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    Ten Tips to Help Select Affiliate Programs & Make Money from Them
    Copyright 2004, Bill Platt

    Many publishers and webmasters undertake the process of picking 
    and adding affiliate programs to add a few extra bucks to their
    bottom lines.
    When you have managed to pick a winner, the selected affiliate 
    program can develop enough additional income to make it worth
    while to continue to offer the program to your visitors.
    Let's face it. Not everyone who visits your website will be
    interested in your primary products or services. The truth is
    that you cannot be everything to everyone. So, it does make
    sense to offer some additional products or services on outbound
    links to other sites that offer affiliate's an opportunity to
    earn a commission. 
    *  You should always choose an affiliate program based on how
       many levels they pay to affiliates. If the program only 
       pays on what you sell, I suggest avoiding the program.
       The only time it would actually make sense to use a program 
       that only pays on your own sales is when the program is 
       offering hard goods that must be snail mailed to the buyer. 
       If you are using the affiliate link in an article, the 
       affiliate program you use should pay on at least two tiers. 
       In this fashion, if you turn someone else onto a program, 
       then you will be able to earn on sales they make as well. 
       Who knows? The person who signs up on your recommendation may
       be able to sell thousands of ice cream cones to an eskimo.
    *  All outbound links on your website should contain the HREF  
       property *target=_blank*. By setting the target to _blank, 
       you are telling your visitor's browser to open the link in 
       a new browser window. This will force your visitor to make
       a concious decision to leave your site, by making them 
       pro-actively close the window your website resides in.
    *  More so in an article than on a website, you should provide
       the link to your affiliate page through a Redirect link on
       your domain. From the webmaster's perspective, this makes
       sense because you can track the traffic to your affiliate
       website by checking your traffic logs. From the article
       writer's perspective, it is imperative since most publishers
       will trim off the affiliate id from your published URL. If
       you give the publisher a link from your own domain, then
       there is not an obvious affiliate id to remove from the 
    *  You should observe the click-through ratio's (CTR's) on 
       all of your affiliate links. Try to make a determination 
       as to why a particular affiliate link does or does not 
       generate good CTR's. Perhaps it is the presentation of 
       the link, or perhaps it is the offer that is being made.
       Make changes to try to improve on your results, and take
       action to remove the program if it does not generate good 
    *  You should also observe the click-through-to-sales ratio's
       also. At a certain point, you should make the decision that
       a certain affiliate program has failed at their end. If you
       are sending them lots of traffic, but you are not earning
       income from that traffic, then you should make the 
       determination as to whether you want to create your own 
       sales page for their product or give up on them altogether. 
    *  You should always strongly consider using the affiliate 
       programs that you promote. By using the programs, you can
       offer people an honest assessment of the programs that you
       are promoting. In many cases, the personal testimonial of
       a product or service will help sell that product or service.
    *  Don't be afraid to write your own ad copy or develop your
       own display banners to promote the program. By developing
       custom promotional materials, you are able to distinguish
       yourself from the thousands of other affiliates promoting
       the same programs that you are promoting.
    *  Put a deadline on the profit expectations that you have 
       from a single affiliate program. Let's say for example
       you do as I do. I give programs six months from signup
       to produce results. If the results cannot be improved
       upon, I remove programs from my site. (I will be removing
       four programs from my site this week.)
    *  When you have found a winner, step up your promotional 
       efforts on those programs. Don't be afraid to tell people 
       when you have found a winner. My winners are:
       * Drop Shippers Directory - http://thePhantomWriters.com/dsd  
          If you want to find hard goods to sell online or on Ebay,
          then you will want to explore DSD to find wholesale
          companies and drop-shippers who can supply you with those
       * Quikonnex - http://thePhantomWriters.com/quikonnex   
          Have you heard about the benefits of publishing an ezine 
          via Dynamically Created RSS/XML Feeds? If not, then please 
          take a few minutes to explore the promise of spam-free, 
          accusation-free publishing with the Quikonnex Publishing 
    *  As a final note, you should always try to select your
       affiliate programs based on offerings that your target
       visitors would actually be interested in. Although these
       visitors may not be interested in your offerings, there
       was something about your site that drew them to you, in the
       first place. So give them the chance to buy other products
       or services similar to your own. 
    At every point in the process, your goal should be to leverage
    the traffic you do have into money that you will have. It is
    far better to have two dollars on the hundred dollar purchase,
    than it is to have zero dollars on any purchase. If you are 
    going to lose your traffic to others anyway, make the conscious
    decision now to turn some of that traffic back into dollars. 

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