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    Putting It All Together to Create Success
    Copyright 2004, Lori Osterberg

    Building It Bigger and Better
    All you have to do today is open up a newspaper, or drive down 
    the street, or in some cases talk to acquaintances and you will 
    find people that have shut down their small business because 
    they just couldn't make ends meet. They had the drive to sell 
    their product or service, but they didn't follow through on 
    getting out there in front of the people that would actually 
    buy from them. So the businesses cease to exist.
    Having a great idea is what starts a business. Marketing is 
    what drives the business. Marketing is the only thing that 
    keeps a business in business!
    Yet so many business owners just don't seem to understand the 
    importance of marketing. It's easier to avoid the whole process 
    of marketing. After all, there are always more important things 
    to deal with; like answering the phone, filing papers, and 
    creating new products. 
    There will always be someone else with your same business idea. 
    There will always be other people to fill a niche in which you 
    could have grown into greatness. What separates good businesses 
    from failures is the ability to market. 
    Marketing comes down to focusing in two directions: look for 
    interesting and unique points in your business, or look for 
    interesting and unique qualities in yourself.  
    As the owner of the business, you are in the frontline of 
    promoting. You live it, and breathe it, and carry it with you 
    24/7. You are always marketing the way your business works. The 
    more fun you have and show the rest of the world, the more they 
    are going to want to find out why your product makes you act 
    and behave the way you do!
    There are literally hundreds of ways a company can use marketing 
    to help grow their business. Unfortunately most businesses don't 
    use more than four or five techniques, and even those are 
    sometimes weak efforts. 
    The key to getting known is to focus all of your energy on 
    bringing your name into as many conversations as you can. When 
    people think of your industry, your name automatically comes 
    out. Combine your efforts with others around you, and create 
    dynamic offers that people simply can't refuse. Always be 
    watching for ways to catapult your business with the use of a 
    current trend. Then sit back and watch your business thrive!
    The easiest way to find new business opportunities is to work 
    together with other businesses. It's more efficient; you can 
    have access to thousands of more potential customers simply by 
    combining your client lists. It's more economical; you can 
    combine your money when creating marketing pieces, renting 
    space, promoting, and advertising. And it's more fun; isn't 
    it always more fun to be around a bunch of equally motivating 
    people as yourself!
    How can you apply this to your own business? Let me use an 
    example from a recent trend happening in my hometown of Denver, 
    Colorado. We have been living with drought conditions for the 
    past several years. The newest rage throughout our area is 
    Xeriscaping, which is simply landscaping using waterwise plants. 
    Because we are on severe water restrictions this year, everyone 
    is finding ways of teaching and helping people reconfigure their 
    landscaping to include more of these plants. 
    One of our local chamber of commerce's put together a Xeriscape 
    festival at the beginning of the planting season this year. 
    Many local landscapers, nurseries, architects, planners and 
    designers combined efforts to put on this much needed festival. 
    The chamber is getting a lot of press simply by being the host. 
    The small businesses are getting free publicity by being a part 
    of the event. Even other small businesses gained exposure by 
    helping put together this timely event: rental companies, 
    marketers, and printers-the list goes on and on. By working as a 
    group of motivated people, the chamber and many local businesses 
    are increasing their own business simply by combining efforts, 
    and giving people what they want!
    There are two things that make this idea so exciting. First, 
    your exposure to other people and businesses is amazing. 
    Instead of working within your own comfort level, you are out 
    interacting in a variety of ways with a mixture of different 
    levels of business opportunity. This alone will help you expand 
    your business in directions you may have never even thought of 
    And second, the best way to get known is to put yourself in 
    front of others that can help you. Simply by working with the 
    many people that make it possible to pull off a major event 
    will build a trust level. If you help someone, and provide him 
    or her with something that makes their day a little easier, 
    they will bend over backwards to reward you. It's the "You 
    scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" theory. It works. It's 
    worked for hundreds of years. Give it a try. 

    Lori Osterberg is an idea builder and marketing expert. Lori is also a successful mentor and author, writing for the Denver Business Journal and currently finishing her second published book.Sign up for her free ezine at http://www.VisionOfSuccess.com and receive her dynamic report on Creating a Better Client Base.

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