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    How to Treat Toenail Fungus with Olive Leaf Extract
    Copyright © 2005, Jonathan N. Group, R.D., D.C

    For centuries the olive leaf has provided a natural way to heal 
    many ailments of the body. This is due to the active agent in 
    olive leaf extract known as oleuropein. This bitter substance is 
    an element of the compound that is used by the olive tree to 
    ensure that the plant is vigorous and resistant to harsh weather 
    conditions, bacterial damage and insect attack. The antimicrobial 
    characteristic of olive leaf extract occurs when the oleuropein 
    breaks down in the body into elolenic acid. This acid interferes 
    with a pathogen's ability to replicate. A beneficial byproduct of 
    this reaction is that a jump start is given to the immune system, 
    which begins to fight bacteria and infection on its own as well.
    In addition to this powerful antimicrobial characteristic, olive 
    leaf extract improves circulation by increasing blood flow to the 
    coronary arteries and relieve arrhythmias. It has been found to 
    combat yeast infections by balancing the amount of candida in the 
    system. Warts have also been known to be vulnerable to olive leaf 
    extract as is toenail fungus.
    Toenail fungus is a common, contagious condition that strikes 
    many people. Typically it occurs when the immune system is down 
    and once contracted is difficult to eliminate from the system. 
    Also referred to as onychomycosis, this widespread condition 
    accounts for a large proportion of nail disorders and can become 
    quite unsightly and painful. Beginning as discoloration or a 
    light colored spot under the tip of the toenail, this fungus will 
    continue to spread until the entire nail becomes thick and yellow 
    with rough and crumbling edges.
    If no action is taken to destroy the fungus, the condition will 
    worsen and eventually the toenail will have a distorted shape, 
    the color may become green, brown, or black, and the toes may 
    begin to emit a foul odor. If the toenail fungus becomes 
    particularly severe, the toenail may be lost, causing 
    considerable pain and making the toe even more vulnerable to 
    additional infection.
    Fortunately, toenail fungus does not have to be accepted as a 
    distasteful part of life. There are many treatments available to 
    eradicate the fungus that causes this unpleasant condition. 
    Utilizing the natural healing potential of olive leaf oil is a 
    safe and natural way to get rid of this unsightly and difficult 
    ailment. When purchasing olive leaf extract, it is important to 
    buy from a reputable company as the processing of the plant must 
    be done carefully to ensure that the extract is potent and 
    effective. This product may be purchased in tincture, capsules, 
    or salves that are made from the extract. In the form of a salve 
    it should be used as directed based on the potency of the active 
    ingredient of oleuropein.
    When ingesting olive leaf extract it is important to begin slowly 
    to prevent what is known as Herxheimer reaction or "die-off." 
    this is a reaction caused by the detoxification process that 
    presents flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, 
    headaches, diarrhea and vomiting. Typically this effect only 
    happens when large doses are taken without introduction. If the 
    treatment begins slowly and is gradually increased, this reaction 
    to detoxification is rarely seen.
    A wise course of treatment for toenail fungus is to take one to 
    three capsules two times per day with meals. The olive leaf 
    extract should always be taken with meals to prevent stomach 
    upset and plenty of water, at least six to eight glasses daily. 
    It is essential to complete this therapy until the toenail fungus 
    is completely eradicated from the system. Even as the fungus dies 
    and the toenail begins to clear it is vital to continue the 
    treatment until the infected portion of the toenail has 
    completely grown out.
    Once the fungus has been eliminated and the nail is completely 
    healthy, it is vital to take steps to ensure that the fungus does 
    not return. Keeping toenails clean and trim is important because 
    fungus can make a home under the nail, especially after 
    contacting fungus that may reside on other toenails or toenails 
    because of the contagious nature of the fungus. If you have 
    exceptionally sweaty feet, give them ample time to dry out during 
    the day, if possible. Wear socks that allow the feet to breathe, 
    such as those made from natural fibers like cotton. If you are 
    suffering from toenail fungus, it may also be necessary to 
    discontinue using nail polish as it can trap moisture under the 
    polish and encourage the growth of fungus.
    These steps, in addition to maintaining a healthy immune system 
    and including olive leaf extract in your treatment should help 
    you eradicate any existing nail fungus and prevent the infection 
    from returning. 

    Writer's Resource Box:
    Dr. Jonathan N. Group, B.S., R.D., D.C. is a Doctor of 
    Chiropractic, Registered Dietitian and Independent Research 
    Scientist. He has over 15 years of educational and research 
    experience in health care focusing in clinical nutrition, 
    alternative medicine, holistic healing, chiropractic, medical 
    testing, rehabilitation, physical medicine, nutritional 
    counseling, wellness, and personal training. His seminar 
    presentation experience includes various topics including but not
    limited to health, healing, nutrition, weight loss, alternative 
    medicine, fitness, rehabilitation, back health and overall 
    wellness. Dr. Group is currently the Chief Executive Officer of 
    Fungal Research, L.L.C. and heads the research and development 
    team dedicated to producing advanced, new anti-fungal and 
    anti-microbial products. http://www.nail-fungus-toenail.com

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