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    Strategies to Put Eyeballs On Your Website
    Copyright © 2006, Bill Platt

    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. --- Bill Platt
    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. Click here to see the picture full-sized.--- Bill Platt
    Successful websites are those that actually sell products 
    and services to their visitors for a profit. And, successful 
    webmasters are always working hard to bring even more visitors to 
    their website, so that they can make even more sales and profits.
    Successful webmasters all share three essential traits. First, 
    they have developed processes for generating links to their 
    website. Secondly, they have figured out how to employ a strong 
    call-to-action with their advertising. And thirdly, they know how 
    to track and test their results so that they can fine-tune their 
    A human being will never see some links. Maybe the search engines 
    will construe those links as valuable links, but I would not 
    count on it. Google is a little too smart to give value to links 
    that human beings cannot find on their own.
    Eyeballs are important to Google, and they should be important 
    to you too.
    While some links will serve no use to you directly or in the 
    search engines, other links will prove to be far more valuable. 
    Some links will deliver hundreds or thousands of visitors a month 
    to your website.
    Successful webmasters are those that can generate links that will 
    deliver hundreds or thousands of visitors to their websites each 
    month! It all adds up. The more valuable the links are that you 
    can develop, the more traffic you will serve. The more traffic 
    you serve, the more profitable your website will become.
    There are many well-known methods for generating links to your 
    website. Five of the more noteworthy and effective are as 
     * Paid Links
     * Viral Linking
     * Article Marketing
     * Paid Search
     * Directory Placements
    Here is an overview of each:
    1. Paid Links
    Usually, this type of advertising is delivered in banner formats, 
    but is also available in text links. Pricing for paid links 
    varies from cheap to incredibly expensive.
    If you have an advertising budget equal to that of General 
    Motors, then you could afford to buy advertising in one of the 
    mega-websites such as: Yahoo! Games, Cnet.com, Disney.com, or 
    These mega-websites can deliver your advertising message to 
    literally tens of thousands of people per day, but the costs can 
    be staggering.
    As always, you will get what you pay for. If you buy advertising 
    on one of the mega-websites, you will get a lot of exposure for a 
    lot of money. If you buy advertising on one of the small traffic 
    websites, you will get a little bit of exposure for a little bit 
    of money.
    2. Viral Linking
    Viral Marketing is a concept that suggests that your marketing 
    message can pass from person-to-person, through existing social 
    networks. In theory, if you have a compelling marketing message, 
    people will be inclined to tell their friends, who will tell 
    their friends, etc. Just like a virus that passes from person-to-
    person through human contact, your marketing message can also 
    spread like wildfire.
    If you create a resource page on your website that is full of 
    valuable information and links to other resources, you will find 
    that people will want to share your page with others. And, if you 
    create free tools and services that are cool, clever or useful, 
    then people will also want to link to those as well. The better 
    your offering, the more likely people will be to link to it.
    For example, according to MSN, there are 677 links to 
    the tool called the TPW Text-to-Hyperlink Converter: 
    http://thephantomwriters.com/link-builder.pl and over 98,000 
    links to a search engine submission tool called Free Web 
    Submission at: http://www.freewebsubmission.com
    3. Article Marketing
    If you can create an informational article, you can add 
    information to the end of that article that tells about you and 
    your website. Upon completion, you can offer your informational 
    article to publishers and webmasters as a Free Reprint Article. 
    This designation tells publishers and webmasters that they can 
    use your article in their ezine or website, so long as they keep 
    your Author Information and links intact.
    While there are literally hundreds of places to place your 
    articles, these two are among the best:
    4. Paid Search
    The basic structure of Pay-Per-Click search advertising is that 
    you can bid on keywords, and then the highest bidder on a search 
    keyword gets the top spot. The next highest bidder gets the 
    second spot, etc. The advertiser does not pay for advertising 
    unless someone actually clicks on his or her advertisement, and 
    then the advertiser is billed at the rate that the advertiser 
    has agreed to pay the search company.
    PPC advertising can be purchased at:
    Google Adwords - http://adwords.google.com
    Yahoo! Overture - http://www.overture.com
    MSN Advertising - http://advertising.msn.com
    7Search Advertising - http://www.7search.com
    The above engines are the most expensive PPC providers, but not 
    the only ones. There are literally hundreds of other PPC 
    providers on the Internet, although most serve considerably less 
    5. Directory Placements
    With directory websites, you are allowed to submit a 5-10 word 
    headline for your listing, and usually up to a 25-word 
    description to be placed with your link.
    Directories are a good place to turn for highly targeted traffic, 
    since most users will navigate through the various categories to 
    find just the right websites to meet their needs.
    A few of the highest traffic directories are:
    You can find another 200 specialized niche directories, 
    search engines, and article directories, by reviewing the 
    http://www.isedn.org list of member websites.
    If you build your website and then sit around waiting for traffic 
    to come to you, your website will certainly fail.
    To be successful, do as other successful webmasters have done 
    before you --- build large numbers of links to your website and 
    aim to generate links that potentially offer real value.
    Link building is time consuming, but it does offer real potential 
    for the profitability of your website. Link building is not easy, 
    but it is essential and worthwhile.

    Writer's Resource Box:
    Bill Platt is the owner of http://thePhantomWriters.com
    Bill specializes in distributing free reprint articles for his 
    clients. Besides the exposure, traffic and sales that can be 
    generated from the publication of an article in an ezine, many of
    his clients use reprint articles as part of their link building 
    strategy. TIP: Sales Copy is not an article. If you are able to 
    educate and inform your readers, then publishers and webmasters 
    are more likely to use your article in their ezine or website.

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