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    Add Value to Your User's Experiences - Add Profits to Your Bottom Line
    Copyright 2004, Bill Platt

    As a webmaster, you are likely searching for ways to make more 
    money from your website. The truth is that if you have been 
    online for any amount of time, you have learned that you always 
    need to be on the prowl for new information to help you to be 
    more successful, and you always need to keep one eye open 
    looking for new ways to add more dollars to your bottom line. 
    That is likely why you are reading this article today. You are 
    hoping that I might be able to share some small tidbit or jewel 
    of information that might help take you and your business to the 
    next level. I hope that I will be able to meet your expectations.
    Many webmasters have found that there are a few key programs 
    they can offer on their sites for which they can honestly expect 
    to make a few extra dollars, a few hundred extra dollars, and in 
    some cases, a few thousand extra dollars every month.
    The trick to making additional income from third-party programs 
    is to carefully select programs that are relevant to your site 
    visitors, while insuring that the program you promote does not 
    directly compete with your own offerings. 
    If you are giving something to your visitors that they will 
    find useful, above and beyond your normal offerings --- that 
    is considered an "added value" item. Not only will it give your 
    customers something they appreciate, it will help them grow 
    closer to you as a business owner. This is helpful in 
    accelerating the trust level that your customers have with you 
    and your business --- which can only serve you well over the 
    long term. By building this foundation of trust, your visitors 
    will come back to your site and buy from you again --- because 
    they know that they can trust you to treat them well.
    On the web, more so than in brick-and-mortar, the trust factor 
    is the most important hurdle that the small business owner must 
    overcome with his potential customers. There are so many scams 
    and rip-offs on the web, that an honest soul is especially 
    As I had mentioned before, it is important to select your 
    "added value" offerings based on the interests of your web site 
    visitors. The closer your offerings are to the needs of your 
    target market, the more successful you will become selling your 
    added value products and services. 
    Here are a couple examples of Added Value offers to consider:
    If you run a website that caters to online business people or 
    those who wish to start their own online business, a good 
    program to offer is the one from World Wide Brands. Their 
    primary product is the Drop-Ship Source Directory. This is a 
    member-only site that keeps the most complete and up-to-date 
    resource for finding wholesale companies that offer 
    drop-shipping of the products they sell. This program is 
    actually ideal for anyone who has an interest in operating 
    an Ebay business. 
    For those who are unaware, a drop-shipper is a wholesale company 
    who offers products to retailers. The neat thing is that you 
    can call them on the phone and place an order for a product by 
    credit card, and if the drop-shipper has your information on 
    hand, the drop-shipper will put the reseller's (your) company 
    name and address on the return label for the product delivery. 
    By using a drop-shipper, the small business does not have to be 
    concerned with carrying an inventory. Instead, they only have 
    to be concerned with product fulfillment. 
    World Wide Brands actually offers three programs: Drop Ship 
    Source Directory, Light Bulk Wholesale Directory, and Market 
    Research Wizard. All three programs offer a commission equal 
    to 25% of the purchase price for personal sales and a 
    commission of 10% for all sales generated by affiliates 
    who sign up under you.
    If your website is concerned with self-improvement, self-esteem, 
    dating, relationships, love or marriage, then you could do very 
    well for yourself promoting the e-book, "How To Identify Your 
    Ernest Quansah, a Relationship Advisor and the founder of 
    "Soulmate Infoserve," wrote "How To Identify Your Soulmate." 
    He recently revised the text to include additional advice and 
    several worksheets. Now, each chapter has a questionnaire at 
    the end of it to help people personalize and internalize the 
    knowledge and advice shared in the book. This e-book is of such 
    high quality that it is now being prepared for print publication 
    as a hard cover book.
    When asked about his the purpose of his e-book, this is what 
    Ernest had to say, "Love relationships are failing in an 
    alarming rate. In order to help as many people find happiness, 
    I have invested years researching love relationships. I wanted 
    to know why some relationships fail and others succeed." 
    Ernest went on to say, "I have always desired to make a 
    difference in the lives of men and women out there in the 
    world, so that they can also find happiness in their love 
    No matter the specifics of the situation the reader may be in, 
    "How To Identify Your Soulmate" can assist people in their 
    quest to achieve success in their love relationships.
    In conclusion, Ernest said, "I have compiled my finding into 
    an e-book that can be downloaded electronically. I would like 
    to extend an invitation to you to help me carry the message 
    contained in my book to the world."
    Ernest has provided two payment options for his e-book. One can 
    actually purchase "How To Identify Your Soulmate" using either 
    Clickbank or Clixgalore.
    Webmasters who sign up for the Soulmate Infoserve Affiliate 
    Program will also earn a full 25% commission on all referred 
    sales of the e-book, "How To Identify Your Soulmate."
    Products and services, which are relevant to the people who 
    already visit your website and do not conflict or compete with 
    your current offerings, are ideally suited to allow you to 
    deliver ADDED VALUE offerings to your visitors. 
    Added Value offerings help you to build the trust level that 
    your visitors have with you, and they also help you add new 
    layers of profitability to your website.
    In the end, you should always strive to prepare your ezine or 
    website to deliver more dollars from the same real estate. Added 
    Value, third-party affiliate programs are the perfect vehicles 
    to take you where you want to go.  You can use the ones we have 
    mentioned above, or you can select from any of hundreds of other 
    affiliate programs. 
    Whatever affiliate programs you might select, make sure that 
    they meet the main criteria for selecting programs of this type. 
    Make sure they are relevant to the needs of your visitors, and 
    make sure they do not directly compete with your current 

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