overall traffic ranking for each site on a weekly basis.
    In the six weeks since I unofficially launched my new site, I
    have moved up considerably in the Alexa ratings. My official
    Alexa 3-month rating resides at 580,506. However, my weekly 
    rating is sitting at 238,838. Not bad for a site that was 
    only an idea six weeks ago.
    Let me tell you a bit about my newest domain.
    If you need to locate television owner manuals or universal
    remote control programming codes, then my site provides links
    to the resources that make this information available to you.
    If you want to know if the television stations in your viewing
    area have started broadcasting in the Digital Television (DTV)
    format, then I have a link for that too.
    As home surround sound technologies and High Definition 
    Television (HDTV) become mainstream, more people are going 
    to want to find information about the technology I feature.
    Given such a strong start, http://AVCabling-Guide.com seems
    well positioned to take advantage of the growing interest 
    in home entertainment electronics.
    The content I have included on this site assures that there
    will always be a constant stream of people visiting the site
    and learning about the technologies that my products will
    As always, I hope to convey to you the lessons that I have
    learned about generating traffic and sales to my websites,
    based on my real world experience in acquiring both. And with
    good luck, you will be able to take from my experience and
    turn it into profits for your own sites. 

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    This article was originally written: January, 2004

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