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    The Se*cret To Owning Your Dream Home
    Copyright © 2006, Tracy Piercy

    Step one:  Imagine your dream home.
    Step two:  Write it down as a goal with a date when you'd like to
    be living there.
    Step three:  Look at it; think about it; talk about it and
    imagine living in it constantly!!
    If that sounds too simplistic, consider this:  In all the studies
    and work I have done on financial success, the biggest single
    difference between people who are financially successful and
    those who struggle and grumble all their lives is the ability to
    create a compelling vision for their life. As my favourite saying
    goes, "if you don't know where you're going you'll probably end
    up somewhere else". If it's not a dream home you're after, then I
    suggest you apply the same strategy to any area of your life
    that's important to you.
    That's the beauty of a vision  it's unique for everyone and it
    drives you forward. It gives you hope, inspiration and motivation
     regardless of whether someone else thinks it's worthy or
    impossible. The following story is adapted from my personal
    vision for our dream home. It might not be your style, but it's
    been a dream of ours for several years and it is something we
    talk about, plan for and look forward to.
    I can hardly stand still. I'm barely breathing that I know for
    sure. Finally, after years of looking at that address plaque on
    the wall in our tiny home, our rented town house and our teeny
    apartment we can give it its own home. My husband has brought his
    drill to mount the plaque on the pillar even before we see the
    house.  It looks so shiny and new beside the rusted, mangled iron
    gate. We've already instructed the landscape architect that a new
    gate is one of the first updates to take place, followed
    immediately by our new mailbox and plaque:  "plenty and grace be
    to this place".
    Now that the plaque is mounted, we can finally walk on the
    property without trespassing. Our kids can do cartwheels on the
    lawn and we can see the view of the marina from the top of the
    rock outcrop beside that wonderful oak tree. The house is so
    magnificent in the sunshine and will be absolutely stunning with
    its new paint:  gold, burgundy and sage green. Finally, we can
    restore its full beauty and splendour and give the home the
    attention it deserves.
    As we walk around the outside, it is so grand and even more
    beautiful than we saw from the dim light of the moon in previous
    trespassing expeditions. The area for the pool and stream is even
    better than we could have hoped for. There's a perfect location
    for a big patio and hot tub where we can hear the sound of the
    water rushing over the waterfall / waterslide.
    Finally, here we are, enough suspense  we already know what the
    land is like and where the playground, gazebo, greenhouse and
    ponds will be, we can have the landscape architect get working on
    some of these so we can enjoy the yard and have our first annual
    croquet tournament and cocktail party on the lawn in June.
    Inside  inside is our biggest prize. We've heard stories but
    have not once, even in the negotiations, seen inside. Wow  the
    stairs are creaky, but I love it! It's ours. We earned it. I'm
    bursting. I'm so excited.
    The porch is even bigger than we expected. Oh yes, there is a
    grand fireplace in the entrance. We had so hoped there would be.
    Oh yeah, the floors are wide plank fir -- even better than we had
    hoped for. Wow  this grand room is grand. I will be furniture
    shopping with the decorator next week. Quick  the kitchen  it's
    perfect. Plenty of room for a walk in fridge, and our butcher
    block will finally have a home in a real kitchen. And the pantry
    is huge with a dumb waiter going to the basement wine cellar.
    What fun!
    We knew there would be two staircases, but we certainly never
    expected three!! I love the spiral that goes from the library to
    the master bedroom. Yippee  the bathroom is huge  and already
    has a fireplace to enjoy baths in that claw foot tub. The kids
    are excited! There are secret rooms everywhere. We'll have fun
    painting them for play areas. I love the views of the harbour
    from up here. And this veranda will be awesome for morning coffee
    in the summer. Lots of bedrooms  yes  for lots of guests and my
    sewing room and our office.
    Ok, the basement  perfect wine cellar, and great space for our
    bar and pool table by the door to the pool. The steam, sauna, and
    change areas will be here and there's still a beautiful space for
    and exercise area and my husband's workshop and tools. This is
    I am sooooooo happy we didn't give up on the dream to save this
    grand home and open the garden up to the community at special
    holidays. It seemed like we had been working towards it and going
    further and further backwards, but here we are  we did it! We
    kept going! Now it's ours and won't just fall apart from tenant
    abuse and lack of respect. And having the money we need to do the
    work and the landscaping right away means we'll be able to enjoy
    its grandeur, share it with our friends and family and let the
    community see this historical home that much sooner. We are truly
    blessed and are looking forward to sharing the blessing of our
    new home with others.
    Ok, we've got work to do  the caterers are coming for the house
    warming celebration in an hour!!
    Hey, it will take some work to get there, but if you have a big
    enough vision and can imagine it crystal clear  what starts as
    wishful thinking can be transformed into a strategic plan to get
    the job done. When you know what you really want you will make
    financial decisions that support and encourage the realization of
    your dream!! So, dream big and share your vision and enthusiasm
    (even if most people don't get it!). It's a lot more fun than
    grumbling about what you coulda, shoulda or woulda done if

    Writer's Resource Box:
    Tracy Piercy is a Certified Financial Planner who goes beyond the
    parameters of traditional financial planning to integrate proven 
    success principles with practical financial planning strategies. 
    She has worked in the financial industry, in insurance, banking, 
    and as a top producing investment advisor with CIBC Wood Gundy, 
    for more than 15 years. Tracy has provided consulting and 
    training to the industry, working closely with industry 
    regulators, financial institutions and individual advisors. 
    She  taught industry-required courses, as well as developed 
    programs for public education. http://www.moneyminding.com

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