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    Learn How to Build an Internet Niche by Studying the Methodology of Land Developers
    Copyright 2004, Bill Platt

    My mind is a strange little land where thoughts go off on 
    tangents and venture into realms unknown even to me. If I could 
    predict the wanderings of my own mind, I seriously doubt that 
    it would deliver to me such jewels as this one today.
    My mind has always wandered in this way, even before the term
    "thinking outside of the box" began to get lots of play. I have
    always thought of it as God's gift to me, although my family
    might have other thoughts on the matter... "A prophet is not
    a prophet in his own country." But, that is another issue 
    Even in my own little world of small town America, I have 
    watched the economic growth of my hometown with interest. I
    have visited other small towns in my region and have watched
    with the same level of interest the economic growth of the 
    towns being discussed. 
    Just the other day, I was in a conversation with a friend about
    his desires to build his own fortune in the area of real estate. 
    His hopes are to buy his first home before his 21st birthday, 
    and build on the base of his first home to create a small fortune
    by the time he is 40. He desires to retire from real world jobs
    by his 40th birthday, and then devote the remaining years of 
    his life to traveling and enjoying the world.
    Our conversation turned to the visionaries who have gambled and
    won their millions upon the purchase and development of farm
    Time and again, I have seen developers buy a large tract of 
    land, usually a mile in length on both sides of a roadway.
    This land will usually reside at the end of a town or just
    past the end of town. 
    Within a short time of the original purchase, the first tract
    will be developed at the end of the property furthest from 
    civilization. In most cases, the first tract of land to be 
    developed with be the home of a shopping center or department
    Within a few weeks of the breaking of the ground for the first
    development, signs will go up on the remaining properties 
    which offer the properties for commercial development. 
    The method is to first develop a property that will bring 
    lots of traffic into the new development area. In doing so, 
    the developer is creating an interest in the area for more 
    After all, ambitious people want to put their new businesses
    in places where the population is already going. By placing 
    their new business in high traffic locations, they are 
    strengthening the foundation for their business, thus improving
    their chance for long-term success. With more than 90% of all
    new businesses failing within the first five years, people
    will do anything to improve upon their chances for success.
    A good location is always a primary element in the success of
    any brick-and-mortar enterprise.
    The method is to first develop a property that will bring lots
    of traffic into the new development area.
    Yes, I already said that, but this time I am talking in terms 
    of online commercial development. 
    As any Internet guru will tell you, the secret to online 
    success is finding and developing a niche that separates your
    business from the millions of other online businesses. 
    If you are developing a niche where few businesses excel, then
    your chance to be seen as the cream of the crop, could very 
    well secure your long-term viability and profit potential. 
    Even in my own business, everyday I see ways that I can offer
    more services to more people, all without straying from my
    base marketplace.
    In the beginning, I was writing promotional articles for 
    clients. As part of my base service, I wrote the articles and
    then I distributed the articles to as many publishers as I 
    could reach.
    Soon, I was able to spin-off a stand-alone article distribution
    service. Ironically, the distribution service eventually 
    overtook my writing services and then replaced writing as my
    primary function.
    Over the last several years, through my niche marketplace, I have
    been directly serving writers and indirectly serving publishers 
    and webmasters with content they could use themselves.
    Now, as I move into the future, I have other services under
    development in areas that will continue support my base, while
    enabling me to provide additional services to publishers and
    webmasters. The one key element in all of my services will 
    continue to be "content that drives business growth for all of
    my clients."
    In my business, I built up a property out there on the edge
    of the Internet. With my primary property driving traffic and
    sales, the ability to develop other properties between my 
    business and the Internet mainstream has created new ways 
    to make even more money. 
    I have outlasted and outperformed many of the people who have 
    chosen to copy my business model. And there are many who will
    copy my new products and services. I will outlast them too.
    My point is not to suggest that you should try to copy my
    business. My point is to suggest that you should find your
    niche, develope your niche, and then locate and build spin-off 
    products and services on the fringes of your primary niche. 
    By utilizing the methodology of the land developer, you too can 
    find commercial success beyond what your primary niche website 
    will provide for you. 

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