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    Recipes For Online Failure And Success - Defining The Niche
    Copyright © 2005, Bill Platt

    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. --- Bill Platt
    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. Click here to see the picture full-sized.--- Bill Platt
    Every week, there are another several webmasters jumping on the 
    bandwagon and opening their own article directory. These article 
    directories are each developed on different software platforms. 
    There are several article directory platforms available now, and 
    others are in the pipeline.
    These days, most article directories exist to offer advertising 
    space to others. Some utilize Google Adsense at: 
    http://adsense.google.com/ . Some are utilizing the newest 
    competitor in this field, Yahoo's Publisher Network (YPN) at: 
    http://publisher.yahoo.com/ . Others are using any of a number of 
    competing ad networks including the 7Search program which is 
    actually hosted at: http://www.pay-per-search.com/ . Another 
    contextual ad network is Chitika at: http://www.chitika.com/ .
    A few article directories are using their sites to deliver 
    advertising for their own products and services. 
    For each of these sites, the content is hoped to bring traffic to 
    the website via the search engines. And, the website owners hope 
    that the web surfers will arrive to read the articles, and then 
    click their links or purchase their wares.
    For years, posting reprint articles on your website has been a 
    good, solid method of getting targeted traffic to your website.
    There are directories that serve the publishing community by only 
    listing articles that have been pre-approved by their authors to 
    be available for reprint by ezine publishers and other 
    A few examples of the bigger reprint article directories include:
    These are only a few examples of the article directories, where 
    you as the writer can go to place your articles, and the ezine 
    publisher and the webmaster can go to find content they can use 
    in their ezines or websites.
    There are other free reprint article directories who present 
    articles for reprint to publishers and webmasters, but these 
    directories are a by-product of a paid article distribution 
    services. Those reprint article directories can be found at:
    The third type of article directories are niche content websites. 
    Most of these directories do not have the permission to re-offer 
    articles for reprint. Even if they do, this is not their focus. 
    Their focus is on helping their visitors answer questions 
    pertinent to their specific needs. They provide content to their 
    visitors on their pre-defined and specific niche topic. 
    A few examples of this type of website include:
    http://www.Publish101.com/ - Business, Health & Self-Improvement
    http://www.HillsOrient.com/ - Online Marketing
    http://www.CapeHostPro.com/ - Business and Computing
    http://www.InvisibleMBA.com/ - Education
    http://www.HardwareHell.com/ - Computer Support
    http://www.AllThingsFrugal.com/ - Saving Money
    Where most new article directories go wrong is the same place 
    most new webmasters go wrong. 
    Hey, even I was guilty of this when I first came to the internet. 
    I did not know what exactly I wanted to do online. I just knew 
    that I wanted to make money online. 
    So, what did I do?
    I did the same thing most new webmasters do. I tried to be 
    "everything to everyone"!
    Then one day, I decided to start an ezine. That actually worked 
    out well for me. I ran the WindstormComputing.com ezine for a 
    couple of years, until I just ran out of time to keep it going. I 
    let the ezine fall into disuse, while I focused my time and 
    efforts on making money. ;-)
    The ezine itself was not the platform for making an income, but 
    it did help to launch me into a real money making venture. The 
    ezine gave me the confidence to begin writing articles, which 
    helped me to create my own specific niche on the internet.
    There is no one website on the internet that can be "everything 
    to everyone". 
    Some have tried to be "everything to everyone" (Yahoo.com, 
    MSN.com), but no internet user spends all of their time on one 
    site, not even on Yahoo or MSN. They still occasionally use the 
    Yahoo or MSN search to find another website to visit. They still 
    occasionally use Yahoo and MSN's competitors to find other 
    websites to visit.
    If Yahoo and MSN cannot be everything to everyone, why would you 
    think that you can? They have millions to spend on advertising to 
    help them to become the "destination" website of the internet, 
    and still they cannot pull it off.
    Large or small in stature, the most successful websites on the 
    internet focus on a niche. 
    Think about the following niche websites and their focus: 
    http://www.Cnet.com - Computers and Technology
    http://www.Travelocity.com/ - Travel
    http://www.Ebay.com/ - Online Auctions
    http://www.Overstock.com/ - Product Closeouts
    Websites and article directories that take the decision to focus 
    their presence on a "niche" will always outperform the website 
    and article directory that tries to be "everything to everyone".
    It is hard sometimes to pick your niche. 
    Honestly, you should try to pick a niche that is consistent with 
    what you enjoy. 
    There is no point in creating a website that you will not enjoy 
    managing. If you pick a topic that bores you, your website will 
    soon bore you, and you will slowly begin to let it fall to 
    I know a lady who has built a successful internet business around 
    her love for kitty cat knick-knacks. She buys and sells more 
    kitty cat knick-knacks than you might imagine. She runs her 
    business almost exclusively through Ebay. 
    For her, there is a thrill every day when she begins her day. She 
    is able to buy the kitty cat goodies she wants, but she buys them 
    in bulk and then sells off all but the one she keeps for her own 
    collection. The most exciting part of her day is when the UPS man 
    knocks on her front door.
    Some niches will generate a better income than others. 
    It is not enough to pick a topic that you will enjoy. You will 
    also need to make a determination as to whether your chosen niche 
    has the capacity to generate a nice income for you. 
    If you are trying to determine the financial incentives for 
    contextual advertising, this 7search tool will give you some idea 
    as to what pays well on their network: 
    If your chosen niche looks promising in the financial arena, what 
    is the level of competition in your niche? 
    Every day, new sites pop up addressing the internet marketing 
    niche. To put this in perspective, check out Google with the 
    search terms "internet marketing": 
    With more than 21 million sites containing the words "internet 
    marketing", one can assume, rightly so, that this is a market 
    with tons of competition.
    That is why the most successful internet marketing companies 
    focus their niche to an even tighter definition, such as: "search 
    engine optimization" or "natural links seo".
    When you find a niche that is being served by fewer competitors, 
    it is much easier to become the best in your niche.  
    Check out the competition in your chosen niche, before taking the 
    leap. In most of the smaller niches, it is far too easy to become 
    the very best resource in your category.
    Number one search results become easier to accomplish because you 
    have fewer competitors. 
    Top search rankings are also easier to accomplish, because the 
    search engines like Google prefer to point their users to tightly 
    niched websites that carries the information their users are 
    requesting. The tighter your focus, the more Google will like 
    your website for your keyword phrases.
    If you are ready to take the leap into your first website or 
    article directory, don't make the mistake of failing to properly 
    define yourself. 
    I know that you want to grow quickly. But, if you choose to take 
    in all content on all topics, you will only hurt your long-term 
    Accepting content on all topics may help your website might 
    grow faster, but it will also minimize your ability to attract 
    targeted traffic. Always remember that true success will be found 
    in the niche. 

    Writer's Resource Box:
    Bill Platt is the owner of http://www.LinksAndTraffic.com
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    tedious process of link building, then it makes good sense to 
    hire a professional to develop links on your behalf. We do not 
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