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    Art In The Office & Increased Employee Motivation
    Copyright © 2005, Sue Kennedy

    Does offering employees a pleasing work environment make a 
    difference? Or is it just another excuse to spend money? 
    Read on...
    Essentially it is all about enriching the work environment, 
    and if you are wondering why you need to bother then I'd like 
    to offer you three reasons:
    o It create better attitudes
    o It improves morale
    o It enhances the employees commitment to the organization
    There is a fair bit of research in this area looking at the 
    concept of improving employee motivation from different angles. 
    For example during March 2002 Arts & Business released the 
    results of a MORI commissioned survey. The research investigated 
    attitudes towards the Art's and their effect on the working 
    behaviors among business leaders and the general public.
    The results revealed that 53% of the workers surveyed felt 
    that if their employer were to provide opportunities to enjoy 
    artistic activities they would be motivated in their work. 95% 
    of business owners surveyed said they felt that motivation is 
    'essential' or 'very important' in directly driving company 
    Employees can participate in community related art projects or 
    the employer could sponsor an initiative, and I'll cover that 
    in a future articles but for now I'd like to focus on why art 
    should be used to enhance the working space, or put another way 
    using art to break up plain walls, and relieve the potential 
    visual boredom for the employee. 
    Open place offices are very commonplace nowadays, and to some 
    extent have diminished the employee's sense of having a private 
    space of their own that reflects their personality. Thus the 
    art in their view becomes more important especially if they 
    don't have a window nearby.
    I even heard of a company that has produced space dividers for 
    open plan workplaces that are limited edition prints on mesh 
    by British contemporary artists.
    Studies by BOSTI a US based workplace design consultancy make 
    it clear there is a relationship between how people experience 
    the offices they work in and their productivity levels on job 
    including job performance, job satisfaction and their ability 
    to communicate with each other. 
    We all react both consciously and unconsciously to the area in 
    which we live and work, our environment has a profound effect 
    on feelings, behaviors, general health issues and productivity. 
    Using art in the office is only one aspect of workplace design, 
    but it is one that should not be overlooked.
    Having art in the workplace is also a way of encouraging 
    creative thinking and of course there is the potential of a 
    Public Relations spin off. A survey carried out by ICM and 
    Art & Business found that 73% of employees wanted more art in 
    the workplace, claiming it made them feel more 'motivated' and 
    Further research carried out by International Art Consultants 
    Ltd “indicates that companies regard art as an integral part of 
    a motivating and productive working environment, and that more 
    organisations are actively seeking to maximise the benefits of 
    art within the context of their broader business philosophy.”
    So it makes sense to create a pleasing ambiance for everyone who 
    uses the work space, after all there are enough other variables 
    in business life. Let's do something about the ones we can 

    Writer's Resource Box:
    About the author: Sue Kennedy, LRPS & LBIPP   
    Sue Kennedy is an UK based photographer specialising in outdoor 
    photography and works on commission for companies & individuals 
    as well as shooting for picture libraries. To purchase from 
    Sue’s current print and card selection visit her Website: 
    http://www.blueeyesphoto.com. Don't forget to sign up for 
    her monthly ezine too!

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