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    Where Are Your Articles Being Published?
    Copyright © 2006, Bill Platt

    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. --- Bill Platt
    You may use this image in your ezine or website if you choose to publish my article. Click here to see the picture full-sized.--- Bill Platt
    There are a few article directory software programs in the 
    marketplace. Some are great, some are good, and some stink to 
    high heaven, for the writer and for the website owners.
    In an ideal world, all article management software would be easy-
    to-use for the webmaster. Also in an ideal world, the submission 
    process would be fast and easy for the writer. But, this is not 
    an ideal world.
    In today's article hungry marketplace, there are literally 
    hundreds of websites where you can submit your articles. 
    Three Types of Article Directories
    There are three kinds of article directories:
     * Stand-Alone Directories of Articles Available for Reprint
     * Stand-Alone Directories of Articles Available for Reading
     * Article Directories Inside of a Website, with Articles 
       Available for Reading
    With these different kinds of directories, you will find 
    different categories of webmasters. This distinction is more 
    important than you think.
     * Corporate Owners
     * Independent Online Business Webmasters
     * Hobbyist Webmasters
    Personally, I own two article directories. One has nearly 2500 
    articles in it, and the other has nearly 5000 articles in it.
    Both of mine are of the first type, Stand-Alone Directories of 
    Articles Available for Reprint. But, I am not a corporate owner. 
    I am an independent online business webmaster.
    The reason why the type of owner is important is that the type of 
    owner will determine where your articles will be published today 
    AND tomorrow.
    Corporate owners have a bottomless supply of web server space 
    available to them. In the corporate category, these directories 
    are the most important:
     * http://www.ezinearticles.com
     * http://www.goarticles.com
     * http://www.ideamarketers.com/
     * http://www.uniterra.com
    Directory Owner Budgets
    Most new article directory owners have a small budget for web 
    hosting, and therefore, they have a limited amount of web server 
    hard drive space.
    Most of these new directory owners have jumped into their website 
    with both feet hoping to cash in on their Google Adsense revenue. 
    After a few months, the truth will crash them into the wall.
    On http://www.articles4reprint.com, I have more than 4500 
    articles live. I have another 1000 articles pending my approval. 
    Generally, it takes 30 seconds to approve one article. So, the 
    articles currently pending on this site will require an 
    investment of another 8.5 hours to bring up-to-date. One day a 
    couple of weeks back, I spent 19 straight hours approving 
    articles on this site. I am not going to stop taking submissions 
    to this article directory site, but it does require a lot of my 
    time to maintain.
    Perhaps I am exceptional. I will spend the hours required to 
    approve articles, but will the next person?
    I started this site with a basic account. I have had to upgrade 
    my web hosting package three times to be able to continue 
    accepting articles to the site. Will the next person make this 
    kind of commitment?
    The payoff for operating a website like this one is the Adsense 
    revenue developed from hosting such a wide range of content on 
    the website. In the case of the http://www.articles4reprint.com 
    website, I am currently generating only $40 per month on my 
    Adsense account. Will the next person consider this a fair trade 
    of time for money? Likely not.
    I Know This Is My Business, But Don't Take My Word For It
    At various times, I submit articles to various directories. The 
    distinction of "at various times" is actually important. Websites 
    that were accepting direct submissions from me six months ago are 
    no longer accepting submissions from anyone. 
    Writers want to believe that they can just crank out hundreds of 
    articles, generating hundreds of links back to their websites. 
    Sometimes they can, and at other times, they cannot. 
    It comes down to this. Every website where I submit articles has 
    a human moderator at the other end of the transaction, and they 
    have the right to choose what materials they will use and what 
    materials they will not use. Each webmaster can also consider 
    whether the time required for the approval process will help 
    their bottom line.
    These big article directories no longer accept articles from 
    anyone. Also shown is the last date an article was added to the 
     * http://www.article-emporium.com/ - December 2005
     * http://www.articletime.com/ - December 2005
     * http://www.learnthis.info - August 2005
     * http://www.family-content.com/ - May 2005
     * http://www.certificate.net/wwio/ - April 2003
    Many smaller directories have also stopped taking articles. In 
    most cases, the websites show that they accept articles, but you 
    never realize that they are not printing your articles until you 
    look or until you hit the Submit button on the Submission Form. 
    Or, you can continue submitting to them, never realizing that you 
    are wasting your time, until you go to search the website for 
    your articles.
    http://www.articlefinders.com says that they have a monster 
    backlog and they are not taking new articles until they get 
    caught up. 
    http://www.marketingtroll.co.uk seems to indicate that they are 
    still accepting articles, but they have not published a new 
    article since May of 2005.
    Folks, I could go on forever. I could literally show your 
    hundreds of directories that seem to be accepting articles, but 
    they have not published any new articles in months or years.
    Generally, Mailing Lists on the Major List Servers Deliver 
    Better Results
    Article distribution email groups on Yahoo and Google generally 
    provide good results, but they fall into disuse almost as 
    frequently as web article directories.
    Here, I will show the subscriber count of the Article 
    Distribution Group, the last time an article was published 
    through the list, and the URL for the list.
    1003  September 2003 - 
    560  September 2001 - 
    2002  December 2000 - 
    752  June 2005 - 
    474  December 2000 - 
    465  August 2003 - 
    The following article distribution group is active, but there 
    is no moderator to review your posts:
    1390  June 2005 - 
       (the only people who can submit to this list are those 
       who were not moderated at the time the list owner 
    In Conclusion...
    If you are distributing your own articles to a house list, check 
    back from time to time to make sure that they are actually using 
    your articles. Always verify your results. Don't waste your time 
    submitting articles to people who will not even look at your 

    Writer's Resource Box:
    Bill Platt is the owner of http://thePhantomWriters.com 
    Article Distribution Service. Effective January of 2006, 
    we send a Distribution Report to all of our clients. Our 
    Distribution Report outlines where an article was distributed, 
    and it shows how many publishers and webmasters are subscribed 
    to those email distribution lists in real-time. We have
    been providing our services to our clients since 2001.
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