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    Become a Recognized Name - You're In Control of Your Own Destiny
    Copyright © 2002-2004, Bill Platt

    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. --- Bill Platt
    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. Click here to see the picture full-sized.--- Bill Platt
    If you are reading this article today, you are likely among 
    those who are working an online business. Unfortunately, you 
    have already learned that finding customers is not as easy as
    you once thought it would be. Many people have broken the bank 
    and their dreams searching for that first customer or second 
    Having discovered the challenge of finding customers has left 
    you with a feeling of not knowing quite what to do. That is 
    why you read ezines or visit websites like this one. You are 
    searching for the knowledge that you feel you are lacking. You 
    open each new issue of each ezine you subscribe to looking for 
    the help you need to find your first customer or even to 
    increase upon the customers you have already found.
    See, the greatest challenge we all face is not finding people 
    who need our products or services. Instead, our greatest 
    challenge is actually building trust in the hearts and minds 
    of the people who need our products or services. This is why 
    most people have such difficulty in finding the customers we 
    all need. 
    Online marketers cannot establish trust with one single 
    advertisement! They cannot establish trust with one impression 
    of their banner! One might get lucky and get the click-through 
    on the advertisement or banner, but that click-through will 
    only generate a sale for one in two hundred visitors. Scary, 
    isn't it?
    To stop and realize that the average on the Internet is five 
    sales per thousand visitors can make it frightening to most 
    beginners to online marketing. The term "beginner" in this 
    area could apply to anyone who has been marketing online for 
    less than 3 years. Yes, it is a steep learning curve on the 
    web! Most people quit before they ever get to the three year 
    mark --- quitting long before they have given themselves the 
    chance to succeed.
    Most marketing polls suggest that it will take you seven 
    exposures before you will have earned enough trust to get a 
    sale online or offline. What that means is that your potential 
    customer must see your name and your ads a minimum of seven 
    times before you can expect their interest to peak enough to 
    give you a second look.
    That is what makes advertising online so very difficult. With 
    more than 934 million people online as of September 2004, 
     ( http://thephantomwriters.com/redir/peopleonline.html )
    the chance of hitting the same person twice with your 
    advertising is slim to none if you are advertising your 
    wares the same as most people are. 
    Most people try to advertise with the scatter shot approach. 
    They throw an ad out there hoping to hit as many people as 
    possible and then move on to the next ad or next advertising 
    medium. With this scatter shot approach, their chance of 
    hitting one person twice is astronomical! The chance of 
    hitting that person the required seven times is nearly 
    The "Rule of Seven" is why most marketers begin their own 
    ezine. As a publisher, it is easy to meet your seven exposure
    requirement in the trust building process. The difficulty of 
    this method is growing the mailing list size. As a publisher, 
    it is fairly easy to keep subscribers --- getting the 
    subscribers is the real difficulty. 
    While I do recommend for the marketer to start the ezine, the 
    process of building a client base from an ezine is the slow 
    boat to China approach. It could realistically take years to 
    break the plateau of your first 1000 subscribers! 
    Let me suggest a few names to you: 
       Willie Crawford, Pamela Cole Harris, Daniel Lamaute, 
       Valerie Giles, Dan Lok, Isaiah Hull, Brent Filson,
       Charles and Holly Egner, Mary Jeanne Vincent, Chris Marlow,
       Claire Bowes, Colin Hartness, Adriana Copaceanu, Geela,
       Neil Millar, Bill Lampton Ph.D., Mal Keenan, Jim Stone, 
       Steve Preston, Trevor Johnson, Liz Beresford, Keith Bryan,
       Diana Barnum, Carole Martin, Dr. Joseph J. Berke,
       Theresa Gabriel, Greg Reid, Alan Cheng, Jim Kelly, 
       Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, Jeanette Fisher, Ivana Katz,
       Rosalyn Bronstein, Dianne Wandruff, Gordon Bellows,
       Steve Robichaud and Andrew Wroblewski, Silvana Clark,
       Darrell Knox, Craig Romero, Ulli G. Niemann, John Colanzi,
       Kamau Austin, Karl Augustine, Kate Smalley, Ken Leonard Jr.,
       Patsi Krakoff, Steve Nash, Paul Kyriazi, Laura Turner,
       W. Troy Swezey, Richard D. Bailey, Scott F. Geld, 
       Donald Harris, Julie Plenty, Darlene Arechederra, 
       Ernest Quansah, Dan Brown, Lee Traupel, John Gergye,
       Debra Cohen, Larry Tracy, Mark Brandenburg, Jean Hanson,
       Stone Evans, and Bill Platt.
    Of these 65 people, how many of these names do your recognize? 
    Of the names that you do recognize, how many of them can you 
    tell me what kind of business they are in? Or what their 
    website is? Or what they sell?
    Further, of the people whose names you do recognize, what is 
    your gut feeling about them? How many of them do you feel that 
    you can trust?
    Chances are really good that you have heard of at least one 
    third of these people. I can almost guarantee that you have 
    heard of at least one person on this list. How do I know this?
    It is simple.
    These 65 people all share two common traits: 
    1. They are all people who publish free-reprint articles to be 
       distributed to publishers the world over. Each of them provide 
       top-notch content that appeals to a much larger audience. 
    2. All of these writer's and netpreneurs used the Phantom Writers
       Article Distribution Service to get their articles into the
       mailboxes of more than 12,000 publishers and webmasters 
       looking for top-quality reprint content they can place into
       their ezines and their websites.
    Ezine publishers and webmasters the world over are looking for 
    free content that they can supply to their readers. They all 
    understand what a past Yahoo! study emphasized. Content is 
    King! Most site visitors are looking for information of some 
    kind when they go to a site or subscribe to an ezine.
    Publishers and webmasters understand that the best way to 
    attract and keep traffic and readers is to provide folks on 
    the web what they want. By using free-reprint articles, they 
    are able to provide their readers and their site visitors with 
    the high-quality content subscribers and surfers demand. 
    If there is a single name on my list that you recognize and 
    feel as if you can trust, then you have the strongest testimony 
    available to the power of using free-reprint articles to build 
    your business.
    If you are not confident to strike out writing your own 
    articles, there are several people who are willing to hire 
    their own article writing skills out to folks just like you. 
    Just visit your favorite search engine and type in the search
    terms "ghost written articles" or another similar terms.
    What it boils down to is this, if you are in business on the 
    web and are looking to find your first or your ten thousandth 
    customer, you should seriously consider striking out into 
    the free-reprint market. If you are not comfortable as a 
    writer, then you should absolutely explore the possibility 
    of hiring a ghost writer to write promotional articles for 
    you and your business. 

    Writer's Resource Box:
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