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    How To Use The Most Powerful Force In Selling To Magnetize Customers To Your Product Or Service!
    Copyright 2004, Dan Lok

    Dear Friend,
    What is the most powerful, irresistible, GUARANTEED way to get 
    customers interested in your product or service?
    Did you guess "low price"? Wrong. Do you think it's "free?" Try 
    again. "Guaranteed"? Sorry -- wrong again.
    The answer is simple, but some of the most brilliant copywriters 
    in the world aren't "keyed in" to this #1 consumer magnet, so 
    don't feel bad if you don't know what I'm talking about... yet. 
    You will. The fact is... 
    Not one in a thousand marketers is familiar with the powerful 
    copywriting appeal that YOU are about to master.
    So what is it that makes a consumer go wild with interest and 
    beat a quick path to your door? Before I give you the answer, I 
    want to give you some examples from other media sources that 
    know how to use this amazing appeal very, very well.
    As you read these headlines, ask yourself what they have in 
    Television ad:
    "Tonight at 11PM, we'll take you behind-the-scenes at the 
    Britney Spears concert."
    Magazine cover:
    "Secrets to Landing and KEEPING your man."
    Tabloid headline:
    "Baby Alien Photos the Government Doesn't Want You To See."
    Have you figured out the key concept that's at work here?  Is 
    your finger on the button ready to "buzz in" with your answer?  
    Congratulations, you right -- the headlines above are TEASERS, 
    guaranteed to speak to every Nosy Rosy out there.  
    The Science Behind the Art of the Tease
    Publishing and broadcasting professionals know that teasers tap 
    into a deep, primal emotion that exists deep inside all of us. 
    A teaser bypasses the brain and speaks directly to your... 
    Yup, whether you want to admit it or not, we're all "cats" at 
    heart when it comes to curiosity. Our whiskers start twitching 
    and we have to start investigating whatever it is that has 
    caught our interest. We want to know... we HAVE TO KNOW... more.
    And where curiosity goes... sales are soon to follow!
    Teasing is Pleasing
    Think about why news and publishing media use these teasers. Is 
    it because they feel they are “professional” statements of the 
    corporate identity? No, I don’t think so. 
    The reason the media loves teasers and uses them over and over 
    and over is that they...
    Get Response Like Crazy!
    Broadcasters and publishers are hot on the trail of a technique 
    that most marketers have no clue about. Media smarties know that 
    if someone is curious, the person will be compelled to take some 
    action in an attempt to satisfy their lust for nosiness. 
    Reader's Digest Gets It Right
    Let me tell you what Reader’s Digest does for every single issue 
    they publish, to build up the most curiosity possible. They pick 
    their stories months in advance and assign titles to them... 
    titles for the Table of Contents. 
    The titles are for the table of contents, but the Digest team 
    brings in focus groups to pick from more than a dozen "special" 
    titles to put on the paper cover that consumers will see on the 
    magazine standing in line at the supermarket. And you can bet the 
    farm that the titles they choose have been created to generate 
    MAXIMUM curiosity.  
    For example, if a story is called, “Exercises you can do to lose 
    weight.” They will probably end up with a cover title like, “How 
    to Burn Off Fat Fast!” or “Eat the Foods You Love, Lose the 
    Weight You Want!" or “The Amazing Secret to Rapid Weight Loss."  
    The people at Reader’s Digest know they have to tease you to get 
    you to pick the magazine at the check out counter. Does this 
    strategy work? You decide:  
    Reader’s Digest is one of the most successful publications in 
    the world.
    The Itch They'll Want to Scratch
    Everybody’s nosy, and everybody wants to be “let in” on something
    they think other people know. Even more, we love to know what we 
    think other people DON'T know.   
    When we Quick-Turn Marketers have sufficiently stimulated a 
    consumer's curiosity, he/she is suddenly driven by a primal urge 
    and ready to follow our every instruction. A consumer will do 
    anything to avoid feeling like "the last to know."
    And when a consumer is willing to follow your instructions, 
    there's no better time than that to start selling!
    Your marketing sifu*,
    Dan Lok
    P.S.  If you re-read this letter, you'll see that I used 
    curiosity at the very beginning to whet your appetite. (Sneaky!)
    * A "sifu" is a teacher  (See, you learn something new every 

    Dan Lok is the World’s First Quick-Turn Marketer, with a proven track record of selling over $ 17.3 million dollars of merchandise and services. He’s the rebel copywriter who’s created hundreds of money-making ads and sales letter for over 39 different industries. And now you can get inside the head of one of the world’s top copywriters without paying a dime at http://www.QuickTurnMarketing.com

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