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    Should You Hire a Famous Writer or Write Your Own Articles?
    Copyright 2004, Bill Platt

    Proven and Exceptional Click-Through Results
    Testing has proven again and again that promotional articles 
    generate more click-through traffic than standard ezine 
    advertising. And it is much cheaper than standard ezine 
    advertising, even if you are paying someone else to write 
    and distribute your articles for you.
    Promotional articles that are distributed with free-reprint 
    rights get published regularly in ezines and on websites and 
    the results are long-term. Both publication outlets generate 
    results, although both outlets generate different patterns of 
    traffic to your site.
    Creating Content
    Either you know that you are capable of writing your own 
    articles or you feel that you might need to hire a ghostwriter 
    to help you with your task. 
    If you need a ghostwriter to help you create articles to 
    promote your program, there are literally dozens of companies 
    and hundreds of freelance writers out there that can help you 
    complete your task.
    Tips for Selecting Your Ghostwriter
    One of my clients asked me the other day whether they should use 
    their own in-house writer to develop their articles or whether 
    they should hire a famous writer to write their articles for 
    That is a good question. It depends on how many articles you 
    will want to have created for you. 
    If you plan on creating fewer than ten articles, it might make 
    more sense to hire an already famous, professional writer. So 
    long as your famous writer is known for the type of content you 
    want to have created, then your famous writer will help you get a 
    strong running start in that they already have a good reputation 
    in the field you want your articles written.
    If your famous writer is not known in your field, then it does 
    not matter whether you use the famous writer, your in-house 
    writer, or if you create a pen name for a fictional writer. 
    Gambling on the Long Term
    If your intent is to have more than ten articles created, then 
    it is my suggestion that you should either use your in-house 
    writer using his or her real name or create a pen name for your 
    in-house writer.
    Whether you use the writer's real name or a pen name, your 
    decision should be made upon your confidence in your in-house 
    writer. Sure, you can count on their skills or you would not 
    be considering using their work. The real question you must 
    ask yourself is how long you feel that the in-house writer 
    will remain in your employment. 
    There is always a chance that your business will be built on 
    the name of someone who goes to another job, taking his or her 
    name recognition with him or her to the other employer. Using 
    your writer's real name or a pen name is always a gamble. Weigh 
    all of the factors well before making your decision.
    If It Were My Business
    If I ran a brick-and-mortar business in a very competitive 
    marketplace where personalities can shine brighter than the home 
    office, then I would strongly consider using my in-house writer 
    and providing him or her with a fictional pen name. There is no 
    sense in building a name that will go on to promote your 
    Manifesting the "Power of Seven"
    If you have plans to develop more than ten articles for the 
    promotion of your business, then it does not matter if your 
    writer is already famous in your field. 
    I am sure that you have heard about the "Power of Seven." 
    Many research companies have studied the question of how many 
    times a business must be seen before the customer has confidence 
    enough to spend money with the business. 
    The research has been conclusive. Seven is the magic number. 
    Once a potential customer has heard of a business seven times, 
    the business has rose above the first major hurdle in attracting 
    the potential customer to their business. After a potential 
    customer has heard of a business seven times, then the potential 
    customer is much more likely to trust the business enough to 
    spend their money with the business.
    The "Power of Ten" in Publishing
    A writer is very much like a business, and a publisher is very 
    much like a customer. The "Power of Seven" plays an important 
    role in getting the writer's work published. 
    However, we cannot count on seven promotional articles to bridge 
    the trust gap with the publisher. While publishers will see most 
    of your articles, as they are made available for publication, 
    usually they will not see seven articles in seven distributions. 
    Publishers are busy people and they do not check for new 
    articles daily. But, publishers do check for new articles 
    regularly as they need to continuously find materials for 
    The goal is to send out ten articles to get seven articles seen 
    and read by publishers. Once the publisher reads the seventh 
    article, if the quality of the articles had been good, then the 
    publisher will trust the value of the articles created by the 
    More Figures Concerning Promotional Article Success
    Ironically, the fact that the publisher has seen articles by a 
    particular writer seven times is often good enough to get the 
    writer published. The publisher only needs to read one or two 
    good quality articles by the writer to cement the trust they 
    will have in the writer. 
    Once the publisher has come to the decision that a writer is 
    good and provides information important to their readers, the 
    publisher will always notice the writer's name as they are 
    browsing for the next article that they will publish. 
    With my business, I have been distributing articles for my 
    clients since early 2000. Any writer who has permitted me to 
    submit articles for them for the length of six months remains 
    to be one of my clients. Why do you think that is? 
    I believe it is because six months worth of article submissions 
    --- whether done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly --- has enabled my 
    client's to bridge the "Power of Seven" with the publishers and 
    webmasters who receive the articles that I distribute.
    Some who distribute weekly cross the "Power of Seven" bridge 
    well before the six months is up and they reaped fast rewards 
    for their hyper-distribution schedule. 
    Publishers & Webmasters Are the Gateways to Buyers
    With my service, I am able to get your articles into the 
    mailboxes of more than 12,000 publishers and webmasters looking 
    for good quality content.
    If only 25 publishers --- with an average of 5,000 readers each 
    --- reprint an article, then 125,000 potential buyers could 
    read the average article. Add to that fact that several of my 
    client's get published in ezines that reach more than 700,000 
    readers, and my clients can reach nearly one million buyers 
    with a single article.
    The "Power of Seven" Could Make YOU Famous!
    I always suggest that if you are doing more than ten articles, 
    you should use your in-house writer's name or a fictional pen 
    name. The reason I say this is that after ten articles, you 
    will be strongly on the road to becoming famous yourself. Once 
    the name used to promote your business has become famous, and 
    then your business will continue to reap the rewards for that 
    famous name for years to come. 

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